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  • PEA sexual assault trial begins Monday

    Sunday Jun 25 | via Foster's Daily Democrat 

    As jury selection for the trial of former Phillips Exeter Academy student Chukwudi Ikpeazu is scheduled to begin Monday, the defense has filed a motion to prohibit the alleged victim from testifying. Ikpeazu, 19, of Parkland, Florida, is charged with Class A misdemeanor sexual assault for allegedly fondling a fellow classmate against her will in the school's church basement in October 2015. Opening statements in the trial are expected for Tuesday at 10 a.m. The case gained notoriety when Ikpeazu's alleged victim, Michaella Henry, spoke to the Boston Globe about the struggles she faced in trying to report her assault to the academy.


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  • Sex assault trial for former Phillips Exeter student...

    Friday Jun 16 | via 

    The trial of a former Phillips Exeter Academy student charged with sexually assaulting a female student in the basement of a church is scheduled to begin June 26. Chukwudi Ikpeazu, 19, of Parkland, Fla., will face trial on a misdemeanor sexual assault charge accusing him of fondling her breasts during the incident at Phillips Church in October ... (more)


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Parkland Law

What happens if while on diversion two out of 3 of my drug tests show up positive but I have completed all of community service?
I was charged with misdemeanor marijauna possession and drug paraphernalia possession and I am now on the MDP program.
You will not complete the program and be put into the regular division of Court jeopardizing the chance to get your...
The Interlock Device was court ordered but DMV reinstated license without it...
Hi, I had a 2nd offense DUI in 2007 and it was court ordered to have the interlock device for 2 years and FR-44 insurance for 3 years. In 2011, I was able to get my license reinstated and they did not require me to get the interlock or the FR-44 insurance (to be honest, I completely forgot it was court ordered) so I was driving around for 5 years or so without the device/insurance then last year I got a letter from the DMV stating I had 10 days to get both or my license would be suspended so I followed through; apparently the DMV had a big audit and many Broward County residents had this issue. I've had both for almost a year now, but I'm wondering if there is something that can be done since the DMV reinstated my license without following the court order ?? If not, are there options to early terminate? Appreciate the guidance.
Not likely. You owe DHMSV two years of an IID and three years of FR-44 policy limits. I've seen this recently..cases...
I just received a fourth violation on my interlock device. What are the consequences?
I've had the interlock on since April 2016 and am required to have it for two years. I've not had a drink since June 2016. It took me a while to get used to it and my first three violations were due to smells in the car and the food I ate. Same thing this time. I've followed the rules and do monthly monitoring with the DMV and weekly meetings with an AA counselor, as well as two AA meetings a week. What will happen with this fourth violation? Will I lose my license?
What do you think that the consequences will be? If you're not drinking then I don't know what you continue to do...
Why would childnet make me keep giving urine test when I passed the first one.
Ok so my girlfriend was smoking while pregnant so when she delivered the baby her and the baby tested positive for thc. So they asked me to come in for a urine test. I did that thinking since I was gonna pass they would leave me out of it. Well I passed the first one so they made me come back in for 2 more over a 3 month period. And today they made me give a hair test. Can they keep making me take all these test even though I'm not the one who was using and I proved that with the first test. And now these other 2
I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty what I am going to have for dinner, much less "Why would childnet make...
Can I file a civil suit
I had a hair follicle test done by a company and it tested positive for cocaine. So me knowing I'm not around no drugs at all; I submitted another test and it comes up negative. do I have a right to go after the first company for contamination?
This is America, you can sue anyone for almost anything, but will you win? Probably not without the assistance of an...
Can I get a Florida driving license with a misdemeanor warrant from Tenn.?
I got arrested for shoplifting will in TENN. at that time I was under the influence of drugs since then I have been in drug rehab. I have been clean now for 1 and half years and want to obtain a Florida driver license. I do have a current valid license
If your issue in Tennessee is not license related, it is likely that you will be able to obtain a license. The...
Will be a problem with 25years ago DUI?
Hello, and thanks in advance. I have an approved derivative asylum and I applied for GC (adjust of status) 6 months ago. I had a DUI 25 years ago. (I mentioned it in the application). Will be a problem to get my GC?
An attorney has to see the Certificate of Disposition to give you a fully informed answer as to the immigration...