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Judge Giving Less Than Mandatory Minimum for DUI?
Hi there. Recently I was charged with a DUI at .18 BAC. Under state minimum sentencing laws, this means that I would have three main consequences: 1. Mandatory Interlock (for being over .15 BAC) 2. 7 months to 1 year license suspension. (for being over .1 BAC) 3. Higher financial penalty (for being over .1 BAC) During my case, the judge gave a sentence with no interlock requirement, 3 months license suspension, and lower financial penalties. This may or may not have been done on purpose, but one thing is for certain - it seems as though the mandated state minimums considering my BAC were not followed. Is this ruling final? Can I expect to be called back in a week if they realize this was a mistake? Thank you.
In order for a lawyer to answer this question for you, the lawyer would need to know the facts of the case, thus you...
How long does the police or prosecution have to charge someone with DUI
Only hospital has BAC
I believe the more important question here is: what were the circumstances of your hospitalization. If you were...
Police Checkpoints, When and When you cant be silent
I started to watch all those DUI/ police checkpoint videos of how you don't have to answer nothing and stuff. I just wanted to know if you can actually do that without getting into trouble just encase they know stuff I don't. I just want confirmation that they are right, so im just looking for your advice and some laws(please don't tell me just to comply to make things easier like most people say lol)
I haven't seen the videos you have so I can't comment on their accuracy. However if an officer directs you to pull...
Can I take the IDRC program in a different state? Anywhere in NJ?
I already paid all my fines. I need my license for a job at the airport.
You can (and should) take IDRC in the county you live in. If you want to travel outside the county, you can probably...
I just got sentenced for DUI.It's my first offense.Right now I'm in process of renewing my Green Card.Do i will have any problem
Month of September I'm going to apply for citizenship also.Do i will have any problem ?
Technically, no. Practically, it is quite possible. You should speak with an immigration lawyer before filing anything...
On 3rd DUI (upheld on appeal) friend just ended 180 day jail sentence. If caught DUI or just driving next 10 yrs whats penalty?
In May 2012 a friend was caught speeding in Riverdale, NJ and cited for speeding and DUI. This resulted in his 3rd DUI conviction in NJ. Attempts by his attorney to quash 1st DUI failed. Friend was convicted in Riverdale municipal court and appealed. Morris County appeals court remanded to a different lower court for retrial on certain trial improprieties. Retrial ended with 3rd DUI conviction upheld. Friend will very soon complete his 180 day jail sentence. During his 10 year driving suspension what is the penalty if he is caught driving (without DUI) or worse, being convicted of a 4th DUI?
He should not drive during his suspension. A conviction for driving while suspended due to DWI carriers additional...
39:4-56.5 Abandonment of motor vehicle Ticket
the fine for 39:4-56.5 is Fine and license or driving privileges may be suspended or revoked by Administrator of MVC for not more than 2 years. I know it says maybe suspended, what exactly are the circumstances that they suspend the licence under. I know this is confusing and its the only statue that has maybe it it. When I went to court, i asked the prosecutor and he said my licence will not get suspended, but now I am reading this I am confused.
It means what it says. May. Not mandatory. Suspension is pretty unusual. The best way to make sure you understand is to...