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What if foreigner on work permit get dui?
Got a dui, been to court twice and suggested probation, dad passed away before i could complete and work petmit will expire before probation is complete. I have no funds and lost my iob there due to dui, so do i go back for court case?
Attend court, get a public defender and take a jail sentence to avoid treatment, fines and probation.
Will I be able to avoid jail time on a third dui if two were in Neb. and one in Iowa?
I have three duis in ten years. Two are in Nebraska and one is in Iowa,will I be able to avoid jail time when I go to court. This is in Nebraska.I also work two jobs that has me working 14hours a day.
You will not likely avoid all jail, but with a good lawyer to help you can midigate the possible jail and still...
Can I be charged with a dui at arraignment?
I accidetly hit a mailbox and didn't notice it was less than 40 dollars in damage later a cop came and cited me for leaving the scene. I heard the da can try to charge me with a dui is this true? I wasnt drinking it was only a hour after the cop came he didn't breathalize me
You should contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss your specific case. People have been charged with DUI when...
Do police officers need a probable cause to pull me over?
I got pulled over, and when they said why it was because they said I was driving under a revoked drivers licence. Which I was not. Then they said it smelled like marijuana, I admitted to smoking earlier that day. Can they use that information I have them when they really had no reason to pull me over? They searched my car and found a small joint in my ashtray.
An illegal stop can be a reason to exclude evidence. Excluding that evidence will require the assistance of an attorney.
First offrnse DUI, what can i expect?
Last night I was arrested for driving with .125 bac. I had passed out at a stoplight, so I don't think I can get out as not guilty, what do I do and what punitive measures will be taken against me? The court date is in a few weeks.
You may not based on the reason for the stop be able to beat it, but it is always best to have professional help to...
Can police do something illegal and justify pulling you over for the same thing?
My girlfriend and I were out on a date. I stayed sober and she drank. I began to have horrible back pains that stemmed from a couple explosions I was in during my time in Afghanistan. Wasn't a very responsible idea but I asked her to drive me to the hospital at around 11p.m. On our way there I needed to get out of the vehicle to stretch or something because the pain was unbearable. She pulled into the nearest parking lot which was a park. As soon as we pulled into said spot, we realized there was a police cruiser at the opposite end squatting and had a speed trap in place. Knowing that she had drank, I asked why they stopped us. He said its because we pulled into a closed park and ended up getting her for DUI. My question is, how can a police officer sit in a closed park parking lot setting in a speed trap which is technically illegal but stop you for doing exactly what they're doing? Sounds like a double standard and a legitimate argument to play out in court. I would understand if we were hanging out in a closed park and they drove around randomly and caught us. The fact that they were squatting shows that they believe they're above the law.
Park is closed to park-gores not the law-enforcement. Don't you and your girlfriend try to come up with any...
What is likely to happen to my probation after 2nd violation for dui?
Charged with dui, sentenced to 6m probation, violated- sentenced to 6 more months probation. Recent violation alcohol in system during UA.
You most likely going to go to jail for awhile. Hire a local criminal attorney immediately.