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  • Paramus police accuse two men of breaking through ro...

    5 hrs ago | via The Verona-Cedar Grove Times 

    Police arrested two men early Monday morning after they allegedly broke through the roof of Wireless Depot on Route 4 and stole more than $10,000 worth of merchandise. Borough police responded to the business around 1:30 a.m. after being alerted by a burglar alarm, Deputy Chief Robert Guidetti said in a statement.


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  • Family, friends say last goodbye to man shot by Hack...

    Friday Jun 19 | via The Verona-Cedar Grove Times 

    Rosalba Lantigua, the mother of Raymond Peralta-Lantigua, hugs a friend in front of the funeral home while Ramon Peralta, the father of Raymond Peralta-Lantigua, looks on. Raymond Peralta-Lantigua's mother knelt beside his white casket Friday evening, her face inches from his, kissing him and stroking his hair and speaking to him in a low voice as the funeral home in Passaic slowly filled with mourners.


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  • Teacher from Lyndhurst arrested on sex charges invol...

    Friday Jun 19 | via 

    A 32-year-old Lyndhurst woman, a second-grade teacher, has been arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a 15-year-old girl from the Jersey City school where the woman is employed, authorities said Friday. Bergen County John L. Molinelli said Lauren H. Mitchell was arrested after an investigation by his office's Special Victims Unit and the Lyndhurst Police Department.


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  • Non-Bergen judge should hear case of student charged...

    Wednesday Jun 17 | via The Jersey Journal 

    TRENTON - A state Superior Court judge from outside Bergen County should preside over the the case of a former Rutgers University student accused of masterminding a series of attacks on Jewish facilities in Bergen County, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. Dalal, 22, of New Brunswick, and his co-defendant, Anthony Graziano, were charged with counts of arson and bias intimidation in connection with the 2011 and 2012 attacks , which included anti-Semitic vandalism of Jewish facilities and the firebombing of two synagogues in Bergen County in 2011 and 2012.


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  • Police probe car thefts from Ridgewood Country Club ...

    Sunday May 31 | via 

    Two men and an accomplice stole two late-model Mercedes-Benz automobiles, apparently left unlocked and with the keys in them by the valet at the Ridgewood Country Club lot in Paramus on Saturday night, according to Borough Police Deputy Chief Robert Guidetti. Department detectives were investigating the theft of a 2015 S55 four-door black Mercedes and a 2014 S550 white Mercedes sedan, which took place around 7:30 p.m. at the Midland Avenue club, Guidetti said.


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  • Paterson man accused of inappropriate contact with m...

    May 28, 2015 | via 

    Police arrested a Paterson man after learning that he allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual activity with a 13-year-old female acquaintance. The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Special Victims Unit and the Garfield Police Department arrested Pedro LiranzoGomez, 27, on May 14 on charges of criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child, according to Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli.


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Paramus Law

How best can I support my son for a GDL Passenger Restriction violation 39:3-13.8B Court Appearance?
1) Do I need a lawyer for the court appearance? 2a) Can I fight the ticket B/C the office did not have Reasonable Cause to pull my son over? 2b) Should I? 3) Is fine a flat $100, or $100 per extra person in car? 4) Is the court appearance a formality, or should we come with character reference documentation (Grades, References, Key to the City, etc.)? Thank you so much!
This is a status type offense. Your son has a GDL and had too many passengers in the vehicle. If he was operating a...
1st DWI offense & charged w/loss of driving privileges for 7 months... Filing a Pro Se motion to use interlock device on my car?
I was just charged with DWI and it is my 1st Offense. My driving privileges have been suspended for 7 months. I wanted to file a motion for, I guess an amendment of charges or request from the Judge to use an interlock devise on my car. Please let me know if that's possible and if so which ProSe forms would I use? Thank you in advance...
Answer: I'm not sure of your question because you state that you were just charged with a DWI but it sounds like you...
NJ attorney help requested for a NY conditional license question about driving to work in NJ.
My 29 year old son, has been issued a conditional license from NY. ( For a DWAI) One of the stipulations is that he can drive to and from work. His job is in Paramus NJ. Are there any options for him to be able to drive to his job with a conditional license? The conditional license is until Sept 2013.
We can refer you to a NJ lawyer whom you can retain to research this query.
"Underage DUI in NJ..."
I am 20 yrs old turning 21 in march. I basically created the biggest mess I could and landed myself 6 tickets of which include driving with an expired DL, failure to show DL, careless driving causing damage to property (I hit a parked car) an they gave my 3 DUI tickets explaining that only one would stick. They were DUI, Underage DUI, and DUI in less of 1000 feet of a school (which I plan to contest) I was driving my fathers rental car and I blew a .25.. All those facts aside I have never once been pulled over or in trouble at all.. I had walked in on my girlfriend cheating on me in the apartment we rente together and just fell off the deepend.. I expect to lose my license but that is the least of my worries I am a permenant resident and I just want to know what I am facing..
A conviction of the top charge (DUI school zone) carries very serious penalties. 1-2 years suspension, ip to 60 days...
I have 6 month jail time to complete in new jersey jail. Judge reduce to 3 month if i enter a rehab, Q1 wich one should
do first Q2 do i have to complete the 3 month or can i get out sooner for work release or good behavior? any other legal option?
I am a little unsure of your situation. I take it that you are facing this time if and when you are sentenced. Unless...
I have a NY Conditional License after a DWAI. I am moving to NJ can I get a NJ license prior to the end of my revocation?
I get my full license back in December 2015. I cannot drive anywhere by to and from work/my house (address on my license). I am not permanently moving to NJ but temporarily. Can I keep my NY license and change the address on my conditions? Since I believe NJ will not allow me to get a license when I have a conditional in NY.
You cannot get a license in NJ while revoked in another state. And your license from NY will show that you are not...
Does DYFS get notified when there is a DUI? No kids were in the car.
I have an open DYFS case and got a DWI. I want to know if they will be notified. The case is supposed to close out before the Court date. Thanks.
The Division will likely learn of the DWI. The Division also consistently check criminal databases to see if a parent...