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When you get a DUI after an accident, lie to a cop & have a 15 yr. old in the car will you spend a month or more in jail?
This guy was driving with his 15 yr old son and crashed into a tree and got towed out. The cop found them and the guy got a dui and was arrested. He lied to the cop about what happened, had a minor in the car, had a dui, and got in an accident. Will he face a few months of jail time?
Depending on the exact age of the child, he may be charged with aggravated DUI/DWI under 28-1383. This is a felony...
In the state of Arizona what felonies can be squashed off your record I have 4 felony DUI's
I have 4 felonies DUI'S... the most recent was back in 2003.. for which I severed 8yr prison sentence
If convicted of a crime in California and Arizona, expungement is available for some offenses. My understanding is...
I'm on unsupervised probation In Arizona for a Misdemeanor DUI I have not yet completed my classes and have to show cause on why
What should I expect in court also I have to show cause on why I have not yet completed not only the dui classes but the disordily conduct classes as well every time I tried to call to set both classes up they did not have me in file there for was not able to scedual the classes
You'll need to be able to document to the court all the efforts you've made to get in to the classes or risk going to...
Can I be charged with a DUI in Arizona if traces of THC metabolites were found in my blood even though I was completely sober?
I was speeding and a cop pulled me over, arrested me for DUI because I was acting weird even though in reality i was just really nervous.
Yes, with a blood test to confirm the THC. Arizona has mandatory jail for dui convictions including dui drugs. You...
My Status Is Unknown
On March 20th I totaled my vehicle when I blacked out and hit a decorative element in back of a business. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where I woke up, they had taken my blood sample and advised me I was three times over the limit. A police officer was there and read me my rights, I told him I would cooperate but I cannot remember if he asked me any questions. I was released from the hospital with several stitches and I took a taxi home. I was not cited, I have my license which is still valid. I have a clean driving record, this is the first time something like this has happened to me. You must, I am sure, realize what mental turmoil I am going through.
Best to get a local criminal lawyer on deck, as you'll likely be charged when results come back.
Arrested for dui,with forced refusal, next day, No ticket ,No mug shots,No finger printing No 30 day impounding. What happened?
I was lied to on camera by the police officer about how the the dui refusal worked. Then after I questioning him on his lies, I still waiting to see if something comes in the mail? What will happen Now????
Good question. Probably the only one who can answer your question is the AZ police officers involved. Occasionally,...
Last week I was involved in a auto accident.
I was driving home after shopping and the next thing I remember was waking up in the Hospital. They informed me that my COH was above the legal limit. There was a policeman who gave a document indicating my vehicle was being held for DUI investigation. I received no DUI citation and nothing in the mail. I have no idea what is going on and I am worried.
Sounds like you will need an attorney. Get one hired so they can begin the process of looking into this matter for you...