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Can i go down to dmv in california and get my first time liscense with a nm dui charge?
In 2012 i got a dui in nm. I have never had a license. I am no longer on probation and i did all requirements that were court ordered. My 6 month suspension on driving privalages has long passed. The only thing i did not do is go down and get a liscense because in the state of nm i need to get interlock to go take the test. I am now moving to california. My driving privileges in nm are restricted until i get interlock but i dont technically have a liscense restricted. Someone told me that a number would have been issued to me when i got my offence not sure how that works.
I think you will simply need to ask the DMV and try. The DMV will tell you, hopefully, what you need to do if you...
Do I have a chance to beat my DUI case?
I was pulled over on the 210e freeway around 4am. The officer asked if I was drinking, and I replied no. He insisted that I had been and asked me to step out of the car to make me do the field tests. After passing all of the tests he asked me to take a breath test which I initially declined, but after his explanation that I would get my license suspended for one year I decided to go ahead and take it. I attempted to take the test twice to no avail and then the officer told me turn around and put my hands on my head, and he arrested me
The fact pattern described above suggests you are either 21 or on DUI Probation. There's always a chance of "beating"...
I want to get my misdemeanor dwi
he give me 3yrs in prevotion and its been 2yrs now i want it to desmiss so i can file my citizenship. i have a lawyer but his asking for 1200 so we can dismiss it i wonder if is there a fee to do it like he said .
If you are not happy or satisfied or are suspicious of your attorney and the fees he/she is charging, shop around for a...
Drunk Driver Hit My Car.. Now What?
My car is uninsured and was parked in front of my house on a small residential street. A drunk driver was racing around the block several times until he smashed directly into my parked car with enough force to send it flying 50 feet forward and onto my neighbors front yard, then the driver continued to plow through yet another parked car further down. The driver had a prior DUI, and was driving a car registered to someone else, but under the same address - possibly a spouse or family member. The car itself was insured under Mercury Insurance, who is denying coverage for the driver - calming that he was excluded from the policy but would not specify when. As far as I know, the driver is currently jailed for a violation of his DUI probation (or so I assume). What legal measures can I take to cover the cost of my car (Worth less than $7500.00) Who do I take to court? The insurance company? The owner of the car who permitted the use of the car to the driver? Or the driver himself, who is most likely in jail now? Thank you all in advance for your help!
The best route is to make a claim against your own collision coverage. The driver is liable, but is unlikely to have...
I was arrested for DUI with Traffic Accident, do I really need an attorney?
This would be my first DUI offence, however I was arrested for DUI with traffic accident. I want to know if I really need a DUI attorney ?
If you don't mind having... 1) at least 2 points on your license 2) at least a 6 month license suspension 3) $2,...
How do I convince California that the DUI classes I took were sufficient?
I travel for my job, and I'm originally from NC, but in 2014 I was convicted of a DUI in California. The police officers violated my rights in many ways, but that's more for later. I was permitted by the judge to take "any first offender class" in Colorado (where my next job was), and I completed the course. But now they are saying that the class I took was not sufficient to the 6 months they wanted, and they have put out a bench warrant for my arrest. I'm in the process of finding a copy of CA's reponse to the interstate compact agreement, which should help my case. Now all of this is affecting my NC license, but like I said, I travel for my job. Please, I could really use some advice.
An out-of-state alcohol class will not satisfy the California DMV. As far as satisfying the court, what was submitted...
I have a court date for DUI
Hit a parked car due to black outs, I have a mengenioma. Got arrested for DUI. Passed the breath test that wasn't good enough, cops took me to get a blood test and arrested me. I got a ticket to appear in court then received a letter of court date changing the date three months after the first court date. Should I get an attorney
I'm assuming you did not have any alcohol or drugs in your system? If so, you probably don't need an attorney for the...