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Can a petty theft misdemeanor conviction in CA be expunged if I received a dui conviction within the years probation period?
Petty theft 6/5/14....convicted 12/ 2014 Dui 6/6/15....convicted 8/23/15
It appears that you have violated your probation on the petty theft case. Therefore, you are not going to be able to...
Will I need to get an IID? I live in Sacramento County where IIDs are required but got DUI in another county where they aren't.
I live in Sacramento where Ignition Interlock Devices are required. That's where my car is registered and where my DL shows that I live. But I got a DUI charge in San Luis Obispo County where I don't think they are required for a first DUI. Will I have to get an IID because of where I live?
The requirement is based on the county of conviction, not where you live as far as DMV is concerned. If the court...
Do I need a lawyer for a drunk in public.
Had dui in Vegas 3yrs ago. And a disturbing the peace Probaly 7 years ago.
I recommend going with a lawyer. Allow people trained and experienced in these matters help you. Most criminal defense...
Hi There; I've submitted a lot of information via email, on my question. I'm not in violation of probation. I did enroll.
Proof of enrollment was submitted, I am not in violation of probation, Riverside clerk has my proof of enrollment and has not entered it, Therfore on the date the order to be enrolled in rolled around, and the computer kicked out an alleged, allegation, that I've violated probation. I just need to reach Riverside. Clerks office, and submit another proof via fax and I'm sure the will retract the order to appear. I'm out of their area, I live in San Luis Obispo, hate to drive there, just to show them again I've complied with courts, orders. Anything I can do on my end to prevent having to drive 7 hours for a alleged violation, which they received proof I enrolled, It's just not been entered into there computer yet. I can't get a physical person on the phone, all automated. Thanks
You can hire a lawyer to do it for you. Shouldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars- or less.
Enrolled sb38 but court has not I put it, and request me to appear, how do I resubmit proof of SB38 to court and not have to app
Proof and enrollment was done by court due date. The enrollment form is sitting on clerks desk somewhere, and they state Im in violation for not enrolling by date, which I did enroll in. Any form I can submit to have my violation of probation retracted, because I did enroll on time. Submitted it as well to court.
Never trust the alcohol school to do something the judge ordered you to do. This is a very common probation violation...
Do i do a DUI program talking about the dangers of alcohol when it was a drug related arrest?
the first time i got arrested was sitting in a parked car with keys in ignition under the influence of meth. it ended up with me (what i am being told now) getting a DUI. i was homeless so had nothing told me or sent to me in the mail saying what my sentence i am finidng out i have to do a 3 month DUI program in order to get my liscence back. i completed an 11month drug program shouldnt this count more than a "dangers of alcohol" class????
If the three month DUI class was ordered, (sounds like this was your first time DUI offense), then you have to do the...
Why did the DMV suspend my license starting after the "Conviction Date", when I haven't been able to drive for three months.
I was convicted of a 1st offense DUI in May, my court date was in August. I had already done my 30 day hard suspension, and was two months in to not being able to drive. Now that the conviction date is over (on August 22), why is the DMV sending me a letter, that I now cannot drive until February? Can I get credit for the months I wasn't driving?
The short answer is yes you can get credit for the time that you were suspended and you are eligible for restricted...