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Do I have a good case for trial?
I was arrested for DWI, DWAI, and a controlled substance charge. I did not blow any numbers on the roadside and the controlled substance was a result of my girlfriends mother leaving her prescription medication in my vehicle as to which she holds the note as the vehicle is an auto loan. Subsequently I was hauled down to the police barracks and was asked to submit to a chemical test. I never refused, but the arresting officer stated I did refuse. I have witnesses that state I was not drunk or high because they were with me during the arrest.
Much more information is needed. Were there sobriety tests? If so, how did you do? What was the reason for the stop?...
If someone were charged with a DWI and Menacing 2nd degree, and the menacing was due to a false statement, which charge is bette
Should the person with the DWI take the menacing charge, or should the person that made the false statement take that charge? Would the menacing charge stick or would it be dropped if the person reported making a false statement?
It depends on whether it is Felony DWI or misdemeanor DWI. If it's the latter, and if the D.A. agreed to plead...
Had 2 prior DWAI,now a DWI the DA willing for cond.discharge,judge ordered PSI- what are chances of cond.discharge,did treatment
completed 16 wks of treatment, my lawyer talked the DA into a conditional discharge- just completed the PSI, my lawyer says its highly unlikely the judge will sentence for probation, got uneasy when the probation officer voiced concerns over having "abused my driving priveledges 3 times" , I recently lost my job and am on unemployment, looking for work- your thoughts?
If I were the Judge I'd give you probation because it's your 3d drunk driving case.
Had DWI last June,had to plead guilty,prior DUI 7 yrs ago,and almost 40 yrs ago,they want a PSI,not expecting this- what advice
Get an attorney.
Can a judge demand money before sentencing me to a lesser plea of dwi to dui, if i dont come up with 775 before sentencing
In 2010 i was charged with dwi. I am still going to court . my lawyer is never there. I also was told they will charge me with dwi if i do not come up with 775 dollars on the day of sentencing.. My lawyer never showed up last time at sentencing and the replacement lawyer from her firm said oh while laughing she only has 500. the judge would not take it he set another date. I feel i am being treated unfairly. especially when my husabnd is hated in his court room and everyone knows my husband. and when i first started going to court my lawyer asked me is your husband so and so and she looked at me and smiled and said this is going to be hard. what do i dooooo. i am being railroaded and treated unfairly.
I suggest you consider getting a different attorney to represent your husband.
How can i be charged with dwi, when the police showed up i wasn't in my car and the keys weren't in the ignition
i was arrested for a dwi.. when the police showed up to the parking lot i was parked in, they arrested me for dwi. the keys werent in the ignition and i was outside the car. prior to the police getting there, two kids had approached me. talking about being abused by thier parents. when the parents got there the mother began abusing the child. took my keys and had me arrested for driving drunk.. this case is based on her saying i was driving and arrest report says that i was outside the car. isnt this hear say (her word vs mine)? and without concrete evidence (like the dash cam on the cop car). why am i fighting a dwi charge and she never got arested for abuse? how can i get the DA to see the holes in the case?
There is no way you can know all the facts yet. Perhaps the woman told the police that she say you driving the car...
How much jail time can you get for a dwi and position of cocaine and guns?
A friend of mine told me that he got pulled over and received a DWI. He also told me that cocaine and guns were found in his car also. How much jail time can you receive if this is your first offence?
There are too many variables in your question. The weight of the cocaine (personal use amount vs. Distribution weight),...