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  • Dean Matuu charged for second degree murder

    Jan 25, 2015 | via KITV-TV 

    The murder of a 36-year old man in Pearl City ended with the arrest of 19-year-old Dean Matuu I spoke with the owner of the home where this all went down...he is also the brother and uncle of the two men involved. Tonight we are getting our FIRST look at the 19-year old man who was arrested and charged with second degree murder...his name is Dean Matuu.


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Just wondering if one has less penalties as the other, If its the same I was just thinking about pleading guilty
I'll defer to the Hawaii attorneys here.. Either way, don't just plead guilty! Get a free consultation with a local...
I have been working this company for more than a year for now, and I just got arrested DWI.. My friend got me out and it was my day off so I didn't miss the work and I went back to work like usual with my permit.... This job really changed my life, my company recognized that I am doing really good with my job and working hard. It was very hard to accomplish this much.. And then I got arrested for DWI....( I don't have a government job or driving required job..) I am so sad because I worked so hard and I've never done anything close to go to police office but this time, I am so disappointed at myself I feel like I ruined everything what I have earned.. I am just terrified if police officer going to let them know... Are they going to fire me if they find out ?
That's up to your employer but the officer likely will not tell them.
Hello. I was convicted of a 4th DUI w/in 10 yrs in CA (felony). While on probation, I was kicked out of a rehab program for having a cell phone. This violated my probation and a warrant was issued. I was homeless so my parents flew me to HI, where I grew up. I have been back in HI for a year now with a great job and just celebrated my 18th month of sobriety. If I were to be pulled over here in HI, would CA extradite me back to face charges?
Its a felony so its possible they want you back. Always hard to say with extradition. Sometimes they care and...
I heard that if you win the adlro and lose the criminal, you still have one year revocation of your license but after your suspension you don't have to retake the test and just pay the reinstatement fee , is this true?
I am not licensed in Hawaii, but in California where I am licensed, there is a similar situation where if one wins at...
when i got arrested the only paperwork i left with after posting bail was a the payment receipt.
This would be a good time to counsult with a DUI attorney in Honolulu. I'm sure there are many.
I got a Dui in Hawaii which is my first ever. long story short I no longer lived in Hawaii because my husband is military. Do I have to travel back to Hawaii to take care of my court obligations or can I just pay the fees. If I pay the fees will I have to pay the bench warrant as well. Also how will I know if was actually convicted for a dui.
Secure counsel in HI for a consultation and assistance. A warrant can, and will, follow you elsewhere.
I was convicted of a DUI in May and had to put interlock in. This is the first time I saw a violation message come up. I freaked out and tried again and received a violation message and a wait time of a min and some odd seconds. I waited about an hour and thought about what I did to cause this. I roach bombed by car, I've been fighting a cold took medicine about 4 hours prior and I had just brushed my teeth. I waited and tried again and got warn and then random tested and passed. What happens now?
If it is a verified violation and its part of the terms of your probation, then you've violated your terms of probation.