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Is there anything I can do to have this order lifted. Thanks you so kindly
I' m trying to obtain my ms state driver license but I have a order from the state of missouri requiring me to install an admission interlock on my car. The dui was recieved in 2001 and the interlock went into effect in 2013. I moved from Kansas city Mo in 2009 because of health reason and wasnt driving and now that im improving, I wasnt aware of this new law. I need excess to driving to various appointments. I also have an elder mother who is also ill and need to get to doctor's appointments. I havn't been unable to work or maitain a job for long period of time so money is very limited.I no longer drink and have attend and complete an alcohol abuse program. I want to repect the rules and policies of driving.
Call a MS. lawyer. In the State of WA, Ignition Interlock Licenses('IIL')are not regulated by the court; they are...
I have a DUI refusal will I have to attend the Masep class
This is my first will my license be suspended
Have you been convicted of anything? If you refused, it is likely you were charged with DUI and refusal. You need an...
Can someone be fired from a package store after receiving a DUI?
Received DUI first offense 2 weeks ago, then went to work and was told I couldn't work there any longer for getting a DUI
Mississippi is a right to work work state. You may be fired for any reason OTHER than being in a federally protected...
Can I be fired for a DUI when not working. However, I work at a liquor store.
Received a DUI. Worked for a week then was told I can't work there any longer because it's against the law.
Yes. As an at-will employee you can be fired for anyone reason except those prohibited by law.
If I refused the breathalyzer can i win my DUI case
I have a 2nd DUI traffic ticket and a no driver license traffic ticket
In most states, the fact that you refused the test can be shared with the jury at trial, making it look like you must...
How can I be arrested while walking for a dui and can I sue
I was walking up to my boy car and they had him pulled over all of a sudden another officer pulls up and arrest me for dui while walking
Based on your facts, no. Check your ticket and double-check to make sure it is a DUI and not a public drunk or other...
What are some possible outcomes regarding my possession charge?
I was pulled over and the cop found a blunt and a grinder. During the incident, I got angry and started cursing at him and he pulled me with more force than necessary and I pulled away from him and he proceeded to grab my arm again, this time I complied and he starting twisting my arm and he said, verbatim, "I am about to make your life miserable." Then we drove to the jail and so on. With all that being said, what are some scenarios that could play out? I'm pretty sure I'll get some fines, but I'm most worried about my license being suspended, or worse, going back to jail.
It's difficult to speculate about possible outcomes without knowing the exact charges. You could be facing anything...