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  • Court upholds burglary conviction

    Nov 19, 2014 | via Vicksburg Post 

    Stamps pleaded guilty to burglary in October 2012 but argued on appeal that - among other contentions - he had ineffective defense counsel who advised him to plead guilty against his wishes. "Although Stamps raises a myriad of claims related to the underlying concept that he received ineffective assistance of counsel, he does not support his claims with any affidavits," Judge Larry E. Roberts wrote in the county's opinion.


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This is my first will my license be suspended
Have you been convicted of anything? If you refused, it is likely you were charged with DUI and refusal. You need an...
Received DUI first offense 2 weeks ago, then went to work and was told I couldn't work there any longer for getting a DUI
Mississippi is a right to work work state. You may be fired for any reason OTHER than being in a federally protected...
Received a DUI. Worked for a week then was told I can't work there any longer because it's against the law.
Yes. As an at-will employee you can be fired for anyone reason except those prohibited by law.
I have a 2nd DUI traffic ticket and a no driver license traffic ticket
In most states, the fact that you refused the test can be shared with the jury at trial, making it look like you must...
I have had the interlock device in my car for a month now and have never blown anything but a PASS. This morning when I went to start my car I blew a violation/fail. I did brush my teeth and know that can cause the fail. But, last night I went to a Christmas party and did have three drinks and made sure I drank water and had a designated driver. Could this have caused the violation? If so will it affect my non-adjudication? I had my roommate drive me to work rather than risk it. I know alcohol can stay in your system for a while but I am having a slight panic attack thinking that I have just ruined everything. Any advice will help.
You need to contact the attorney that handled your case and advise them of the facts. Whether it will affect your non-...
My husband is charged with DUI. I was the extremely drunk one and we were having an argument outside. the people surrounding us called the cops about noise. The cops never saw him driving but he admitted to driving and blew over the limit. Our attorney is recommending a plea deal where he pleads guilty to DUI but receives the bare minimum in punishment. The attorney has said that the arresting officer's account is very sympathetic towards him and that she even mentions he did not appear drunk and passed the field sobriety tests but based on his answers, she gave him the breath-test. I know he broke the law in trying to take care of me. Do you think the prosecutor might agree to a lesser charge with the same punishments if I talk to her and explain what it will do to our kids and my husband
Your husband is represented. It would be unethical to give him legal advice. Talk to your attorney
I was recently charged with dui. I was going 16 over and I saw the cops lights turn on. when I pulled over he said he saw me throwing a joint out the window. he searched me and my car and even the trunk which I believe is illegal without my consent and he didn't find any incriminating evidence. the only test he ran was the eye test which I believe I passed based on his reaction. he also broke my watch which I had just bought and was on my way back from getting. is this case possible to beat and what would you do to beat it?
Please hire an attorney. We see people day in and day out in justice court trying to represent themselves and even when...