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The dui stop was unfounded, but they are insistent on ignoring that, and prosecuting me.
I did not know my friend's car had an expired registration. My driving was fine, but the cop pulled us over anyway, stating that he ran the tag and it came back expired. The dispatch records, though, show that I was pulled over a good minute before the info about the tag came back.
I guess I'm not getting it. The disputed facts have nothing to do with whether you were driving and whether you were at...
Already had prelim hearing for first DUI and accepted into ARD program but license was never taken. What's next?
I got my first dui in January of 2012. My preliminary hearing was late February and I got accepted into the ARD program at that hearing, but I was never asked to give in my license and was unaware I had to at that time. I called the DMV to find out the status of my license, but they told me they couldn't take it until the courts notified them of the suspension. I haven't gotten any other notices for any hearings or court dates. I'm currently done everything for the ARD program, besides the 30 day suspension and a couple more fines. Not sure who to get in touch with to settle my suspension. Anyone have any insight?
It sounds like you have applied for ARD but have not had the formal ARD hearing. It also sounds like you are proceeding...
How long is a minor's license suspended if charged with Purch Alcoh? Would community service be an option?
I received a letter and was charged with 6308 Purch Etc Alcoh Bev By A Minor. However, I wasn't even trying to purchase any alcohol.
There is no suspension if you're charged, however if you're convicted it's a 90-day suspension. It's an important...
Fight Incapable of Safe Driving charge in hopes of getting the charge dismissed or plead guilty so ARD will remove from record?
Months after I was in a car accident I was charged with Incapbable of Safe Driving. I was extremely tired and rolled my car. Earlier in the night (HOURS earlier) I had two drinks. The respnodiing officer asked me if I had been drinking, and I said yes, and told him that I had two drinks, and gave him my exact drink order. He preformed a HGN test, which the police report says a I failed. However, after that field sobriety test I was taken to the hospital. I was not given a breathalyzer, and a blood test was not ordered. The paperwork I received states that I was off balance, and that I was sluggish while trying to collect my belongings (I had no shoes on, they fell off before I got out of my vehicle, and I am sure I was slow to get my belongings due to fact my car was upside down combined with the fact that I was in shock and hysterical from the crash itself). If getting the charge dismissed is not likely, then is attaining a public defender and pleading guilty a risk? My biggest concern is I do not want the charge on my record (along with fines), and if I fight the charge and get convicted, the ARD class that would take it off my record is off the table.
Stop making a confession and broadcasting it over the internet. Do not post again on this or any other public site....
How can a dui misdemeanor with unsupervised probation when transferred to pa become parole. ?
friend convicted of dui misdemeanor with unsupervised probation in Delaware. when it was transferred to pa, the state rated it 'parole' with in house arrest {must be home from 7pm to 7 am every day}. why???
This is NOT a question involving federal law. It appears that you or your friend have mis-understood the precise...
Do I have to hire a lawyer if I know I will get ARD? Can I represent myself and avoid the expenses of a lawyer?
I will be receiving a DUI soon in PA. I am just waiting for my blood test to come back. I spoke with a DUI attorney over the phone and he looked up my record and said that he could get this expunged and I would probably do the ARD program. His fee is reasonable ( $2500 ) I suppose for a lawyer, but I cannot afford it regardless. If I just wait till my court date and get a public defender or represent myself can I still expect the same outcome?
You have the right to represent yourself. A very good trial lawyer (who is famous for other things) was quoted more...
Does the PA police come to your house to give DUI charge papers?
I just recently got a DUI at a checkpoint on memorial day weekend. It was not an underage DUI, i was 22 at the time and my BAC was a .11. So my question is will my first court papers and charges be delievered by mailbox or does the police bring it to me at my house? Also is there a timeframe for when i should expect it to come?
If you had a blood draw it may take a couple months