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Do I get points in my license i got charged with a open intox in Michigan i was not driving i was a passenger?
My first time charged with open intox(passenger)
Open intoxicants as a passenger is a non-moving violation but carries two points. It is a misdemeanor, so it will go...
Can i be charged with having a open container & a dui if i wasnt given a BAC test or a citation?
I was pulled over for improper use of a turn signal, when i stopped the cops asked almost immediately to search the car but never gave a reason. Nervously i let them search and they found a empty beer can under the front seat, but they let me go told me i would receive a ticket for the turn signal in the mail. Now im going to be arraigned for a open container & a dui.
You should immediately hire a lawyer, aas the facts you list do not support those charges. Avvo has them. Good luck.
3 dui's, 1st age 17, 2nd 19 and 24 - Felony in Michigan. Any chance of dropping, lowering or losing felony charge?
Since this time he has received B.A. in History. Hasn't had a drink, fulfilled his probation in 2 1/2 yrs. of 5 yr. sentence. Is working but probably below what he could be doing? Hired a Attorney for the last 2 dui's, never did we receive counsel for any appeal or options that may have been available, like we found out later that you have 42 days to appeal the charge. Did we have option for Appeals? Is this something that should have been brought to our attention? We were so overwhelmed we didn't ask many questions when this was going on? Looking back, we feel like our attorney never gave us any options, he just had us run with the play. Is there anything that can be done?
NO. OWI is one of the felonies that cannot be expunged since it remains on your driving record.
(Michigan) Can I ask for the blue book value for restitution if it was totaled after a collision with a drunk driver?
I was hit by a drunk driver, I only had PLPD insurance. I am giving a copy of all the costs I acrewed as a result of the crash such as towing which my insurance did not cover. The vehicle has been estimated and totaled out as the cost to repair the vehicle is past the threshhold of what the vehicle is worth. I have the estimate as well as the kelly blue book value of my vehicle plus the cost of towing. My vehicle is worth between $1,800 and $2,042 and I want to ask for $2,000 to replace the totaled vehicle because that left me and my family without a vehicle plus the $150 towing cost so a total of $2,140. Is that realistic to ask for?
It's a reasonable request. I would keep copies of all receipts and paperwork that you have been given so that you can...
If a Kentucky driver is convicted in Michigan for impaired driving, how will that affect his driver's license in Kentucky?
Obviously the fines/costs and driver's responsibility fees will have to be paid to Michigan, and I know that Michigan DMV will notify Kentucky of the conviction, but will Kentucky take sanctions against the person for the out of state DUI conviction?
You should ask this question in a Kentucky forum. That said my experience with other out of state clients in...
Could I go to jail for an OWI?
I'm 20 years old and blew a .04 could I go to jail for this? 2 years ago I was convicted for retail fraud I did jail time for that. And I haven't had any other convictions since that. I'm a broke college student and can't get a lawyer nor a court appointed one because Iake to much. Do you guys have any lawyers that could help me out on this? And that I can do payments to them?
An OWI is an offense that could land you in jail. Most first time offenders do not go to jail, but it is certainly...
I am facing a third owi in kent county Michigan. They dropped the civil infraction charge of not doing the breath test.
When I got to the correctional facility I did the breath test and it was .16 later .17 I hit a pole when driving. third owi . I have no other criminal record. I have a layer in Kent county I have known for years. Appeared at my first probable cause court in the 61st district court. No plea entered because of political reason with Judge Buter. We will appear before Judge Dennis B. Leiber. In a few weeks. I already started AA and go to pine rest for relapse prevention. The day before my accident I had a double dose of sedative for my back injections. I was on my prescription Xanax that morning 8AM then at 1:00 in afternoon I went to a bar. second relapses since sober for 14mos. I had two strong drinks. I left to go home and I did not remember what happened. failed sobriety road test too.
Sir, I am not sure if you provided a question or not. It seems like you are looking for any and all information you can...