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  • News 29 mins ago 10:02 a.m.Parrish man arrested for ...

    Sunday Jun 26 | via WTSP-TV Saint Petersburg 

    A SWAT unit from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to a domestic violence incident in which a male suspect allegedly suffocated his wife and waved a hand gun at her. Clifton Van Luven, 66, was arrested early Sunday morning around 1:20 a.m. and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and domestic battery by strangulation for using his hands to cover his wife Ann Van Luven's, 65, mouth and nose.


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Don't know what to do! Dui Pre-trial conference coming up...
I went to my FIRST arraignment 06/23/2014. I do not have an attorney. I am looking at jail time of 5 days plus enhanced fees etc for 2nd degree misdemeanor if I say NO contest just to get it over with. I have never even had one speeding ticket! An accident happened on 01/25 between me and a pole. No one else involved thank god. I am single parent of 2 making a lil over the poverty level but since my dad helped me purchase a house I do not qualify for a public defender. I cant pay 5000 for a lawyer who wants me to put 1000 down as a retainer, I am wondering if I can just give up and ask judge to sentence me for more days in jail (Done on weekends) to help get rid of some of the fines or even more community service. Is this something I can do alone?
You can try but it is not recommended. A good lawyer should review your case for possible defenses and motions. In...
What if the cop lied on ticket about breathalyzer results
DUI deputy pulled me over for having brights on. Asked me to step out vehicle and said he wanted a field test. I told him I couldn't due to my extensive injuries from severe accident, and he continued to make me preform tests. Then placed me under arrest. When doing the breathalyzer in the back of his truck (not portable) it stopped at .073 the deputy immediately shut machine off took the print out slip told me I was over double the limit and took me to jail. When I was released the next morning I looked at the ticket he wrote my BAC as .178. I'm not sure what to do now. He didn't observe me for the 20 minutes and he never did the second test to compare for accuracy
You definitely need to hire an attorney. Assuming your recitation of the facts is accurate, there is a multitude of...
What is the maximum sentence for a 2nd degree felony in a DUI charge?
I had my 2nd DUI serious bodily inj/ with property damage and driving on a suspended in Oct. 2009 in Jan.2010 it was filed a criminal traffic case and dropped/abandoned in june 2010 for reasons I don't know. I was never contacted. So now i just find out by looking myself up on court records that they have reopened the case as a criminal felony case. Its been about seven months. How long do they have to charge me and can they reopened a case?
It seems the State dropped you case in order to re-file as a felony DUI. If done within the statute of limitations this...
Could an Orlando victim beat a Dui case?
If there was a shooting at a social club/bar and the victim drove a vehicle I fear of death. Gets into a car accident and later gets charged with Dui. Could this case get dismissed and what steps to make?
It's called defense of necessity As long as crime they were avoiding is greater than the crime committed, it is a...
Violation of probation from DUI
Hello all. My husband got his first DUI charge in 2012. He went to his classes, they put him on probation and put an interlock machine in his car for 6 months. One day - at almost the end of his 6 month period - he had a cocktail at lunch around 1pm with the company, his shift was over at midnight, but the machine still read it as a violation. I'm no even sure what ensued after that because he turned the interlock machine in, but since he blew dirty that one time, it was considered a violation of probation. He's had an open warrant out since march of 2013. He retained a lawyer and has a court date on Monday. Will he have to do time - a day, a week, a month - considering the original charge was DUI and he violated probation and this is a warrant that's been open for 3 years...??? I'm nervous about his court date...just wanting to get some advice on some of the possibilities to expect. He does have priors but that was over 20 years ago when he was in his late teens, early 20s. Thank you!
You have good reason to be nervous, but can't accurately predict any potential jail time at this point as it depends on...
What happen if I didn't finish all my community service for DUI but I did all my classes.
I was charged with DUI Identity Guard classes I did everything just have like 40 hours left of community service didn't finish them what happened to me
Your probation will be violated and you will go to jail. You need to go see a criminal defense lawyer.
How to get touch with 4 out of state old DUI,s
I have 13 DUI,s in my past would like to get licence
I'm not sure I understand your question here. Do you have 13 DUIs or 4 DUIs? In the state of Florida, there is a...