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Received a dui citation while sitting at home based on an indidual call to the sherrifs is it legal?
Did not do a breath or blood test. Spoke with a public defender and she told me to not believe what this individual said. I have not received the complaint information yet. Reveived a notice for license supenstion as well, should I request for hearing? I would think so. What do I do now?
To prove any crime, be it murder, robbery, or dui, the government must be able to prove that the accused committed the...
What happens when you get a citation for a DUI and the officer forgets to keep a copy of it?
Also, do I by law have to have my fingerprints and photo taken again because the machine was working?
It may mean that the officer has no record of that particular arrest, however, if he discovers it and wants to check...
Can I get legal custody of my daughter if her Mother has a DWI conviction?
My ex girlfriend and I have had joint legal and physical custody of our daughter who is now 3 years old. I have taken her to all her medical and dental appointments and have had her 3-4 days a week (alternating). She has never shown up at our exchange on time and starting about two months ago it got even worse. I found out that she had been arrested for aggravated DUI which in court was changed to a regular DWI and Reckless Conduct. She won't have her license back for another 8 months. Her father won't drive her to our court agreed drop-off point so I need to drive to her father's house or some new drop-off point. She also lost her job. I am thinking that this would be a good time to get legal custody so that I can determine where my daughter goes to school.
These situations are always very fact dependent. Investigation should be made of the circumstances surrounding the DUI...
What's the odds of winning this case
So I was pulled over for driving with no non criminal suspended license "due to unpaid fines" I don't have none and was confirmed by DMV but I did find out my license was suspended when pulled over due to insurance not sending documents to DMV of sr22 being valid but officer never asked for anything but ID and most questions where regarding the "what he asked if it was a roch " no! And that's after he asked about my guns that I legally carry in my car
Without identifying what your case is about, there is no way anyone here could intelligently respond.
How reliant is the BAC Back Calculation given what I blew at the station?
Hello I got pulled over last night for not having my headlights on (there are many street lights so I didn't realize it). I had some beers to drink and was asked to do sobriety tests. I feel that I did fine and the officer would not tell me what I did wrong when he asked if I would take a breath test. I refused the test on the street and was taken back to the station where they gave a test. I blew a .066. The test was taken 59 minutes after I was pulled over. Given this information it seems I might be on the line for being over the limit. How does the Back Calculation work and if it does stand that theoretically was above the limit, I assume it wouldn't be by much so what are my chances of defending this successfully? I have heard that the Back Calculation has to make assumptions to do the math and is sometimes not relied heavily or that people can get off because there is no possibility to have theoretically known with 100% certainty when I was pulled over.
What you are talking about is retrograde extrapolation. A retrograde extrapolation requires knowledge of what you...
I would like to sue the Saint Albans State Police for defamation of character, where should I start?
I was pulled over for speeding and subsequently charged with possession and trafficking 880 grams of cocaine. The State Trooper saw hair ties on the floor, which apparently are used to package heroin. This gave him a reason to search my Sister-In-Laws car, which she bought at an auction 3 months prior. After a test kit came back positive for cocaine they then turned the two (2) boxes of baking soda that was in the back into 800 grams of cocaine. Not only did I lose my job because, of this, I have not been able to get a job since the three articles were printed and a segment on the Channel 3 news. I've also had to help my daughter cope with problems she now has with her classmates because, of the unwanted publicity and false accusations. At this point it has become harassment because, it's not the first time this happen. My name has been slandered beyond repair and I can't support myself or my daughter without a job. I have more to say and I'll be willing to do so, when the time comes. Thank you for your time, Kristy L.Sweeney
Have you been judged not guilty of the offense or have the charges been dropped against you? What do you believe are...
Can i get I-526 approval or it's suspended??
I have invested in Burke hotel in 2014 which was dependent to Vermont regional center before the regional center of vermont and SEA have brought lawsuit against Jaypeak . Now this project is removed from projects list of Vermlont regional center and i have invested before that .Now can i get I-526 approval or it's suspended ??
Great question to ask the government authority since none us lawyers work there or have any info on your case our...