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Does it matter if you completed a DUI program before the court due date but turn in your paperwork late?
I have completed my 3-month DUI program as of mid-February, but I have not turned in the paperwork to court. My due date was on 3/11/2016. I've been too busy with work and I have a trip to Mexico this week. I just don't want to run into a problem at the border. Thank you in advance
It's good that you completed the program, but if you don't turn in the proof, the court won't know that you did--unless...
I live in CA. July of 2006 I got A DUI. In July 2016, will the DUI fall of my record. I never did the DUI classes. Will DMV give
Unable to get my driving license.
DMV will require you completing specified program before reissuing your license
What if I don't own a car for the pilot IID program in Los Angeles County? How can I apply for an exemption?
I am currently awaiting sentencing for the B count conviction, but I would like to know more about the IID program. I served an APS suspension already, got a restricted license during that suspension ,but now face a court triggered suspension. I currently have a full unrestricted license. I also would like to know more about the IID restriction placed on my driving record, as I am aware that DMV will still impose it even after qualifying for an exemption. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Paramount--where's your attorney in all of this? That's the best place to start with these questions.
My friend just got sentenced to 100 days in the theo lacy facility in Orange County , for a second dui ,how many days will he do
Second dui, Orange County He's received his first dui in la county and his second in Orange County in less then a year
Your "friend" was sentenced to 100 days in County? Expect him to serve 50 days. Perhaps less. Check with the jail...
Drunk driver hit me while on my bike
the guy that hit me was drunk and i can't work now
Sorry to hear. What is your question?
I just lost my DMV hearing for a first time DUI in California, but my case is still pending in court.
I would like to know what would the scenario would be if I get my case dismissed in court. I am currently attacking the probable cause for the initial traffic stop. The suspension is effective starting on January 31, 2015 and it is for 4 months. How would I go about getting my license back? Should I request a departmental review? I am aware of the fee of such a request. Hope to hear an answer soon. Compton Courthouse, Los Angeles County
The probable cause may be contested in both the DMV hearing and by pre trial motion in court. If you are successful in...
My brother got a Dui 17 years ago, he lives in NM, he went to get his license but DMV told him he had a warrant in Ca.
Does Dui have a statue of limitation? Or Does he have to come here & turn himself in then bail himself out? I was wanted for armed robbery & after 8 years the statute of limitations kicked in. I turned myself in & they didn't even arrest me.
Statute for DUI is one year from the date of arrest.