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I've plead not guilty to DUI-other substance and possession of paraphernalia. Will I be drug screened before trial?
I was arrested and am facing charges in Rankkn county. We were first stopped by game wardens, then county police showed up. At the time of my arrest, which was by county police, I was in the back seat of my vehicle after the game wardens had let us go.
You should not be subjected to a drug screen before trial. You have entered a plea of not guilty which affords you the...
Can a police officer change the charges after you bonded out ?
I was pulled over with my children in the car because my headlight was out, the officer ask for my license ,, then the officer says what pills are those? , I stated what pills? The officer tells me to step out and walk to the back of my car, so I did. The officer comes to where I am and holds out his hand with yellow pills asking me again what they were? I stated again I don't know they look like aspirin to me. So they searched my car and my purse then pulls out an empty aspirin bottle the officer opens the aspirin puts it to his nose and stated it smelled like marijuana so the officer started drilling me about taking a drug test and I agreed because I knew I would pass it. They take me to the PD and then book me they never gave me the drug screen. I was charged with possession of marijuana because they said my aspirin bottle smelled like it which the bottle was empty. Then I go to court , i.was called up and the judge read my charges and the charge was controlled substance in which this was the first time i.heard anything about this. So I was arrested for a possession charge when there was nothing in my possession but that charge was not brought up in court they added a charge.
Marijuana is a controlled dangerous substance. So, unless you are being charged with cocaine or heroin, they have not...
If my ticket for a DUI doesn't include the BAC and was never told my BAC my entire time being held is the charge still valid?
I was pulled over for failure to move over by a highway patrol in which he instantly gives me a Breathalyzer 2 times and according to him I failed. When I got to the station they gave me another breath tests and it said I failed but was still never told my BAC. Not once was I told not is it written on my ticket itself.
Discuss this with a reputable traffic court lawyer in your area. Use Avvo's "find a lawyer" feature.
If I was arrested for failure to appear, over a paraphernalia charge(which left my license suspended) and I was brought to...
jail, and bonded out on a cash bond... Is my license still suspended? Sorry, I'm only 23 and I've never been in any kind of trouble. So I'm a little lost.
Yes, your license is suspended. Just because you are out on bail has nothing to do with the reinstatement of your...
How long can a court continuance be prolonged ? What should I do to get a DUI that is an open case is taken off of my record?
I received DUI other last summer July 2015. The judge said if I would go to MASEP Classes a madd class pass 3 drug tests and see court programs and pay my fine then he would drop it. I have done everything but pay a fine for 1800 and it's showing as pending my continuance as been moved 5 or 6 times and I have documentation I'm going to munkcapal court tomorrow To beg the judge to remove it but I don't have the 1800 my continuance isn't until October but I need this clearance for a job. Why do I have pay if it's being dropped? Do abjudicated DUI stay on your record?
A continuance prolongs a case, not that the continuance is prolonged. You have not done what the judge said yet. You...
Can a judge refuse to give you credit for time served if you did physical labor in the work center?
A few years ago my husband was arrested for owing fines. The fines were for no insurance and driving on a suspended license. In court the judge said he was sentenced to 6 months in county with no time served. After 10 days he was sent to the work center for the remainder of his time. While in the work center he did physical labor for the County(cleaned highway, worked at salvation army, worked trash detail at community events, etc). Also during his time he lost his job, apartment, and vehicle. Once he was released he had nothing, he was homeless for a few weeks. Now he still owes every fine and has warrents out for his arrest for the same thing he went to jail for. Is there anything we can do about this?
I don't believe he can deny you, but you'll likely need an attorney to get the record and fight this.
When going to renew drivers license, can I be arrested if it's a warrant out for me?
I am going to renew my driver's license at local DMV. Do they check for warrants?
Yes you can be arrested. Depending upon the type of warrant, the warrant can show up when just running a drivers...