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  • Baby found alongside dark Maryland road by local bishop

    13 hrs ago | via 

    Just before midnight a call came into the police that a baby in a car seat carrier was found in the 900 block of Druid Hill Avenue in Pasadena. Rev. Raymond Showell and his wife coming home from church saw the baby carrier alongside the road and thought it was empty and were shocked to find a baby sitting in the seat.


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  • Longtime Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub dies at 77

    14 hrs ago | via WCAX-TV Burlington 

    FILE - In this Jan. 8, 2015 file photo, Jerry Weintraub speaks at the HBO 2015 Winter TCA in Pasadena, Calif. Weintraub, the dynamic producer and manager who pushed the career of John Denver and produced s... .


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  • Parolee arrested for gun possession in Pasadena

    Friday Jul 3 | via Pasadena Star-News 

    PASADENA >> Police chased down and arrested a parolee armed with a handgun who ran from officers late Thursday, officials said. Davion Laquan Ogletree, 23, of Pasadena was booked on suspicion of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, according to Pasadena police officials and Los Angeles County booking records.


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  • Witness to an Uprising

    Wednesday Jul 1 | via Pasadena Weekly 

    The March 2012 killing of Kendrec McDade, the 19-year-old black college student gunned down by two white Pasadena police officers who believed he was an armed robbery suspect, probably wouldn't have produced much newsprint if his shooting death had occurred during the 1950 Mainstream newspapers in those days rarely covered the violent passing of black people, or much else about them. When I was growing up white and middle class in Pasadena, none of my friends talked about police brutality against African Americans, or the need for civilian review boards.


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  • Man arrested for attempted robbery, kidnapping of wo...

    Wednesday Jul 1 | via Pasadena Star-News 

    PASADENA >> A man tried unsuccessfully to rob and kidnap a woman inside a parking structure at the Paseo Colorado shopping mall in Pasadena Wednesday, officials said. Joshua Brandon McKnight, 19, of Pasadena was arrested in connection with alleged crimes, which took place about 10:50 a.m. in the parking structure of the mall in the 200 block of East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena police Lt.


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  • Court hears case for secrecy of report on police sho...

    Thursday Jun 25 | via Los Angeles Times 

    Activists and family members of Kendrec McDade rally outside Pasadena City Hall in April 2012. McDade's mother, Anya Slaughter, holds a photo of her son, who was shot to death by police.


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  • Pasadena files lawsuit against suspects, recipients ...

    Wednesday Jun 24 | via LA Daily News 

    Pasadena filed a lawsuit Wednesday to recover the money stolen in a $6.4 million embezzlement scheme over the past 10 years. The complaint names Montclair resident Danny Wooten , his wife Laveta Wooten, his alleged accomplices Tyrone Collins and Melody Jenkins, the two churches that Wooten led and Collins Electric.


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  • Former Oregon Coach Nick Aliotti Discusses UCLA Inci...

    Wednesday Jun 24 | via Autzen Zoo 

    Nov 15, 2013; Pasadena, CA, USA; General view of an alternative black UCLA Bruins helmet on the sidelines during the game against the Washington Huskies at Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports The incident, as it is being called, between Diddy and UCLA Strength Coach Sal Alosi is something that should never have happened.


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  • Mana s Widow Testifies in Trial of 2 Charged in Chri...

    Tuesday Jun 23 | via San Marino Tribune 

    A woman whose husband was struck and killed by stray gunfire outside their home in Pasadena on Christmas Day 2012 testified Monday, June 22 that she heard what she initially thought was fireworks and then saw her husband on the ground. Shelly McClinton told the Los Angeles Superior Court jury hearing the case against Larry Darnell Bishop Jr. and Jerron Donald Harris that her husband, Victor, had gone outside to walk a friend out to his car when she heard "what I thought were fireworks."


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  • Widow Testifies in Christmas 2012 Shooting Trial

    Monday Jun 22 | via 

    Shelly McClinton told the jury that her husband, Victor, had gone outside to walk a friend out to his car when he was shot. A woman whose husband was struck and killed by stray gunfire outside their home in Pasadena on Christmas Day 2012 testified today that she heard what she initially thought was fireworks and then saw her husband on the ground.


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  • Fuller Seminary in Pasadena prays for Charleston sho...

    Thursday Jun 18 | via Pasadena Star-News 

    A woman reacts as the names of the people killed are read during a prayer service for those who lost their lives at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina in the prayer garden on the campus of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif., on Thursday, June 18, 2015. PASADENA>> Prayers for the families of the victims in Charleston, prayers for the community, prayers for a safe place to mourn were made during a prayer service Thursday afternoon at Fuller Theological Seminary.


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  • a Bluto Bandita sought for bank robberies in L.A., S...

    Thursday Jun 18 | via San Gabriel Valley Tribune 

    The FBI is seeking “The Bluto Bandit” in connection with three bank robberies and three “casing” incidents throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties between June 10, 2015, and June 16, 2015. The suspect is pictured in this bank surveillance photo during a June 16, 2015, robbery at a Chase bank branch in unincorporated Pasadena.


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  • CNN's Jake Tapper hopes to add depth to Sunday morni...

