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I recently posted a question with no responses posted under dui. I recently loaned my Polaris razor i
to my brother he allowed his daughter 22 years old to drive it with her 16 year old friend all where under the influence of alcohol and she wrecked it and caused over 1000.00 dollars in damages to my property and the 16 year old was hurt. Who is responsible for the damages to my property and the injury's of the 16 year old. I had no knowledge of this. Can my brother and his daughters automobile insurance be held liable they both carry same insurance. What steps should I take to get my property fixed. There was no report filed with the police. What are my options neither won't to be responsible to pay the damages. .I have a lien on the Polaris razor so it needs to be fixed.
This is a very interesting and fact specific situation. Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by...
Can you be charged with a dui and child neglect at the same time?
I was charged with a dui in my own yard with the vehicle off but the keys were in the ignition and i was sitting in the driver's seat. My 2 year old son was not in the vehicle but eyewitnesses told the officer that i arrived there with my son not in a car seat. But the officer did not witness this for himself.
You can be charged with both crimes. Whether the state can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt at a trial, that is...
How does a DUI charge in GA. affect the license in FL.?
My boyfriend got a DUI charge in Valdosta, Ga. in the city limits of Remerton. He has a Florida license and he refused the breathalyzer but he did the road side test but he possibly broke his ankle while working (I have pictures and witnesses) prior to the arrest so they took him to jail anyways. During processing the nurse had checked "no" for being under the influence. We need to know how this can affect his license in Florida and what other charges could he face for refusing the breathalyzer in the city of Remerton?
Consult with a local and experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUI defense. Your boyfriend will be...
Dmv mailed a Dui to my house that I didnt live at anymore now my license is suspended Never been arrested for it what do I do ?
It was 7 years ago and I just recently found out that I have the suspension. I was in an accident and my buddy who was in the car said he had a sore neck and they took him away in the ambulance but they police took me to give blood and then released me. I went picked up copy of accident report and they didnt mention the DUI at the station while I was there. I was in college and had smoked some marijuana at a party just days before so they charge me for dui marijuana, I guess. I never recieved notice but I moved also a month or so after the incident out of state. It never even showed up on my background check. What should I do to fix the situation?
If you were charged with a DUI, then you were charged with a criminal traffic offense. You should check to see if...
Can I be arrested for a DUI after the fact.
I was in a car crash in Tampa Florida with a parked vehicle. I had fell asleep and drifted into the vehicle but nobody was injured except for myself. I was not arrested at the scene. I had not been drinking, but had cocaine and Xanax in my system. Blood was drawn. Can I be arrested?
Yes, you can be arrested after the fact. Once law enforcement completes its investigation, including the analysis of...
Can i apply for a greencard with a pending dui case?
I am married to a us citizen and my b1 b2 visa will expire in a month. Since i cannot get another visa because i am married, can i apply for greencard with my dui case not being settled yet or will it automatically be refused ? Also, can i het an advanced parole card in the meanwhile that will allow me to travel for work? Or will parole card not be issued based on the same reasons for my dui case?
You may file for your green card through your spouse however no decision will be made until the outcome of your DUI. If...
What does this mean on a DUI case? Why does it say Alibi? You can't have an Alibi for a DUI can you?
A good friend got a DUI and resisting arrest w/o violence. I paid for his lawyer and I'm looking at the Register of Actions and saw this RSP DMND DSCVY/NTC CLAIM ALIBI ... trying to figure out what it means? Thanks
It is a standard abbreviation for the State's boilerplate discovery initial discovery response which asks for...