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First time dui but with accident
I was driving with a friend of mine after brunch, I was involved in a T-bone accident with another vehicle. The other driver said her light was green, my passenger and I say my light was green. There may be a speed camera. When the police came the gave me a field sobriety test and then a breathalyzer test. I blew a 0.13 and 0.12. They arrested me for a DUI. At the station i blew a 0.11 and 0.10 I was kept in jail for 6 hours and then released. my car was impounded. My questions are: This is my first traffic offence, the car was brand new, what are my possible penalties given the fact that an accident occured while I was under the influence. I have read about dmv suspensions etc. My main issue is if I will be able to avoid the 96 hour jail time. Any help will be greatly appriciated.
You should use AVVO to search for and call a criminal defense attorney in your area who specializes in DUI. In...
I almost hit someone crossing in the dark and she took a picture of my license plate.
So I was making a left turn without an arrow on green light. I proceeded to make my left turn, after I make sure that there were no cars or pedestrians crossing, even though it was in the dark. As soon as I was making my left turn half way, this lady who was wearing dark-colored clothing came out of nowhere. Of course, it did not help because the area was not well lit. The pedestrian had to run for her life AND I did try to steer clear of her! I was concerned about her well being that I stopped my car for a few seconds. However, the only thing I saw was that she was so angry that she took a picture of my license plate!! My guess is that this pedestrian has the right to turn me in for wreckless driving! But, I did call my city's Police and ask about more advice about the matter. And according to the Police, since the pedestrian is in good condition to snap a picture of my license plate, I should be fine.
It seems you didn't hit the pedestrian. You act wasn't intentional. If it was negligent and caused emotional harm...
Dui Question ?
My bestfriend was involved in a hit in run this past weekend. He hit a parked car and was stopped by the police moments later. He had alot of beers and mixed drinks.He refused the sobriety test. They took him to jail and release him 18 hours later. He had 4 dui within the last 10 years. Whats the best and wrost case scenario ?
If he is truly your best friend, get them into rehab or at the very least daily AA meetings before he kills someone....
Do I have a chance to beat my DUI case?
I was pulled over on the 210e freeway around 4am. The officer asked if I was drinking, and I replied no. He insisted that I had been and asked me to step out of the car to make me do the field tests. After passing all of the tests he asked me to take a breath test which I initially declined, but after his explanation that I would get my license suspended for one year I decided to go ahead and take it. I attempted to take the test twice to no avail and then the officer told me turn around and put my hands on my head, and he arrested me
The fact pattern described above suggests you are either 21 or on DUI Probation. There's always a chance of "beating"...
If I had 3 dui's and am enrolling for dui classes do I need to enroll in a 30 month program if 2 dui's were over 10 years ago?
I already went to jail, and completed the first 90 day dui program for my dui (in 2004) and completed the 18 month program for my second dui (in 2005) and am now trying to take care of this last one that happened in 2012. I think the court assigned the 30 month program, but since I haven't been driving the last 4 years it didn't matter to me. I now have been sober for 4 years and need to drive again (for work & to help drive mom after a knee surgery) so I wonder since the 10 years has passed would I only need to enroll in the 90 day course? I also wonder if I would need to take the written, or driving test again as I took that in 2011 or 2012 right before my 3rd dui.
I think you should check with DMV before doing anything else. I suspect you'll need to complete another 18-month...
Can my DUI citation be changed from misdemeanor to felony?
I was recently involved in an accident in which I was the only one injured. I was taken to the hospital where the officer was given a vial of my blood for testing. Though I was not arrested only given a citation which was marked misdemeanor so I'm due back in court on the court date appointed. Can this be changed to a felony at the time of my court date? My hospital record reads "acute alcohol intoxication"
Yes it can be charged as a Felony if someone other than you was injured. If not then it's probably going to be a...
Hello on july 9th i was arrested for a second dui(1dui was 7 ys ago) charges including. Reckless driving and hit and run.
I ended up losing controll of the car and 2 parked cars were hit. My insurance has covered one of the cars already. I want to know if there is a way to plea for jail alternatives and. How much jail time am i looking at
Ask in the criminal defense forum. This forum is for personal injury attorneys.