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I got a DUI in 1993 pled no-lo and paid fine moved to GA 20 yrs later my Ga license suspended went thru SC process can't get fix
I go thru the Dorchester program in S.C. paying over $400 each time, only to get stopped when they ask for my 10 year driving record. This happened 20 years ago and I just want it resolved. I can't get my GA license reinstated until S.C. releases my S.C. license. Please help, out of ideas.
It seems that there is still a license issue in South Carolina. Assuming that is the case, hire a SC attorney to remedy...
What should I expect to pay to have representation in a drunk and disorderly case? Or how many hrs. would a case typically take
I am looking to have my citation dropped or reduced. I was at home and had an altercation with an inebriated friend inside my home. My eye was bloodied and his face also had noticeable swelling. The physical engagement stopped but the there was yelling outside, and the neighbors called the police. When he heard the sirens he left on foot but when they caught up to him he was belligerent and uncooperative. He was arrested and charged with drunk and disorderly. I went back inside my home and the police came to the door. I explained we were wrestling and it got out of hand. I admitted to having a few drinks, but I was not drunk and remained cooperative . The argument outside did get loud but I don't see how or why I was charged with Drunk and Disorderly. This is not fair or just!
The cost of representation varies from attorney to attorney and the only way to know what it will cost is to get some...
I want to file for discovery on my drunk and disorderly citation so I can see the video of the citation. How do I do this?
My friend had too much to drink and we got into a fight in my house. Once outside, the fighting stopped but the yelling did not. The neighbors called the cops. He left on foot when he heard the sirens. The police caught up with him and he was belligerent and was arrested. The police came to my house and I was cooperative and explained what happened. Although i did have a few drinks I was not acting drunk, incoherent or disorderly in anyway. But i was given the same citation for drunk and disorderly as he was. I never left my yard and there was no physical contact outside my house, and after reading about the city ordinance 50-8 I think I have a case. And I don't think just because they where called to my house that i deserve THIS charge. I'm hoping the video will help prove this.
All you do is file your discovery demand with the clerk's office, and serve it on the prosecutor's office. Make sure...
I am in probation for DUI, now I had a ticket for shoplifting. Do I go to jail?
I am in Fayette County, GA, I am in probation for DUI, now I have to go to court in October for shoplifting ($19 merchandase at gas station), the owner of the gas station said that he wont go to court to press charges but I got a ticket from the police. What I will expect and how much is the fine?
The shoplifting conviction can result in the revocation of the remaining time on your DUI probation, which means you go...
What happens if I am caught driving on a limited permit and admit not going to/from work/school/etc. conditions in Ga?
Not currently on probation or required to have an interlock device.
You will be charged for driving illegally on restricted license. Best to get your license fully reinstated before court...
I have a New York State drivers license. I received a dui in Georgia. Can I still drive in Georgia.
I have since been to court and pleaded guilty. I pulled up my NY DMV abstract and it shows zero incidents and full driving privileges. When I apply for employment opportunities in Georgia and give them my NY license will they see the dui? Also, when my auto insurance renews what will they see?
Your question depends on how long ago you plead guilty to the DUI. If you have not done anything about it, your...
I violated misdameanor simple battery prob. with a dui this is my first violation what is going to happen i have been complying
with everything up until this charge i have been paying in big bulks and i have been attending my drug and alcohol classes and my battery classes what is going to happen will he take this into consideration
There is a good chance you will go to jail. You need to hire a lawyer immediately to assist you with both cases.