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Can the courts add more to your sentence when you've been compliant with the original sentencing
I was required to go through vasap ,due to a dui, which I completed and was discharged but on 7-7-2014 I was brought back into court because vasap wanted to add more to my sentence which the judge accepted, is that legal.
Yes the judge makes the final decision on sentence terms and often will follow such a recommendation
Drunk in Public
Arrested for a drunk in public. No other charges associated with it. I was guilty. Is there any chance I can go to court (Fredericksburg, VA) and get it dismissed or mitigated to something less by offering community services hours or something else? I have had no prior arrests for alcohol-related events.
Every jurisdiction is different but in Rockingham County you cannot get this charge dismissed absent some sort of legal...
What are the likely repercussions of a first time dui offense.
Pulled over near the entry of fort eustis military base because of illegal tint and charged with dui after submitting to breathalizer and field sobriety test. Also charged with open container.
Hire a local experienced DUI attorney right away. Your chances of minimizing a damaging outcome are greatly increased...
Can a first offense DWI/DUI trial be transferred to another state?
My spouse received a DWI/DUI in Chesapeake, VA. It is a first offense and the BAC was below .15. Spouse was told by a counselor that due to living in NC they should request the hearing be transferred to the local NC court system for trial. Is this possible, and if so, how do you do that? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Q: Can a first offense DWI/DUI trial be transferred to another state? A: No. Cases must be heard where they occur....
I took a plea deal in a DUI case even though I was under the .08 legal limit.
Even though I did nothing more than hesitate at a red light the officer charged me with DUI He went on to charge me with four felony counts of child endangerment because my teenage children were in the car. Again I was under the legal limit. I was not speeding, crossing lines or in an accident. I believe the officer did this after I passed the breathalyzer test to ensure that he would ultimately win in court. Even though I hired what I thought was competent legal services, the lawyer ultimately got spooked by the JDR PA. She threatned to go after me on the child endangerment charges with jail time if I did not accept the plea of reduced DUI to Reckless Driving but I still have to go to ASAP and get interlock. I have a very good record but this was a second charge of DUI within. I was charged 8 years ago because I refused the breathalyzer test in the field. I believe the officer ran my plates before he pulled me over With the plea deal she was suppose to dismiss the child endangerment charges but instead Nolle Processed the charges which I know is different. What can I do and what agency should I file a formal complaint with? Attorney General's office? Bar Association?
Complaint about what? Your attorney? The nolle prosequi? Better to sit down and discuss ALL the details of your...
What to do to get license back
Got first offense DWI one year ago. Went to vssap office and was told my case was turned back over to court and it was up to court about getting back in to vssap. What must I do?
It sounds like you didn't go to VASAP when you were supposed to, so they returned your case to the Court as non-...
Is my 2nd dui i dont want to go to jail can i ask for hauase arrrest
2nd dui crash my car my blood level was 0.14 i just
Rarely is house arrest instead of active jail granted by the courts, especially in DUI cases. Your situation sounds...