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What is the longest time you could have TASC Program for?
I was taken in for drinking and driving and my attorney said I would take tasc but not how long I'll be in that program.
TASC is an intermediary between the court and a treatment program. TASC will assign you to a program for an OASAS...
How long will I have to be in TASC Program.
I was taken in for drinking and driving and my attorney said I would take tasc but not how long I'll be in that program.
That will be up to either TASC or any agreement you work out in a plea bargain.
What is the possible outcome for first time dwi, bac of .15, involving an accident with no injuries reported?
The bac was .15, but it was not only first time dwi, but first time ever going through the justice system. Rear ended someone but they were fine. No one went to the hospital.
Which county? That will make a difference.
Will i get unsupervised visitation after i complete my court mandated drug program after cps case?
there is a pending neglect case because i was arrested for drugs. Upon me completing drug treatment, which i already have over 5 months clean how soon will i receive unsupervised visits?
There is no magic formula. It's a case by case basis.
Why would a DWI case be adjourned 6 times?
The defendant was charged with VTL 1192.2 02 and VTL 1192.3 03 in March of 2016 and the case has been adjourned 6 times, either specifically by the defense or "Case Continued." What would be the reasoning for this many adjournments?
Without more information it would be difficult to say. While many of my misdemeanor first time DWI cases from the...
Will a prescription for valium for my anxiety affect my petition for unsupervised visits?
I am randomly urine tested once a month and get a hair follicle test after 6 months. I have been clean and sober for 15 months, and am now being treated for my anxiety
This question is more appropriate for a family law attorney.
He was caught driving while intoxicated he paid his fines but didn't attend the class. He left the country they file a warrant .
He didn't attend the court sections because he wasn't here . He try to cross the border but got caught he was goings to get transfer to another processing center but it didnt happen they make him stay there didn't say why, he'll find out Monday cus the homeland security building are closed weekends . He has deportation order will the fail of not showing to court affects the process and or what can happen. Im worry because they said they don't know anything about it t the processing center.
He needs to lawyers: a criminal defense attorney to locate and redocket the bench/arrest warrant issued for non-...