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I got a probation violation on good behavior over not going to the vasap intake meeting. Thought I cancelled and was violated 1?
Went to jail for my first dwi and came out, 11 days later I got a warrant for my rest for a good behavior violation from the DWI saying I didn't report of ASAP it's only been 11 days can they really do this on top of that I'm on probation so I'm hoping that this can be dropped so I don't get Violated through probation
You were court ordered to attend this program on their schedule. Depending on the reason you did not attend there...
What happens next. Daughter pulled over for DUI
My daughter was pulled over for DUI, and was sent to Poplar Springs Hosipal for evaluation. She has to appear before a judge in 2 days. What typically happens that day. Will she be released and a date set for trial?
More information is needed. Is this her first offense? How intoxicated was she? Was it alcohol or an illegal drug?...
DUI charges in Virginia. I got one in Florida 4 year ago, now what. In Spotsylvania in my driveway.
It's bad. I blew a .19. My 16 yo is taking me back and forth to work. I'm not looking for miracles. I have a problem. The bondsman told me to go back to the jail in 7 days to get my license. I just don't want to lose my job, I just got it. I'll wear a braclet, interlock my car. I just want to keep my job and get help. I was in the hospital 3 months ago for a massive panic attack and had to talk to a shrink because I said I wanted to die. But I don't. I just want my life back.
You are facing a criminal offense with a mandatory jail sentence and you obviously need to be represented by the best...
Do they give a UA at a DUI court review session for compliant, non-drug related defendants?
DUI First Offense. Pleaded guilty and have done all the Judge has asked of me so far. Going to my first DUI court review session and wanted to know if they do a UA in the actual court? No drug issues or offenses, still in pain from the accident my drinking caused and was going to take something for pain so I can be well rested for the review hearing in the morning. My next screening will be over a week from now when I go for treatment intake. No issues passing that one or previous ones I have had.
Is it possible that you could be urine tested in court? Yes it is possible (depending on the conditions of your...
How long does Maryland have to pick up a inmate in Va who has served his time here but being held now for Maryland and will they
My tenant recently got picked up for driving a suspended license. He finished his time to be served this last Sunday. He didn't come home and his girlfriend got worried so I called the jail for her. It turns out he had arrest warrant out for him in Maryland for missing court. The one incident in Maryland shows 15 charges.. 4 types of Dui's, fighting the police, reckless driving, negligent driving, using tags from another vehicle, driving on suspended, different forms refusing to follow an offers orders and more. I listed this because I am floored they let him go in the first place but so you could give accurate advice. I called the District Attorneys office in Maryland and they said he won't be up for bail. I am just trying to help the girlfriend some understand what to expect and do. Any questions I will be happy to answer to be of my ability. Thank you in advance
You should help her by using Avvo "find a lawyer" feature to find her an experienced lawyer in Maryland. He will most...
What repercussions can be expected when you receive a show cause regarding a prior conviction in Virginia?
Convicted 01/2012 of first offense Misdemeanor DUI/DWI; ordered to pay a fine, complete ASAP class, have restricted license for 1yr (driving to/from work, etc. permitted) and be on good behaviour (1-2yrs, cannot recall exactly)... Charged with driving on a suspended in 05/2012 and convicted of the same in 10/2012; ordered to pay a fine and serve 2 days in jail over the following weekend... Good behaviour/probation lifted either in 01/2013 or 01/2014... Received "show cause" 07/2014... Could you advise what I might expect from such a hearing? And, do I need to hire a lawyer to represent me? I haven't been in any trouble since 05/2012, am an upstanding citizen, gainfully employed, etc? Thank you.
This is one of the most serious probation violations you can face. By driving with a suspended license, you were...
Can I get my VA real estate license with a dismissed misdemeanor?
I was arrested for petty larceny but not fingerprinted, and my case was dismissed and I was not found guilty. I am planning to file for expungement, but I know that can take months. I am ready to take my VA state real estate exam within the next few weeks, but I am worried because you cannot get your license if you have been "convicted of a misdemeanor of moral turpitude." Does petty larceny fall under that category? If so, since my case was dismissed and I was not actually convicted, will I still be granted my license? My record is otherwise clean.
Petty larceny likely falls under that category, however because your charge was dismissed, you haven't been "convicted."...