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I have a friend that got a DUI in San Diego. He is wondering what he will need to do to get his license back.
He got the DUI In 2006 for alcohol and moved to IL in 2007. Is there anything he can do in IL or will he need to make a trip back to CA?
Ok, I've actually made an Avvo guide on how to get the hold off your license and your license reinstated after a DUI in...
I have 4 dui's and live in il. but 3 of them were from n.c. and my 3rd i was charged as my 1st one can i get mt license back
it has been over 12 yrs since my last one
Your chances are not good but it might depend in part upon the outcome of your case. You will need to start by consult...
Will I not get hired because of a DUI?
I have already went through the interview process for a job in which I now have to wait to take the drug test and get the background check done (which will happen on the 20th). However in the time between signing the papers (9th) and getting the background check done I got arrested for a dui on the jan 13th which is before my background check (jan 20th). My court date isn't until the next month (February 13th) and my license has not yet been suspended (I got 46 days until). Will this arrest show up on this background check even though I have not yet been convicted?
Yes it will show up on a background check most likely. How can we answer a question about an unknown employer and...
How should I go about getting an Illinois license when I have a prior DUI in Indiana?
I grew up and got my license in Indiana. One month before moving to Chicago, I got a DUI (in Indiana). I was given permission to serve probation and attend substance abuse counseling in Illinois, but my license was suspended for 3 months. I sold my car and haven't driven since. Now its been a little over 2 years and I'd like to at least be able to drive if I wanted/needed to, but I'm concerned with the non-standard nature of my situation ---- My initial 3 month suspension has obviously passed, but my license in Indiana is still suspended, pending submission of an SR22 and payment of reinstatement fee. I'm now an Illinois resident, so having an Illinois license would be preferred. Indiana BMV told me if I did not wish to reinstate my Indiana license (to get an Illinois license instead), I would just have to provide proof that I no longer live in Indiana and the suspension on my Indiana license would be released. If that's true, would Illinois still require me to get an SR22? I understand that Illinois would still be able to see a previous DUI and suspension, but if I no longer have an "active" suspension (in Indiana), would I still face obstacles/repercussions in Illinois?
All excellent questions. First we start with the premise that EVERYTHING in IL is MORE DIFFICULT to achieve than...
What is penalty for driving after revocation after 6 DUI in IL
6 DUI 2016. What is penalty for driving after revocation
It would depend on how many times you have been found guilty of driving while revoked.
Can I get a DUI
If I am in a parked car in the driver seat with the engine off and I do not have the keys on me at all. What if the keys to the car is in my house but I left my car door open and sat in it drunk. But no keys on me so I wouldn't be able to start the car anyway.
Yes if there is a witness that saw you drive. have your Criminal Defense attorney review all the facts and evidence to...
Can i get my old dui fines reduced .
I owe some old DUI fines in Will County 2000-2011. What can i do to get them reduced. I need to get this straightened out before i apply for a restricted permit.
You may be able to enter into a payment plan and get any failure to pay suspensions off your record. That being the...