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  • 1 injured in Fayetteville hotel shooting; suspect at...

    Saturday Sep 2 | via 

    The man they are looking for is wanted for his believed connection to a robbery and a shooting that injured one person Friday at a Fayetteville hotel. Farron Peter Tilly, 38, of W. First Street in Parkton, is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, felony possession of stolen goods, felony assault inflicting serious bodily injury and attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon.


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Parkton Law

Can they charge me with a DWI on a dirt road
They said they saw me turn off the main road but I didn't
Yes, you can be charged with DWI on a dirt road, private or public.
Do I have a case if officer induces asthma attack?
I was leaving a bar and was driving across the street (BC the bar tows) to park at waffle house hang out and drink coffee(sober up).... So while crossing the street in my car I was pulled over and made to blow 2times. I advised the officer that it would be hard for me because I am asthmatic. He then put me in the police Tahoe and took me to the station. There I was made to blow 7 more times. I was released about 30 minutes after blowing those 7 times and before making it out of the parking lot I had an asthma attack which left my mother (who picked me up) rushing me to the hospital where I had to do 2 breathing treatments and given a steroid shot.
I'm not sure if you're asking whether these facts would give you a good defense to a DUI or if you're asking whether...
Can I get out of driving with revoked license due to dui if I get a temporary driving privilege before my court date?
I got my first dui 6 yrs ago and my second one 5 years ago license were suspended for 4 years this past January I was able to get them back I have taken my assessment paid all court fees did probation and all community service I got caught driving to work with no license one week before my suspension was up I am now told I have to get an interlock on my car which I was not aware of and I was wanting to know if I went through with getting the interlock and getting the driving privilege and brought that on my court date would they accept it and drop the driving with no license charge?
I am not licensed in North Carolina, but I think the answer is no. The issue is did you have a suspended or revoked...
I do not own a vehicle, do I have to get an ignition interlock installed, my conviction was almost 5 years ago?
I live in NC and I was convicted of a DUI 1st offense in Jan. 2010 in Chesapeake, VA, I had 10 days of Chesapeake weekend program instead of jail time. The judge granted me restricted license but I never had to opportunity to drive because my engine went out in my car shortly after and everything went down hill from there. I lost my job and was broke, I finally decided to go back to school, now that I'm about to graduate in the spring I wanted to get my license back because I plan to move after graduation. I had a NC license. Other than completing the ASAP program which I never completed either because I didn't have the money do I still have to get an ignition interlock even though I do not currently own a vehicle.
In Wisconsin, you likely would need to get an IID for the ordered amount of time unless you got a judicial waiver. In...
When do i get a court appointed attorney? i wasnt breathalyzed, how will they determine B.A.C?
was pulled over coming out of parking lot asked why i was stopped asked to step out of car, continued asking why i was pulled, also charged with resisting arrest and assault on officer
The Judge will advise you of your lawyer rights on the first appearance. You can ask the court for a court appointed...
Can my husband get a green card if he has 5 DUI ?
The immgration got my husband going to take him back to Honduras he has 5 DUI do u think my immgration lawyer can get his green card for he can come back home
What does your immigration lawyer say about the chances of obtaining a green card "for he can come back home?" Since...
I have a pending DWI case in NC. This is my first offence. I want to obtain a concealed carry permit.
I have a pending DWI case in NC. This is my first offence. I want to obtain a concealed carry permit and I have completed the class and received the certificate. How do I answer the question on the application that asks if I have been convicted of a DWI in the past year? Does it show up in my criminal and DMV background checks that it is pending and will I be denied the permit.
Clearly if the case remains open, it is still "pending" and is not considered a conviction. Assuming there was an...