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Will I get terminated from the interlock program in Maryland if I blew a high bac?
I have a pbj and opted to do the interlock program so I can still drive my vehicle. I also have only 1 other violation on the interlock device. Yesterday was my birthday and friends bought me too much drinks. I have not had anything to drink for 13 hrs before attempting to start my vehicle to go to work. The device failed me. I didn't feel drunk just hungover but apparently the alcohol hasn't left my system. I am worried about the bac level recorded because I have no idea what it could have been. Is there a limit on the bac recorded that will kick me out of the program even if it would only be my second violation out of 4 allowed?
There are a lot of reasons you could have failed your interlock test. Whether or not you get kicked out of the program...
Will I go to jail?
In November I was arrested for a Dui. As a result of court I was ordered to not drink, attend meetings, attend a Madd meeting & have an interlock installed in my car. I have followed the rules but unfortunately I did make the decision to drink one night and wake up to go to work, blow in the interlock and it showed up positive alcohol, but I did not blow 5 minutes later as directed. I just shut the car off and got a ride. I have court in October for vop. I do not want to go to jail. Will I?
You should call a lawyer immediately. A lot of whether or not you go to jail depends on the particular judge and...
Are the details behind a traffic violation available to the public if it hasn't been to court yet?
DWI, reckless driving etc. Looking for details before case is heard before a judge.
Maybe. If the person was arrested on the violations the police officer would have prepared a "statement of probable...
I got drunk and made a life threatening text if the guy didnt shut his mouth. He went to the police. what do I do?
I got drunk and made a life threatening text if the guy didnt shut his mouth. He went to the police. what do I do? Will I get arrested? do I turn myself in? I really didnt mean anything by it.
You should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Do not, under any circumstances, speak to a police officer....
Have valid dot certification, but still have to go alcohol treatment with no dui or any prior s. What do I do now?
So I went to get a dot recertification from concentra (passed physical) we do a non drug test at ups. They needed info from my cardiologist who sent my previous notes which stated that my drinking had decreased (no amount in notes). Concentra would not give me dot until I completed treatment. I have never had a dui or been in trouble with alcohol. Now ups has me in counseling and asap program. I went to 2 different dot physicians and both passed me. I have my dot but not from concentra is it legal for ups to make me go through the program even though I have a valid dot card now.
I do not know the answer to your question but think you are more likely to find lawyers who do if it is classified...
How do I get a restriction removed from drivers license? I waited the required suspension period, the restriction is still there
License was suspended for 120 days for refusing a breathalyzer. Was offered a restricted license provided I got an Interlock device installed. I had 45 days to get device installed, if not the suspension would still be upheld from the date of hearing. The Order of Modification states that if no device is installed, I have my license suspended for 120 days. If the device was installed, I would have to submit paperwork from Interlock and get a restricted license. I decided not to get device installed and wait the 120 days. Applied for a duplicate license and the restriction is on there without the paperwork stated on the Order of Modification for Suspended License.
You need to go to the MVA with your paperwork to have a license issued without the restriction. Do not drive until you...
Would it be wise to take the offer and pay for the classes or should I go to court and try to get a easier punishment?
I recently received an underage drinking citation and i am scheduled for court in December. I was at a concert tailgate with beer in my hand. I am 18 with a clean record, no history of anything illegal or any kind of misdemeanor. I would like to know the best option in pursuing this with the least fine, probation time, etc. I've been offered an opportunity to legally skip the court date and pay $170 for alcohol education classes with a 1 year probation time and $30 to get the citation expunged. Would this be wise to do or should I go to court and try to get an easier punishment.
Diversion programs such as the one you are being offered are often a great deal, not because the punishment is lesser,...