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Can you apply for a Motorcycle permit if your driving privileges have been revoked for DUI?
Apply for a Motorcycle permit.
Unfortunately for you, the simple answer is NO. If it were that easy, there would be many more motorcycle drivers in...
Problem Driver Restriction for multiple alcohol offenses in 25 years. Can you win a hardship case?
My License was suspended for 1 year and that time is up. I have completed treatment and probation has cleared me to apply for my license again. Will I be denied for 5 years or can you win a hardship case to be reinstated earlier than the 5 year period?
Yes. but it is discretionary. Even with a "permanent" revocation, the person may apply to receive their license back,...
Obtaining a hardship license from DMV in Schenectady County, NY.
Hello, My court ordered revocation is about to expire for a 2nd DWI within 10 years (7 years apart, I also had a DWAI 9 years apart from latest DWI). I refused the chemical test and paid all fines associated to the DMV. My probation officer tells me they will deny me for 5 more years. I have young school aged children, no bus or taxi service in my area and my job is over 20 miles from my house. Do I qualify for a hardship license? If not how do I go about qualifying to get some type of license to drive to work? Thanks.
Your probation officer is correct. Because you have 3 alcohol related driving offenses within 25 years and your current...
Is not being advised of a Certificate from Relief of Disabilities by pubic defender prior to plea deal grounds for an appeal?
I plead guilty to E Felony DWI (2nd with in 10 years) based on the lack of defense being provided. You can't get a good defense meeting the Public Defender 5 minutes before going to see the judge to accept a plea. I received 5 years probation. My Public Defender did not even mention to me the Certificate from Relief of Disabilities and did not even try to include that in my plea deal. I like to hunt and I have a full time job and am a productive member of society. By not having this I cannot continue to hunt it will also hurt me when applying for jobs. Is poor representation grounds for an appeal of the agreed plea deal? He should of mentioned this Certificate to me before making me plead out because he didn't want to waste his time defending me.
No this is not grounds for an appeal....................................
What are the interstate driving restrictions?
If a resident of NY receives a DWI with 3 prior DWAI/DWI's (last one being more then 10 years ago) and moves to WI prior to losing their license. What are the likely driving restrictions that would happen?
You need to check with WI DMV or a WI lawyer to see what the restrictions on driving would be. They may refuse to...
Hello I had three dwis last one I had was in 06 so now I have to get interlock in my car they just told me to pay them
Dwi 01 03 06
What is your question? ..................
I have a BPO license from FL, but am now living in NY. I'm going to keep my FL lic for now, can I drive for BPO in NY?
License is suspended for refusal to take a breath test, my trial will not be until the summer some time, I've bee advised to keep my FL license until at least the trial is over. I'm not sure what my privileges in NY are.
I am not licensed to practice in New York. I am only licensed in California. However, the laws in New York may be...