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What to do if arrested for public drunk?
I was locked up and charged with public drunk, I was not drunk at all , I wasn't breathalized or given a sobriety test what do I do !
You can fight it. Public intoxication requires a specific set of facts to be proven. I suggest retaining counsel to...
I was issued a third dui two and one half years ago. Was bound over to grand jury. I have not been called before the grand .
my third dui case was bound over to the grand jury two and one half years ago. No action has been taken. Is there a statue of limitations to be called before the grand jury?
I couldn't help but notice your question. I am not licensed in Mississippi, but I can tell you that 2-1/2 years is a...
DUI expongement possible?
Non adjudicated DUI Dismissed First offense Refusal of breathalyzer
The answer to your question should be a lot simpler but the Mississippi legislature keeps changing the DUI law every...
How do I expunge my first DUI offense? Am I eligible.
Put down as a refusal because I wasn't able to successfully complete breathalyzer. I have completed MASEP, VIP, and almost done with probation. No prior offenses with law.
Unfortunately, you are currently not eligible to expunge a DUI "conviction" under the facts that you have stated. The "...
My wife was drunk and had sex on a National TV reality show, this has caused her to file for divorce is the show responsible?
I have the video of her on the show we have small children since I do not have an attorney she has filed fault on me so she can get full custody of our children. Her attorney served me with divorce papers and I have 15 days left before court she is doing this so I will not have time to show the video in court because I was out of town and the court date was set before I was served. I don't know how to postpone the court date so I can find the right attorney for this case. I need help... Thanks!
No, the show is not responsible for the divorce. I would recommend you talk to a divorce attorney in Mississippi about...
Ri just received my felony dui conviction. I need a license to drive to work and for work. What are my chances for a hardship?
I work for landscaping company and hotel, which requires driving for short errands around town.
How safe are the people driving on the same highway with you? Get a life, nobody wants to show you live, your behavior...
I have been charged with dui & no blood sample was taken nor was i given a breathalyzer. Can i still be charged?
Someone ran me off the road & my car was totaled the night the cop gave me the dui ticket.
Lawyer up and get ready for your defense.Use the Find a Lawyer tool to hire a top rated (10) lawyer for your needed...