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Will I get terminated from the interlock program in Maryland if I blew a high bac?
I have a pbj and opted to do the interlock program so I can still drive my vehicle. I also have only 1 other violation on the interlock device. Yesterday was my birthday and friends bought me too much drinks. I have not had anything to drink for 13 hrs before attempting to start my vehicle to go to work. The device failed me. I didn't feel drunk just hungover but apparently the alcohol hasn't left my system. I am worried about the bac level recorded because I have no idea what it could have been. Is there a limit on the bac recorded that will kick me out of the program even if it would only be my second violation out of 4 allowed?
There are a lot of reasons you could have failed your interlock test. Whether or not you get kicked out of the program...
Will I go to jail?
In November I was arrested for a Dui. As a result of court I was ordered to not drink, attend meetings, attend a Madd meeting & have an interlock installed in my car. I have followed the rules but unfortunately I did make the decision to drink one night and wake up to go to work, blow in the interlock and it showed up positive alcohol, but I did not blow 5 minutes later as directed. I just shut the car off and got a ride. I have court in October for vop. I do not want to go to jail. Will I?
You should call a lawyer immediately. A lot of whether or not you go to jail depends on the particular judge and...
Are the details behind a traffic violation available to the public if it hasn't been to court yet?
DWI, reckless driving etc. Looking for details before case is heard before a judge.
Maybe. If the person was arrested on the violations the police officer would have prepared a "statement of probable...
I got drunk and made a life threatening text if the guy didnt shut his mouth. He went to the police. what do I do?
I got drunk and made a life threatening text if the guy didnt shut his mouth. He went to the police. what do I do? Will I get arrested? do I turn myself in? I really didnt mean anything by it.
You should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Do not, under any circumstances, speak to a police officer....
I have a 2 part question for an experienced criminal (DUI) attorney and seeking input on defense exploits.
The DA is hanging her hat on a blood draw from a hospital. A supeana decces teum was issued. Atty. Justin McSHANE, exhaustively covers hospital blood draws:not forensic. Before getting into that level of debate, what would defense approach be if: 1) I was detained not arrested, in hospital ICU with TBI, did not consent (I was cognitively impaired with a subdural hematoma, a potentially life threatening injury), officer either waited for an ETOH reading (time-stamp) then charged me, or charged me before the reading. Would DA need a grand jury supeana to satisfy HIPPA laws? Does Missouri vs McNeally apply? Qualified personnel, can I demand that the nurse (if it was a nurse) who took my blood be present at trial, the tech\analyst, the custodian of records, ect?
The questions you ask are highly technical and are factually dependent and thus require a careful review of the...
Car got totaled by drunk driver, but was told by my insurance company they wont cover the car. Who will cover the accident?
I purchased a car a month ago, four days ago a drunk driver ran a red light and totaled my vehicle. When I purchased the vehicle the dealership gave me the "Agreement to furnish insurance policy " with GEICO on it and my policy number. At the time I provided them the insurance policy I currently have GEICO, so the Agreement to furnish insurance policy has my insurance company and policy number listed on it. I didn't get a chance to add my vehicle to the policy under GEICO. GEICO stated that the vehicle is not covered. I was also injured in the accident. 1. will the insurance company of the drunk driver pay for my vehicle and my medical bills? 2. Does the Agreement to furnish insurance policy count as my insurance and is proof of insurance to GEICO? Will GEICO cover the car with the document. I reside in Maryland.
Sorry to hear about your accident. The insurance company for the drunk driver should cover all damages including your...
What's involved in having a DUI charge that was dropped expunged from your record in Maryland?
All started over year ago
If all charges were dropped (nolle prossequi), then you can file a Petition for Expungement. You will need to attach a...