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I am in the middle of my DUI ordered classes and need to leave because of the family emergency abroad. What do I need to do ?
I am in the middle of my 3 months DUI ordered class and I need to go abroad for several months because of the family emergency.. What should I do ?
You need to talk to your attorney and to talk to the DUI program coordinator. You were ordered to enroll by a certain...
What are the potential consequences of ignoring all court and DMV requirements imposed for DUI
Family emergency abroad, must leave immediately. What awaits me upon arrival back to the US ?
A warrant will await you and handcuffs. You can retain an attorney to recall the warrant before you attempt to return--...
DUI case--- I have chosen a community service instead paying a fine. Can I change my mind and pay instead a community service?
During a trial I've chosen a community service. Since the entire work is done outside ( I live in a hot spot of California) and I have a skin cancer, can I just pay the fine and be done with it ? Does it require a special court permission?
You'll need to appear in court to ask the judge to change your sentence or have a lawyer appear for you.
DUI case- first time- what happens if I don't have ANY MONEY to pay fines ?
I am DUI first time offender don't have a job, savings and literally no money. What can I expect as a penalty ? or any suggestions greatly appreciated.
RELAX. Go to court when ordered and ask for a pibloc defender.
What can I do to recall my warrant if I'm out of the country? (was a F-1 VISA with DUI and immigration matters)
So I was an international student when I had my DUI 7 years ago during my OPT. I got laid off and by law I have 60 days to pack my bags and go home before I became out of status. I couldn't finished my obligation and had to leave the US. When I was back to my country I realized a warrant was issued for my arrest. I now hired a DUI attorney to try to pull that warrant down so that I can go back to the States and finish my obligations but the court rejected. Is there any way that I can prove to the court that I was not escaping but I was forced to leave, so that I could get a VISA back to the US and finish whatever I need to be done? I couldn't find anyone who can help me in both DUI and immigration, can anyone help me to fix this?
My best advice is that you seek a criminal attorney who is also familiar with immigration. I know that some attorneys...
Picked up on warrant. Bench warrant Hearing on 4-28. Picked up for bench warrant 4-10. I bailed out. The violation is VoP
1st DUI convicted 3-04-2009 probation expired 04-2012 in Metropolitan court (LA County). 2nd DUI CHARGED/CONVICTED AS 1st DUI on 3-04-2009 West Covina court(LA County). Picked up a 3rd DUI in San Bernardino County on 11-2010. Charge/Convicted for DUI only, Driving w/ susp license NOT CHARGED. 140day County Jail. Probation expired 8-23-14. SB Court notified West Covina of probation violation on 3-11. Bench Warrant issued. Bailed out and waiting for court date. What is going to happen @ BW Hearing? Will West Covina Judge sentence for one DUI PV, since 1st had expired? Or charged with metro court DUI PV as well as Covina PV (1 year jail).Will there be a separate charge/penalty for bench warrant being issued. Will i have credit for the 140 days served in SanBernardino Jail?
There are no charges for a bench warrant being issued unless you failed to appear, as promised, for a court date....
Had .088 BAC. Was able to get DUI reduced to speed contest. DMV suspended license Do I need SR-22 to get restricted license?thx!
I did lose my DMV hearing because I know it's black and white with them (based on .088) but wondering since the court case was lowered to speed contest, still need SR-22? If so, is it advisable to get SR-22 from an insurance carrier other than my own? Thanks all
Yes, you will need an SR-22 in order to get a restricted license from DMV after an administrative suspension. They will...