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If I was pulled over for speeding, but ONLY arrested and charged with DUI drugs, what happenes?
I was stopped for speeding, but the officer smelled Marijuana, i produced a medical Marijuana card and he was so set on taking me in for dui drugs that he failed to charge me with his initial reason for stopping me which was speeding, i was arrested and taken to jail and asked to provide a blood sample and was released, i went to my scheduled court date and they said the da hadn't pick up the charges and to go home? What's the deal?
This is common. Here's the deal: The DA has up to one year to file charges on a misdemeanor offense. They're...
What to do when you are wrongfully convicted of a DUI?
So a couple months ago my boyfriend was driving me to work, in the car was him (the driver), me the front passenger, and two of his friends in the back seat. I was running late so my boyfriend was speeding. We got pulled over and the officer took my boyfriends license, the registration to the car and the proof of insurance back to his car. The officer then comes back and asks my boyfriend to step out of the car. I could see in the rear view mirror that they were just talking. When my boyfriend came back to the car he told us that the officer just wanted to know why my boyfriend had not mentioned that he was on probation, he gave him a citation for speeding and we were on our way. My boyfriend has not paid his speeding ticket but yesterday he had court (not for the speeding ticket) and the judge brought up the speeding ticket and said that he had violated his probation by driving under the influence. Now, his new job is terminating him for "lying" on his application and not admitting to his convictions. So my question is: can he be terminated for being wrongfully accused? Also, how is this possible? I was there with my boyfriend during the time he got pulled over.
I'm confused. Is your question about a DUI or a speeding ticket? A person can be fired for almost any reason at all...
Do I have to retake an alcohol program if I already completed one for the same offense in another state?
I received two back to back duis 6 years ago out of state. My license was in CA, but I lived out of state. I complied with the legal aspects completely, enrolled in ASAP programs and completed a rehabilitation program as ordered by the court. I served a few years of probation, jail time, and had an interlock for a year. During my probation, I was granted to finish my requirements at home back in CA as I had undiagnosed PTSD from military service and am now 90% disabled. The judge felt compelled to allow a restricted license. In 2014 the DMV and judge lifted all restrictions on my license. Flash forward to 2017, and I just received a notice from the CA DMV saying I need to now complete an 18 month 2,000 dollar alcohol program, have an immediate 18 month suspension of my license, install another interlock device, and absolutely none of my prior compliance will suffice. They told me there is nothing I can do and they have no answers as to why the restrictions are happening 5-6 years later and that my prior asap and rehab completions are not applicable to CA. In 2014 I had finalized all my requirements for my license reinstatement. Is there anything I can do?
Yes, you can file a writ of mandamus to challenge the dmv in court.
What should I do about my DUI?
I was driving from a friends house after having 2-3 drinks, there was a car behind me and once I realized it was a cop I had a feeling I was going to get pulled over because my licence plate tags were over due, I wasn't too worried since I had the day pass, I was right on the corner of my home and as I proceeded to go in my driveway the lights were put on, I finished driving my car into my driveway and was asked why I didn't stop, I got taken to jail and I did a breath test and came out to be .077 I spent the night there and went home with a DUI charge and for some reason a resist arrest, should I contest it?
Get an attorney- especially for Fresno! Day pass? You have only 10 days to deal with DMV from your arrest. Get an attorney!!
"What is my chance of fighting this DUI charge?
I was pulled over on Friday October 14, 2016 at 10:30 pm. I fell asleep on a red light and was holding traffic up. I told the officer what happened after he asked me to step out of the car: I have had two beers at the game and then decided to drive home. I hadn't had much sleep that week and I that day I was probably going on over 30 hours without sleep but a few 30-1hr naps over night. I'm taking 20 units at state and work a full time job. Ihadn't eaten anything but an apple in my lunch break at work. I am anemic. This is my first offense (traffic/criminal) ever. Besides some parking tickets my record is clean. I tested twice the limit and the officer took my drivers license and released me to a friend. Do I have any chance of fighting my charges?
It would have been so much better had you refused to perform sobriety tests because you gave them the evidence to...
I have been relesd on pretril.not for drugs but I said I had a druge problem to get a program to substitute the jail time.
What can I expect if I faild my drug test it was my first one
These are great questions for your lawyer, if you don't have one you should try to get one. You need to provide more...
Now going thru a DUI check point can I refuse to give my name or anything else for that matter
Enter entering a DUI checkpoint can I refuse to give my name my license or anything else for that matter if I haven't committed a crime or done anything wrong if they're not detain me for no reason and I have the right to ask him can I go on my way
Unfortunately, the law on this issue is not clear. The Supreme Court says the cops can stop cars at a checkpoint, but...