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  • Groce, Illini 'concerned' for Paul

    Sunday Aug 16 | via The News-Gazette 

    College basketball beat writer Marcus Jackson fills you in on a change being made in John Groce's Illini staff. Reached by telephone in Paris on Sunday, Illinois basketball coach John Groce declined to go into detail about the series of events that led to forward Darius Paul being sent home.


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Paris Law

I have a friend that got a DUI in San Diego. He is wondering what he will need to do to get his license back.
He got the DUI In 2006 for alcohol and moved to IL in 2007. Is there anything he can do in IL or will he need to make a trip back to CA?
Ok, I've actually made an Avvo guide on how to get the hold off your license and your license reinstated after a DUI in...
Was picked up for DUI in IL but had a previous DUI in MO will it carry over or possibly dropped off record
The DUI was at least 10 years ago back in about year 2000-2003
Such convictions remain on your record permanently.
I have 4 dui's and live in il. but 3 of them were from n.c. and my 3rd i was charged as my 1st one can i get mt license back
it has been over 12 yrs since my last one
Your chances are not good but it might depend in part upon the outcome of your case. You will need to start by consult...
How to find DUI records
My 6 year old son lives mostly with my ex-wife. She has been on several evening dates recently, and I have heard through the grapevine that she is driving under the influence. Obviously, I fear for my son. How can I find out if she has any DUI's?
Criminal History Records information is only available from the Illinois State Police. Information is located at their...
License reinstatement for out of state dui
5 years ago I got a dui in Missouri. 1st offense. Now I have been cleared to get license back in Illinois, but Missouri is saying I need a breathalyzer installed for 6 months to get Missouri driving privileges back. Can I still get my license back in IL and just not drive in Missouri?
Call the Illinois Secretary of State at 217-524-0664 BAAID Unit and clarify your eligibility to apply for a driver's...
I got a second DUI while on supervision for my first dui
Got my first dui February 18 of this year. Was granted court supervision for it july 30. I got another dui last night in a different county. I've read it's a mandatory 5 days in jail or 240 days of service work...... How high are my Chances of being sent to jail for an even longer time ....
The possibility of being sent to jail is predicated upon you pleading or being found guilty of this most recent DUI....
What possible fines and jail time I'm looking at or plea deals in 2 dui for failure to blow
I was driving a friend's car home from st Louis to chicago. I was speeding and got pulled over the cop saw my friends open container of alcohol and asked me to do a breath test and I refused. So they charged be with dui, open container of alcohol, driving a uninsured car speeding 15-20 miles over the speed limit and the kicker which I did not know driving on a suspended license.. I wanna know what I am looking at so I can see what my best steps are to not go to jail and or if the jail time ain't that long but will save me a lot of money.
The best step to not go to jail is to hire an attorney who practices in the county you were arrested in. From the...