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Rights to Blood Test
A Family member was arrested. They took him strait to the hospital for a blood test for drugs, etc. He was a minor at the time. Do I the parent have a right to have the blood test results? The hospital says they only draw the blood, the police take it and test it. Should it be in the police record?
What was he tested for? Police must try to get a warrant before taking blood by force from a DUI suspect. Speak with an...
I got a dui without any alcohol in my system. There was a man that called 911 ...saying I was all over the road.
Later during the trial cross examination the man said I crossed the fog line twice. He said I passed him on the right at a stop sign by going into the dirt. Yet there is a stop sign that would not allow my truck to pass. He lied while testifying. What kind of tort would this be?
Unless you have the money and time I would not consider attempting to pursue a civil action here. Its likely going to...
Charged with an Infraction Minor In Possession in Chico, CA?
I was charged with an MIP in August of 2013 after being caught with an open beer can with an additional 5 beers in my purse. I was cooperative, so I was charged with an infraction MIP rather than a misdemeanor. I understand the judge has no choice but to suspend my drivers license for one year, so I got an attorney. However, with the addition of the DMV and court petition paperwork, she is having me also go to DUI school, letters from my employer, my transcripts, detailed maps and bus schedules, etc. However, I recently spoke with a girl my age who was charged with the same infraction, but she had to provide much less information to the DMV and the court and she was still issued with the restricted license. Is my attorney overworking me? Or is this some new law that's necessary?
What the court will and will not accept as a plea bargain is entirely up to the judge. Every case is different. In...
Charged with GTA and DUI
Okay my freind is 18 he was charged with a GTA and A DUI? they cought him in a house there was also no witnesses or anything. he said that he was hitch hiking and got picked up and then the guy that stole the car said it was stolen and he jumped out and the guy ran then he ran to his freinds house and the house was across the street where the car was found and he was outside all muddy and scratched up so they took him in .and how would he get charged with the GTA and DUI if he wasnt in the car or driving it?? he has court thursday. and i was wondering what your opinion on what he is going to get or what going to happen. he has a good job and a lawyer and doesnt want to loose it all for sotmhing he didnt do! so help me out
If he has a lawyer, this question should go to them. GTA and DUI are very serious charges and it would be impossible...
How can i get my licence back asap?
i need help, i got my licence taken away for a wet and reckless about 8 months ago and i belive i can get a restrected licence atleast. but i have college and am trying to find a job. it is extreamly dificult to do without a car. i know what i did was wrong and i never will do it again. please help!
Your license should NOT have been suspended due to a Wet Reckless Conviction in criminal court. It should have...
How does a dui with bodily injuries
I got charged with dui and bodily injuries and they told me I could get time but it's my first offense and ebryine is alright
You need to get an attorney ASAP. Regardless if it's your first offense a DUI with injury can be charged as a felony,...
Dui evidence
Can you use DMV transcripts as evidence which contain police officer's mistakes and verbal contraditions in a dui trial and as exhibits in your motions?
Yes, you can use a transcript to impeach the cop but you will an attorney to help you with this matter.