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Did not do a breath or blood test. Spoke with a public defender and she told me to not believe what this individual said. I have not received the complaint information yet. Reveived a notice for license supenstion as well, should I request for hearing? I would think so. What do I do now?
To prove any crime, be it murder, robbery, or dui, the government must be able to prove that the accused committed the...
Also, do I by law have to have my fingerprints and photo taken again because the machine was working?
It may mean that the officer has no record of that particular arrest, however, if he discovers it and wants to check...
Hired lawyer he told me to travel back to tn and he would try to resolve so I would not have to return to vT
Any administrative license actions or convictions will be reported to your home state.
I know of someone (and have written proof via internet messages) that a woman in Colchester, VT, knowingly financed a vehicle in her name and got insurance for the sole purpose of allowing a 4 time convicted DUI offender and documented alcoholic drive the vehicle full time. She lists her address as the home of the vehicle,yet, this drunk driver is the one solely in possession of said jeep. I found out they were insured by Geico and alerted their fraud dept. They investigated and dropped this woman from insurance for fraud. After that, she went to Progressive and obtained insurance. They are currently investigating the case. I have also let VT state police know and they are watching him. I have been giving tips for the past 6 months to cops and NICB. How serious of an offense is this
I cannot tell you the specifics above about Vermont law. I am a Maine attorney and I know in Maine this would be a...
It is my first offence of any kind.
Any attorney answering this question would need much more information given. That said, consider calling a local dui...
my lawyer filed a motion to suppress based on a bad stop and the state has yet to respond at all as far as I know. is this a good sign? don't they have a time frame in which they have to respond?
Yes they probably were given a date to respond. You should discuss this with your attorney as they are in best...
A drunk driving accident with a broken arm resulted in a felony conviction over 14 years ago. No other problems with the law have occured since then. Can it be expunged and how do I go about it?
More than likely, the state where it occurred has procedures for expunging records. Generally a DUI conviction is not a...