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How do I apply for the expungement of my DUI record?
DUI in June 2015. I have completed all court and DMV orders. How do apply for the record expungement or the record removal if at all possible?
You don't. You've only been on probation for six months! DUI probation is typically three years. You should also...
Am I obligated to pay for the instructor's "no show" DUI classes?
I am on the 3 months court ordered DUI program. On 3 occasions the instructor didn't show up, so after 10 minutes the entire group went home with the credit for the class given but also charged for the class as it actually took place as well. Is it up to the facility to decide it or there is some law dictating whether the charges can be applied or not.
I know of no law on the matter. You might check with your attorney. I guess as long as you are getting credit you do...
I got DUI this weekend with breathalizer reading at 0.09. I am an international student with no income. What shall I do?
I recently bought a car, I was on my way home from a friends place where I had just two beers, I was completely fine & aware when I got pulled over. I am an international student, I had my international driving license & I have CA learners permit with me. MY reading was 0.09. I requested for a second breathalizer test but I was denied & I was charged with DUI and had to spend the night in the custody. I wanted to know what are my options here? Should I fight it? I am very concerned that DUI is going have terrible consequences for me when I need to look for a job & get a Visa in near future. They told me to call DMV within ten days to secure a DMV hearing regarding my license status. As I still haven't given my behind the wheel test. What shall I do to avoid termination of my license?
Yikes. This could be bad! First, you need to call the local DMV Driver's Safety Office and request a hearing...
Can I sue a community center for a vulgar treatment ?
I have been ordered to participate in a community labor for DUI. One of the employees SCREAMED on me and exploded for asking a question and was reprimanded by a supervisor after my complaint. His behavior has remained mostly unchanged afterwards and my second complained resulted in assigning me another worker. The treatment has changed from vulgar to provoking and minor harassment ( by the other worker ) I have not complained yet because of the fear of the potential court consequences if not being able to complete the service but now I am almost done. DUI penalties itself has turned my life upside down and I am very upset having to put up with additional stress and treatment by the employees of this community center
Speak to your DUI Lawyer about all of this, but I doubt you will ever succeed in a law suit agains the community labor...
I was cited for DUI in 09, courts reduced charge to Dry Reckless. How do I list this conviction on a job application?
I am confused as to how this conviction should show on my record. When I recently pulled a full history of my driving record, the DMV shows my DUI and the Reckless Driving conviction on my record. Is that right? When I pulled the 3 year driving history, the DUI does not show up but the Reckless driving does. I am looking to change jobs and was also wondering what is the proper way to disclose this citation/conviction when asked the question about criminal convictions?
Your driving history speaks for itself. If required to disclose, it sounds like you were convicted of a "dry reckless."...
Will a DUI show when checking the record on a job application?
A friend of mine is going to apply for a job in a care taking facility. She was told her criminal record will be checked. Will her DUI be seen by her potential employer?
It probably will show up on a background check.
I am in the middle of my DUI ordered classes and need to leave because of the family emergency abroad. What do I need to do ?
I am in the middle of my 3 months DUI ordered class and I need to go abroad for several months because of the family emergency.. What should I do ?
You need to talk to your attorney and to talk to the DUI program coordinator. You were ordered to enroll by a certain...