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How best can I support my son for a GDL Passenger Restriction violation 39:3-13.8B Court Appearance?
1) Do I need a lawyer for the court appearance? 2a) Can I fight the ticket B/C the office did not have Reasonable Cause to pull my son over? 2b) Should I? 3) Is fine a flat $100, or $100 per extra person in car? 4) Is the court appearance a formality, or should we come with character reference documentation (Grades, References, Key to the City, etc.)? Thank you so much!
This is a status type offense. Your son has a GDL and had too many passengers in the vehicle. If he was operating a...
1st DWI offense & charged w/loss of driving privileges for 7 months... Filing a Pro Se motion to use interlock device on my car?
I was just charged with DWI and it is my 1st Offense. My driving privileges have been suspended for 7 months. I wanted to file a motion for, I guess an amendment of charges or request from the Judge to use an interlock devise on my car. Please let me know if that's possible and if so which ProSe forms would I use? Thank you in advance...
Answer: I'm not sure of your question because you state that you were just charged with a DWI but it sounds like you...
NJ attorney help requested for a NY conditional license question about driving to work in NJ.
My 29 year old son, has been issued a conditional license from NY. ( For a DWAI) One of the stipulations is that he can drive to and from work. His job is in Paramus NJ. Are there any options for him to be able to drive to his job with a conditional license? The conditional license is until Sept 2013.
We can refer you to a NJ lawyer whom you can retain to research this query.
"Underage DUI in NJ..."
I am 20 yrs old turning 21 in march. I basically created the biggest mess I could and landed myself 6 tickets of which include driving with an expired DL, failure to show DL, careless driving causing damage to property (I hit a parked car) an they gave my 3 DUI tickets explaining that only one would stick. They were DUI, Underage DUI, and DUI in less of 1000 feet of a school (which I plan to contest) I was driving my fathers rental car and I blew a .25.. All those facts aside I have never once been pulled over or in trouble at all.. I had walked in on my girlfriend cheating on me in the apartment we rente together and just fell off the deepend.. I expect to lose my license but that is the least of my worries I am a permenant resident and I just want to know what I am facing..
A conviction of the top charge (DUI school zone) carries very serious penalties. 1-2 years suspension, ip to 60 days...
I have 6 month jail time to complete in new jersey jail. Judge reduce to 3 month if i enter a rehab, Q1 wich one should
do first Q2 do i have to complete the 3 month or can i get out sooner for work release or good behavior? any other legal option?
I am a little unsure of your situation. I take it that you are facing this time if and when you are sentenced. Unless...
Need an experienced lawyer!
1st time dui charged with driving down a one way, reckless driving, careless driving, no seatbelt and operating under the influence. Blew a .16 in the station on alcotest. I need an Attorney who has experience in Cliffside Park, NJ to help. Clean record 100% before this. Is it possible to at least get out of having to install interlock device?
Yes it is possible to get out of having to install an ignition interlock and maybe even win the DWI if your lawyer can...
My car was parked and was sideswiped by a drunk driver who was arrested. They had to tow my car. Am i responsible for tow.
fees and overnight storage. Police called tow cause the axel is broke due to accident.
This is probably a question you should be asking your car insurance carrier. Did you make a claim? Do you have...