    Wednesday Jun 10 | via KAUZ 

    Tapper, the third new host of a Sunday morning public affairs show to debut within th... A GOP-controlled Senate panel has blocked President Barack Obama's request for $50 million to pay for legal help for unaccompanied immigrant children coming to the United States after fleeing violence in... A GOP-controlled Senate panel on Wednesday blocked President Barack Obama's request for $50 million to pay for legal help for unaccompanied immigrant children coming to the United States after fleeing violence in... New York City is dumping the private company that delivers health care in its jails after a year of scrutiny over high-profile deaths of mentally ill inmates and a city probe that found the company hired felons and... New York City is dumping the private company that delivers health care in its jail system after a year of scrutiny over the high-profile deaths of mentally ill inmates.


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  • Two Men Arrested for Installing Debit Card Skimmer, ...

    Jun 5, 2015 | via Noozhawk 

    Two men were arrested last week for allegedly installing a debit card skimming device and miniature cameras on two ATMs on Santa Barbara's State Street, and are believed to be responsible for several other similar cases throughout Southern California, police said. Mike Vartabedian, 42, of Pasadena and Hagop Krikor Soukiassian, 37, of Glendale, were arrested May 30 for the crimes of burglary, conspiracy, and possession or use of a scanning device with the intent to defraud, according to Sgt.


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Pasadena Law

DUI case- first time- what happens if I don't have ANY MONEY to pay fines ?
I am DUI first time offender don't have a job, savings and literally no money. What can I expect as a penalty ? or any suggestions greatly appreciated.
RELAX. Go to court when ordered and ask for a pibloc defender.
What can I do to recall my warrant if I'm out of the country? (was a F-1 VISA with DUI and immigration matters)
So I was an international student when I had my DUI 7 years ago during my OPT. I got laid off and by law I have 60 days to pack my bags and go home before I became out of status. I couldn't finished my obligation and had to leave the US. When I was back to my country I realized a warrant was issued for my arrest. I now hired a DUI attorney to try to pull that warrant down so that I can go back to the States and finish my obligations but the court rejected. Is there any way that I can prove to the court that I was not escaping but I was forced to leave, so that I could get a VISA back to the US and finish whatever I need to be done? I couldn't find anyone who can help me in both DUI and immigration, can anyone help me to fix this?
My best advice is that you seek a criminal attorney who is also familiar with immigration. I know that some attorneys...
Had .088 BAC. Was able to get DUI reduced to speed contest. DMV suspended license Do I need SR-22 to get restricted license?thx!
I did lose my DMV hearing because I know it's black and white with them (based on .088) but wondering since the court case was lowered to speed contest, still need SR-22? If so, is it advisable to get SR-22 from an insurance carrier other than my own? Thanks all
Yes, you will need an SR-22 in order to get a restricted license from DMV after an administrative suspension. They will...
Green card chances after two dui?
I have dui 10 years ago while I was on f1 and second three year ago on h1b visa. Both are simple DUI. I have paid the fines ,completed probation and license suspension. I am not or was never heavy alcohol drinker. I was unlucky at both times and was stupid mistakes those could have been avoided. anyhow, I am keeping my nose clean since and avoiding drinking. I have approved I140 and I am waiting for my priority date to be current. I would like to know what are my chances of getting green card? I read that two DUI is not inadmissible as of now but what if immigration reform happens and rules changes before my AOS? I am married and have US born child. Appreciate your response.
There is no requirement to show good moral character to get adjustment of status. Whjle adjustment is discretionary,...
What Can you do if you can't pay for the DUI classes and it's no longer court ordered, but it's to have your license reinstated?
I'm a two time DUI offender and I was almost finish with my classes, but I Was incarcerated for a year and waited another 6 months before signing back up for my classes. I was informed that I would have to start all over and that's not a problem. I want to know how can I get a fee waiver in starting my classes while trying to gain employment?
If it is court ordered, the only place that could waive the fee would be the court. However, these classes cost them...
Officer did not show me what I blew at the scene although I blew a .06 thirty minutes later at the station. Do i have a case?
CHP pulled me over and said I ran a red light. (I did not. The light turned yellow as I was passing through) the officer asked if I had drank I said yes although I stopped at 12am and had eaten. (It was then 2:30am) he asked me to step out of the vehicle and performed the sobriety tests which I had no issue with. The officer would not show me what I got on the breathalyzer even though I asked him twice. He just kept repeating "you blew a little over." About 30 minutes later at the station I blew a .06. I spoke to an attorney and they said the officer probably wanted to take the chance that my BAC would be higher at the station because if I had lied about when I had stopped drinking I would still be metabolizing the alcohol. Do I have a case?
Perhaps. Given what has been stated here, there are several issues that may be exploited by a trained and experienced...
DUI Officer Impeachment Title 17 - 15 minute observation California
During my DUI DMV hearing the arresting officer testified that without question he observed me for the entire 15 minutes prior to the breath test. Was able to obtain hard evidence that proves the officer did not observe me and moreover lied under penalty of perjury. ( Multiple time both on paper and during the DMV Hearing sworn statements) The DA has offered me a wet-reckless plea but I am trying to decide if I should attempt to fight this in a court. My BAC was .11. Does an improper breath test and officer perjury raise enough reasonable doubt to get this case dismissed / not-guilty verdict in a jury trial? Should I consider fighting this in a jury trial? Looking for others advice/insight that have defended this scenario before..
You should really be discussing this with your attorney. Even if the breath test was improper, the DA will bring in...