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What to do if arrested for public drunk?
I was locked up and charged with public drunk, I was not drunk at all , I wasn't breathalized or given a sobriety test what do I do !
You can fight it. Public intoxication requires a specific set of facts to be proven. I suggest retaining counsel to...
I was issued a third dui two and one half years ago. Was bound over to grand jury. I have not been called before the grand .
my third dui case was bound over to the grand jury two and one half years ago. No action has been taken. Is there a statue of limitations to be called before the grand jury?
I couldn't help but notice your question. I am not licensed in Mississippi, but I can tell you that 2-1/2 years is a...
Is a first dui a felony?
No but. It is a serious misdemeanor which is enhancable offense which cart hefty fines and will effect your ability to...
I got pulled over, but it was not in his jurisdiction, and he said i was driving eratic?
he charged me with a dui, i wasnt drinking, i was at the casino all night and didnt sleep, and i did not take breathilizer,
Sounds like you have a defendable case. Don't write anything more about the facts. Hire a local DUI attorney. You...
Can an officer deny a breatalyzer and still charge you with dui
I asked for a breathalyzer and was denied one. I still was charged with a DUI
As I said in answering a similar question a moment ago, I don't practice in your state I can't tell you specifically...
I didn't have bond money, so to be released I had to plead guilty to a DUI to keep from losing my job. Can I give my plea back?
My keys were in the ignition, I was behind the wheel, but only to steer while someone pushed me out of the road. I ask the officer to give me a breath test and he refused. Now my license is suspended for two years on an bogus arrest. What can I do?
The problem with pleading guilty is that it is very hard to reverse that plea. There are ways to do it, but you will...
Will a negative UA test affect probation?
I was pulled over for DUI. I am pleading not guilty with nonadjudication, therefore must complete certain requirements to have the DUI stay off my record. Upon arrest, I had bond stating I would show up to court in July. My lawyer called and set my court date for November. From him setting a court date, does that mean I am (or was) off bond now? Some requirements of getting the DUI removed is having an interlock system put into my car and seeing a probation officer once a month. Should I expect to be tested upon my first meeting with my probation officer? If I smoked THC prior to my court date will I be held accountable for that?
To answer your questions in here, no a negative UA will not jeopardize your probation, you are supposed to have...