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Can I have a private alcohol assessment completed that will be recognized by the court? DUI in Colorado.
I await blood draw test results. I expect lower BAC (less than 0.1). DA asserts a prior out-of-state offense. Represented by public defender, I would like to be proactive and have an assessment completed and start classes before I am required to do so. How may I find a private assessment provider who will be recognized by the court?
The answer is yes, quite possibly. Talk to an experienced DUI attorney who regularly appears in the courthouse at...
DUI/DWAI likely outcomes. Have public defender but haven't met with them.
Likely a low BAC of 0.08 or 0.09 (await blood draw results). No accident or erratic driving. May have done poorly on field tests as I was nervous. DA asserts a prior from 11 years ago. Most concerned about supervised verses unsupervised probation as I was only planning on being in Colorado temporarily. Hoping to satisfy court requirement for jail in Colorado and complete public service/classes out of state. I've very little money so was appointed a public defender. I understand PD are often swamped and that explains lack of communication. Plea hearing coming up soon.
Your public defender will have your complete file. None of us here has that. It's true public defenders are busy and...
What does house arrest equipment involve? Will the police visit? I expect to be convicted of DWAI and have an 11 year old DUI.
I live in an apartment attached to a house without a landline phone. The wireless internet router is in the main house . I'd rather the people who live in the house not know about the home detention if it happens. Can home detention be discrete? Will police/sheriff/anyone else come visit? In a nutshell can I keep this secret from the people who live in the adjoining house? This is related to a DWAI with an 11 year old prior DUI.
Generally speaking it's not discrete but if you wish it to be, I'd get a landline in my side of the house.
Can i get my License back from DMV after my DUI was dropped.
Can i get my license back from DMV after my DUI was dropped because the officer lied and was caught...Its been 30 days after my DMV hearing and they are saying i cant appeal
Your question is confusing. Are you saying that the DMV hearing officer dismissed the license revocation hearing...
Should I hire a lawyer to attend my summons for a DUI?
I was recently pulled over for crossing the center line. I had consumed 7 alcoholic drinks in a 5 hr period. I by no means felt intoxicated, I did the road side test and the officer never mentioned I failed. He asked if I would submit to a breathalyzer and I said no, which he told me I was allowed to. He then cuffed me and put me in the back of his patrol car and asked if I would submit to a blood test, which I agreed to. So he took me to the local hospital, they took a blood sample and then I was released at the hospital, I never even went to the police station. They told me I would hear the results of the test in 4-6 weeks but my court date is scheduled for only 4 weeks out. I was told if my test results come back below the legal limit they would most likely dismiss everything, however I do not want to take any chances, as I've never been in trouble with the law before.
you are charged with a crime that can have lasting impacts. you should definitely hire an attorney experienced in...
There were errors on the dui ticket
So i got the yellow ticket that show my name and bac number descriptions of my eyes my walking my heigh name... however there was also another long typed paper that have my name car vin number, car license number and car description and the total points that I lost. However in that one the police messed up the car license plate vin number and car description. The important thig is that I did not refuse to take the brearhing test however the cop said i refuse to do so. And there were no bac on the yellow ticket. So can i fight the case
You can fight your case through either a DMV EC hearing, or through the courts where you are prosecuted for the DUI....
My probation officers wants to extend my dui classes that I have finished. Can she?
I received a dui - did jail time for 3 months, finished my duo classes plus I finished therapy classes. My teachers say that I am finished my classes but my probation officer wants to extend them. Can she?
No. Presumably, the sentencing judge ordered a specific amount of hours. If PO wants to modify this amount, then s/he...