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i admitted to having a beer and two shots, he did not tell me why i got pulled over as well as read my rights after we got to the station. i blew a 0.065
Good afternoon, Well, a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08 is not the only way to be charged with a DUI in Arizona....
I missed court years ago for a revocation of probation. A while after that my probation term was over. I still have to go to court for the revocation. Can he still revoke although my probation is over?
In Texas as long as the application to revoke probation or Motion to Proceed is FILED before the expiration of the...
He has already served two months in gila county jail. He has child support due and backing up. He has a job waiting for him also has a healthy home to come to. He violated probation because he was told by PO to go to detox for 5 days which he complied to the first time then was told to do again with 30 day inpatient following completion. I had my home broken into while he was in detox and he left to make sure I was ok, yes not smartest choice. He made it home to Tucson and was arrested soon after. He did not use drugs nor did he leave detox to use drugs, he was worried about my safety. He was not charged with any violent or drug related crimes when he was arrested for violation. His PO stated to me that he does not plan on reinstating him. Can you help? His name is Bryant David Hendley.
He is probably going to need to hire an attorney, or apply for the public defender if he doesn't have the funds for a...
While I was pulling out of McDonald s drive thru a police officer was waiting for me. He pulled me aside and asked if i was drinking. He gave me an extreme DUI. He didn't even see me driving before that. Can he do that?
He needs "Reasonable Suspicion" to pull you over. If you wish to fight it, you should hire an attorney to challenge the...
the plea deal is to be on supervised probation till all fines and penalties are paid.After that the felony could be removed
Sounds like they are offering a deal that states if you comply with the terms of the deal, at completion they will...
#1 is being impaired while driving on a suspended lic #2 is having a metabolite that isn’t exempt even w/ my medical MJ card. I have a gym check-in prior to being pulled over for expired tags. Not a moving violation. The lab results work against me. My public defender said there is nothing I can do about charge #2. He said, proving I wasn’t actually impaired won’t get me off charge 2. I told the cop the truth about when I smoked last, roughly 5 and a half hours prior so I could keep my meal down. That’s when this became a DUI investigation. Roughly 30 minutes after I got pulled over. The cops were just casually talking to me. They even tried to locate a pamphlet for me to get my car out of impound the next day. I never got read my rights before he asked me. Does that matter?
Your questions are good and I urge you to obtain a criminal defense attorney to represent you.
Also just want to knwo where to go from here I have lived in a different state for the past 4yrs and no plans of moving back to California anytime soon.
Disposed means that it is over. It has been disposed of.