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Will I lose my restricted license with my smart start ignition interlock? ??? If I plead guilty to open intox. In a vehicle???
Friend got pulled over ....he went to jail...for DUI ..I was passenger...I did not blow into breathalyzer. ...wife came picked me up....but gave me a ticket for open intox.??? Not beer can or liquor....found some Bubba double insulated drink holder's in his chevy suburban which has no trunk..
There is a good chance of some consequence with the Secretary of State. Open intox will appear on your driving record...
Do I get points in my license i got charged with a open intox in Michigan i was not driving i was a passenger?
My first time charged with open intox(passenger)
Open intoxicants as a passenger is a non-moving violation but carries two points. It is a misdemeanor, so it will go...
License restoration after 2duis and 2 dwls?
I currently hv revoked license...due to two dui convictions, although I actually hv 3 1999, 2009 and 2013. The first 2 were counted as 1st offenses! I completed sobriety court and probation without a problem and arranged a appeal in 2015 and lost! Up to this point I still had the baid device and didn't hv it removed for additional 6 one at Secretary of State could tell if I should hv it cuz my license was showing revoked not restricted with baid! I would like to get my license back but now I am facing a 2nd dwls charge and this had been in the past 6 months...I am sober since the last dui and I do not attend meetings anymore for personal reasons! Both times I was pulled over was from simply running my plate on my car...neither time had I violated any roadway laws aside for dwls... is there any hope for my license to be restored?
States typically offer "conditional" or otherwise "restricted" licenses if you can establish that an actual or...
How intoxicated is to intoxicated
If a person has a sexual relationship with someone under the influence of alcohol or narcotics how impaired would a person have to be and what elements would have to be proved for a csc charge
The answer isn't cut and dry, but fact specific. If the person has ingested enough alcohol or narcotics to be mentally...
DUI Blood Test Results in Michigan?
I was in a roll over accident 2 1/2 months ago, no one was injured. I was quickly rushed to the ambulance, though I remarkably had no injuries. The EMT asked me if I had anything on me because they could smell the odor of marijuana so I handed the EMT the bag of about 15gs I had in my hoodie. She handed it to the cop and I was escorted to the hospital by the cop. After my medical examinations I was asked to concede to a blood test. I was not intoxicated at the time but I knew I had several different drugs in my blood stream from past use so I declined not knowing how harsh the penalty was. The cops got a warrant and blood tested me anyway. They did not however arrest me for the weed possession or the DUI. I was not taken to the police station or processed or anything. I have received a notice that my license is now invalid for a year due to refusing to the test, however I have not received any notices about the DUI. I am relatively confident that my blood would have tested positive for something so what does this mean? Am I off the hook or is there just a major delay.
First of all, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your situation in greater detail. It's...
I am charged with a DUI. Will it hurt to get a defense lawyer from a neighboring county?
I'm .22 which in Michigan is "Super Drunk". I really like a defense lawyer from a neighboring county, but wonder if getting one in the same county might POSSIBLY get me a better result, perhaps the lawyer & DA are friends & could plea things down more?
Hi, thanks for your question. If you feel the attorney in the neighboring county is a good fit for you, it shouldn't...
How do I go about getting a restricted license after third DUI
How do I go about getting a restricted license after my 3rd dui
It is my understanding that you cannot get a restricted license after a third DUI here in Michigan for several YEARS...