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Hello on july 9th i was arrested for a second dui(1dui was 7 ys ago) charges including. Reckless driving and hit and run.
I ended up losing controll of the car and 2 parked cars were hit. My insurance has covered one of the cars already. I want to know if there is a way to plea for jail alternatives and. How much jail time am i looking at
Ask in the criminal defense forum. This forum is for personal injury attorneys.
DUI--- does a jail time stay on my record ?
I have an option to pay the court fees ( DUI ) or go to jail for several days. If I choose the second option, will the jail time stay and be visible on my record?
On certain records, yes, the jail time will be visible.
Car accident with someone on DUI probation, Insurance denied my claim, do I have a case?
I was stopped at red light with my passenger and then proceeded forward at green light into the intersection and was hit by a Ford Excursion estimated at 40-50MPh in a 30MPH zone. His vehicle then went front dead center a foot and 1/2 into a tree! Police would not do a report due to no independent witness aside from my passenger, and no one went to the hospital. It was a blind corner due to bushes and electric pole. My car is totaled and his insurance denied the claim due to not being able to prove fault and neither side is admitting fault. I told the adjuster that I hit my head on the glass with some soreness but that I was OK, I know my fault for saying I was OK. Its been 2 weeks and I now have an appointment to get an MRI for the pain in my ear and headache since the accident and I have requested a copy of my statement to the adjuster. My 4runner is totaled, estimated value at $4500, and by doing some online Court Index research I found out that the opposing driver is on Probation for DUI until Sept. 2016. Police did not ask me if I was drinking, and I didn't see them ask the other driver, nor did I see them run my DL but to relay info on a collision information slip.
DUI probation seems like it is immaterial. For damage to your car file a claim against your insurance. They may seek...
Can i get more money from drunk driver hitting my salvaged title car since insurance company will only give me a small amount?
Drink driver just hit my car and two others on the street while they were parked. No one was injured. My problem is my car has a salvaged title, but i don't have payments on it and it had low mileage and it's good condition. I paid $6000 and i was going to sell it to put down for a new car. I can easily sell it for $5000. But the insurance won't give me that much cuz of the salvaged title. I am at a loss. Can i get a lawyer to get me more so i can get a decent car? I live in Pasadena, Ca. I can't afford payments and i have chronic depression, anxiety disorder, and panic attacks this is going to destroy me. . . . . Help please!
Like you said, no one was hurt so this shouldn't "destroy" you. Automobile damage claims are based upon fair market...
How do I apply for the expungement of my DUI record?
DUI in June 2015. I have completed all court and DMV orders. How do apply for the record expungement or the record removal if at all possible?
You don't. You've only been on probation for six months! DUI probation is typically three years. You should also...
Am I obligated to pay for the instructor's "no show" DUI classes?
I am on the 3 months court ordered DUI program. On 3 occasions the instructor didn't show up, so after 10 minutes the entire group went home with the credit for the class given but also charged for the class as it actually took place as well. Is it up to the facility to decide it or there is some law dictating whether the charges can be applied or not.
I know of no law on the matter. You might check with your attorney. I guess as long as you are getting credit you do...
I got DUI this weekend with breathalizer reading at 0.09. I am an international student with no income. What shall I do?
I recently bought a car, I was on my way home from a friends place where I had just two beers, I was completely fine & aware when I got pulled over. I am an international student, I had my international driving license & I have CA learners permit with me. MY reading was 0.09. I requested for a second breathalizer test but I was denied & I was charged with DUI and had to spend the night in the custody. I wanted to know what are my options here? Should I fight it? I am very concerned that DUI is going have terrible consequences for me when I need to look for a job & get a Visa in near future. They told me to call DMV within ten days to secure a DMV hearing regarding my license status. As I still haven't given my behind the wheel test. What shall I do to avoid termination of my license?
Yikes. This could be bad! First, you need to call the local DMV Driver's Safety Office and request a hearing...