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Can you get your driver license after a ticket for driving without a license and dui but before you go to court
never had a south carolina drivers license
Call a local Dui attorney... Your question is convoluted and that's why no one has answered it.
Ex wife dui totaled car that I had my name on title. Insurance gave her $15,800. Should I get half?
are no details, really
What was the divorce agreement with respect to the car?
Conufsed about out of state DUI case. What happens to my SC license when I get convicted of DUI in Missouri?
2014 I was pulled over and immediately asked for a lawyer once the officer said he could smell alcohol coming from the vehicle, taken to jail for suspicion of dui. I received tickets for refusal and dui. I immediately talked to a lawyer and they were able to keep me driving. In Feb I received a new job and ultimately moved to South Carolina. I needed a physical license at the time for proof and I was able to obtain one. I have not went to court yet, lawyers say they can win my refusal but may have to plead guilty in dui. How will this affect my SC drivers license? If my MO drivers license gets suspended will it suspend my SC dl too? What about sr22? If MO requires me to SR22, will that apply only in MO or other states too? I drive sometimes 1500 miles/week for work mainly in sc/82nd.
Most likely suspended. You'll have to eventually contact Missouri and get the hold lifted from your license.
Son pleading guilty to DUI. Getting treatment out of town. Just got letter he appears in court 8AM tomorrow. It's 8PM day b4.
Son is getting treatment three hours away. He cannot get back in town for court tomorrow morning. What can we do?
Your son needs to hire a lawyer. He can find one here on avvo by clicking on find a lawyer.
Will my license be suspended after I complete my AEP (Alcohol Education Program)?
Down at senior week, I made a bad decision of getting into a car with alcohol and we was pulled over on the strip and gave two tickets, MIP & Open Container. The cop didn't arrest us but gave us tickets and told us she would recommend us for PTI because we just graduated High School and we had scholarships we couldn't afford to lose. I have never, ever been in trouble with the law before or in trouble at all. I didn't use my PTI but I found out about AEP and I have enrolled in it. I'm almost done with my AEP but somebody mentioned after I complete my AEP, my license will be suspended. If that was the case, wouldn't my license have done been suspended from getting the tickets? Is that true? HELP!
Actually, upon successful completion of AEP, you may apply to the court for an expungement of your arrest record....
DUI over 10 years old. Is ADSAP required in SC? Can I do ADSAP online due to work?
A DUI over 10 years old is still on driving record. First and only offense. Licensed revoked due to simple possession charges. Elegible to receive license as of 2009. What are my options to regain my license as far as ADSAP goes? The charges are so old, is ADSAP still necessary and if so, due to traveling work schedule is there an online class option through a 3rd party available?
My advice is to check with the South Carolina DMV and ask them. If ADSAP was originally required, it is unlikely South...
Intoxicated and speeding motorcyclist crosses center line striking my truck and trailer now i'm being sued
In SC can this really happen? Motorcycle drive uninsured, I have only liability. Motorcycle driver killed in collision, motorcycle passenger loses leg and now proceeds to sue me. I was in my lane and the motorcycle swung wide on a corner entering my lane sliding along the side of my truck, blowing out my rear tire and striking the front corner of my trailer. Is this for real even though my vehical is safe and legal and I am not at fault or negligent
Very tragic and sad; loss of life and limb. Compassion exudes your post. Fortunately, you were insured and appropriate...