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How do I with draw a dui pled?
In may of 2017, I was charge with dui and failed to report accident. I didn't do any of it. Someone who I let borrow my car did everything. I got a call from him and he said he got into a accident. So I went to the car and the police came . The police assume I hit something and was drinking. I took the fall for it but the police did a walk test but did not do the breath test. He automatic charge me with dui and failed to report accident. Once I got to the police station I took a blood test. I know I was not drinking or smoking. I didn't have anything in my system. I pled guilty because I did not want stay in jail. I wanted to know is there anyway that I can withdraw my pled and innocent. Because I wasn't drinking or tell them it was someone else. I don't know what to do. Just wanna clear my name.
You are more than foolish if you plead guilty and now, after the fact, you want to change your plea. Tell me, why...
How can I get some help with paying DUI classes?
I'm a veteran living on a fixed income and don't have any extra money to pay for my DUI classes. I have no way of transportation. So its really important I do these classes in order to get my drivers licenses back. Is there any kinds of programs that could help me with this situation?
It is important. I am not aware of programs that are designed for such purposes. I would try to locate the nearest one...
My husband got felony dui conviction for dui in ga 20 yrs ago. He just got another dui. What will be the probable sentencing?
He's not been arrested yet because he was in the hospital. The car was totaled. Alcohol, xanax, methadone and marijuana in blood test
I'm not sure how his old DUI was a felony, because DUIs only recently became punishable as felonies in GA. Your husband...
Daca with dui pending?
I got arrested yesterday and charged with wreckless driving and DUI less safe. I was not drinking but the police officer charged me with it is there a great chance of it being dismissed? I'm a DACA and I want to continue renewing my permit .
You need to hire an immigration attorney (in the unfortunate event that you don't already have one) as well as a...
How long dose it take to recive discovery from the DA in a DUI case ?
it has ben a extended time sense the arrest with no contact.
If you do not have an attorney, or motion for discovery has been filed, the probably never. The Jenkins County...
How do I fight a jail case? I was pulled over for "suspicious" drunk driving.
I was pulled over on side of the road while entering in my destination into my phone. A cop got behind me and pulled me. I'm already on probation for a previous dui charge. I was assigned a limited permit. I never knew my license was suspended. I've been driving on a permit for almost a year. I'll be off of probation Aug 2017. How can I fight this case to get this case dismissed?
You just posted the same issue. There is no need to double-post.
How do I get some relief from a DUI in GA in Dec 2013.
It is presenting a real problem when I apply for jobs. I am a plumber by trade but whatever I apply for that would require me to is presenting a huge hassle...
Unfortunately, the offense cannot be expunged from your record if you plead or were found guilty.