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Can a person be charged for a DUI if they were not caught driving intoxicated?
My son had been drinking but a vehicle stopped in front of him on the freeway and he crashed into it but the person in that vehicle took off. My son's car was damaged and would not run. The police saw him stranded on the freeway in his car and pushed his car of the freeway. They questioned him and gave him the breath test and whatever other test they do. And yes he was intoxicated. Is this a DUI?
Your son really needs a lawyer to examine all the facts of the case, not advice from a stranger on the Internet who...
Is a felony DUI with injury in California considered a violent crime ?
I am looking for part time jobs and was wondering if felony DUI with injury is considered a violent crime in Ca when they run my background.
For legal purposes, no.............
Can I apply for citizenship if I was convicted of DUI in 2011?
I have been a resident for now 5 years. I received my temporary residency 2012 and permanent 2014. I will like to apply for citizenship but I was told that I should consult a lawyer prior to. I completed my DUI program and successfully paid all fines. My record has been clean by then.
A lawful permanent resident with a single DUI with all fines paid and any probation served may apply for naturalization...
I have been charged with Impaired Driving in Michigan, but have a California driver's license. How will this effect my license?
I was arrested and sentenced in Ottawa County, MI, but will be returning to Los Angeles soon and would like to get an idea of if my license restrictions will be worse, or equal in CA.
Not licensed in either state, but in general, most states are part of a compact that exchanges driving violation...
What are consequences for a dui warrant & i completed most of my classes
Almost finish my dui classes but i got arrested for a dui warrnt.
I will re-route this to criminal defense so a criminal defense attorney in California can advise you and possibly...
Day 10 to request a hearing to fight a dui. Should I do it?
My cousin (the DD) went to use the restroom I had them page him after closing time at the store. Officer was walked out as I asked, followed me to car and saw CPL empty alc containers. Asked if I had been drinking. I said yes so he said not to leave n call for a ride home. I did I also called for someone to come pick up car. They were willing to walk 2 mi to pick it up. Both parties asked me to b somewhere they can reach easily because I was in the far corner hard to spot. I thought I would be ok to move car to the opposite side of parking lot at the entrance and as soon as I pulled out he arrested me for a dui. Did a field test, he said a breath test wouldn't hurt me but they took 1 almost 1 1/2 hrs after I moved the vehicle. Took them 4 tries to get a reading. Should I request hearing?
If you were arrested for a DUI, you should definitely request a hearing. Also, you need to find an experience DUI...
Can AB 109 probation drug test every two weeks when I have no drug convictions?
My PO has me report every two weeks ,each time I have to test,I did say why do I have to test,she says you have a history of substance abuse,my reply was considering I have no drug related convictions,how do figure that,she changed the subject after that,what can I do to have this come to an end.
Courts have ruled that terms of probation should not include requirements that had no relation to the crime charged....