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What is a customary fee schedule for a 1st DUI and how long do they usually take to resolve?
I was charged with a DUI 9/2015 with a 0.03 breath test in the field and negative on the blood and the only thing on my drug screen was Trazadone which I have taken for several years for sleep when I need it. This has been ongoing, it took until May to get the blood results back. My lawyer asked for $1000. up front, he travels 13 miles for the continuing court appearances which have totaled 3 visits of no more than 5 minutes, and the pre-trial which may have lasted a total of 10 minutes. I met with him for the first time in his office last Friday and he asked for an additional $3000. 1500 to cover the continuing visits to date and 1500 to go to a bench trial. I have been led to believe all along that this would most likely be dismissed, but for some reason the county attorney wants it taken forward. I have never been in trouble before. I feel like these fees are excessive.
Respectfully, I think the fees are quite reasonable. You are paying for time and experience. Your attorney spent...
Probation violation 1 year probation for no tags no reg. broke by 1 month early dui.. how do Kentucky laws handle this.
had no tags no registration so they gave him probation instead of a ticket and fines.. he got a dui and he served 4 days in jail, plus dui classes and large fines. trying to find out if he will receive jail time
Each jurisdiction operates slightly different from the next. Should you receive notice of a revocation, I would...
When can I get my license back after a dui?
I got 2 dui's 5 years ago this month. I called Frankfort and was told my dui's would fall off after 5 years
According to Kentucky law, a second DUI maximum license suspension is 18 months. Could there be something else holding...
When dui charges fall off of your record after 5 years, do you still have to take dui classes to get your license back
I got 2 dui's 5 years ago this month and I need to know what I need to do to get my license back. I called Frankfort and was told my dui's would fall off after 5 years. I was told I could get them back
I can help. Call me 502-931-6788 or visit to schedule an appointment.
Can I be charged with DUI or public intoxication on my own property?
Husband was first charged with DUI in yard a year ago, been reset 14 times and now is being offered a PI and drop the DUI
Yes, you can be charged with DUI in your own driveway, yard, etc. Depending on the circumstances, a person can also...
What happens if you are charged with driving on DUI suspended twice within a month's time period?
Was involved in two different auto accidents, just weeks apart and was charged with driving on DUI suspended in both accidents. Am I facing jail time?
You get prosecuted for the crimes that you have committed. Anyone being prosecuted for crime faces time in jail. Didn't...
How long can you be held in drunk tank in ky with out everything.
My boyfriend is being held in madison county detention center ky in the drunk tank for 3 days now without a shower, no booking number no nonthing. Sleeping on the floor. He was suppose to go to court today and they didn't let him go. How long can this go on? They have so many inmates they don't have room for them.
It is difficult to answer your question without more information about the circumstances. Your boyfriend has a right to...