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Frnd was pulled over for DUI. Was no read Miranda rights. When i was bailed out i didn't receive any paper work from police dep.
My friend out drinking, she believes she may have been slipped something. She apparently got in a fight and don't remember anything. She went looking for her cousin around 1 in the morning, and don't remember anything from 1- 6 (she got pulled over at 6 in the morning.), and rarely remember anything about that night. That is why she think she was slipped something, because she was only drinking beer. She was pulled over, given sobriety test, and Breathalyzer. She was put in the back of police truck. She did not have my rights read. After bailing out, bondsman asked for her paper work and the police station stated that they had no paper work on her. She has court on Monday. What can she do in her current situation?
What can she do in her current situation? She can meet with and retain a local criminal defense attorney to help her...
What can I do to get Oklahoma hold removed from my Texas license from a dui charge in tula ok in 2006 . EXCESSIVEUSEROFALCOHOL
All of the states communicate with each other about traffic offenses and license suspensions/revocations, so Texas...
I was arrested for a DUI in Oklahoma but never got a ticket and never charged
It's my first , I have a clean driving record all I have is a court date but nothing is filed
Did they handcuff you and book you in jail?
I just rec'd a dui, i was told it was a misdemeanor, but that a previous one was stil showing onmy record. was sup to be expunge
expunged.. this would actually make 3, but 1 was in a small city and i did lose my license for 1 yr. a 2nd one was rec'd along with 3 other felonys, that was deferred and supposed to be expunged, my atty said he took care of it. how can i know for sure. ? and what should i do?? the one i just got, they took a blood test to send to the state.
A DUI that was expunged does not necessarily mean that it would no longer be "priorable." Based on your above post, I...
Need a lawyer dealing with DUIs
im 60 yrs old and from Indiana. I moved out to Oklahoma in november of last year. About four and ahalf years ago i got myself into some trouble and had gotten three duis in a 5 yr period. I was sentence to 4 months in prison and two yrs probation. on top of that my license was suspended for 10 yrs. I would like to try and get my license reinstated and was wondering if thats possible and about how much it would cost me
Search for defense attorneys that handle DUI/DWI cases, as well as the driver's license issues involved.
First offense dui probation violation
I am on 6 months supervised probation with 2 random uas per month. I failed a ua and have a failure to submit(based on color code supposed to call in everyday didnt call for a few days color was called and didnt know)...i have one and a half months left on probation. I have no prior duis Am i seriously looking at jail time or just extension of probation? Is it common for them to sentence jail for violation of probation. I understand I messed up and in no way am i asking for leniency or making light of the situation and I understand I have to reap consequences for not following my probation but if i am sentenced to jail, i know i will lose my job..i cant lose my job..can i request community service or another alternative in place of jail.?
Yes, you could be looking at jail based on probation violations... How likely that is depends on a number of factors...
Can I get a 2nd DUI felony conviction expunged in OK that occurred >10yrs ago?
I have a felony conviction for 2nd DUI (no accidents or injury involved in arrest) >10 yrs ago, no charges since that felony conviction. 18 years ago (age 19) I got two DUI's 6 mths apart and received a misdemeanor conviction with 2yr probation. The 2 DUI's where lumped together for the charge. 3 yrs later (age 22) I got another DUI and was charged with 2nd DUI felony. I have kept a clean record since with only minor tickets. I am now 37, married with kids, and would like to have the felony removed from my record and put it in my past for good. What is the process? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Is it possible??
This would require a pardon from the office of the governor. The current occupant of that office isn't very inclined...