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Can I get my CDL back, with a clean record?
I have CDL issued in Wa. state. Got DUI in a rental car 08/12/15 in Florence,SC. First offense. No criminal backgroung or arrest ever.
You would be well advised to hire a criminal lawyer with knowledge of DUI. There are many steps that can be missed in...
DUI dismissed. Do I still have to do ADSAP for failure to submit to breathalyzer?
I was arrested in May of 2012. My case was dismissed by the Magistrate court because the officer was wrong in all aspects of the case and didn't want to press charges. I received a letter stating that I was able to have the DUI case expunged as well as any related charges, at no cost to me. Does that mean that I can have the refusal to blow dismissed or expunged also and avoid ADSAP?
You have 30 days to contest that refusal suspension. That suspension is separate from the criminal case in the...
How can you request video footage after you have been convicted of dui
I ended up getting caught in a road block after a 12 hour shift, I went to go pick up my son and after I got him I had to pick up my wife. The cop that told me to get out of the car because my eyes were red that's what he said at least gave me the test after i told him about my foot condition. I believe the footage would prove to my wife at least that i was not intoxicated because i recently found out that being tired and driving is the same as being drunk and driving. If its not to late I would love to reopen this case because my license is my way of living Thank you hope to hear from someone soon
I don't think scientific studies bear out the fact that drunk driving and tired driving are exactly the same. So,...
Do I have to pay a fine and serve jail time for driving under suspension 3rd offense in S.C.?
I was convicted on 8 / 16 / 2006 for DEWS 3rd and now i think there may be a bench warrant for my arrest 6 + years later for failure to comply when i spent over a month and a half in jail . Is this legal ?
You should only have a bench warrant if you failed to appear in court when you were ordered to. If you failed to...
Is it legal to hold a court date and not notify the victim of a DUI accident?
I was rearended by an impaired driver back the first of 2012. A local law enforcement officer seen the accident. The lady was then charged with DUI. I was then approached by the arresting office that the ladies attorney had contacted him wishing to get the charges dropped I advised him no I wished for the charges to remain at DUI. I then was approached by the same officer who advised me that the jury would be chosen and I would not have to be there for that. He also said he would notify me when the actual trial date was. I then found out they had the trial and dropped the charges down to reckless driving. I made contact with the arresting officer and he said that he sent word to my place of employment when the trial date was. I was never given a message from anyone at my place of work.
The state will typically notify a DUI victim of the trial date, but is not required to. This is because you have...
Does administrative hearing and magistrate court have any relation with each other?
I am dealing with a DUI case. First I went to Administrative hearing where the judge dismissed the case and reinstated my license. I ask my lawyer was we finish with the dui part of my charges and he inform me we was. So I was shock when a week later I had to go to Magistrate court and dealt with the DUI again. There the DUI was change to a DUCA and I order to sign up for classes and pay the magistrate court some fees. My question is, if this is right because I feel like I went to court for the same thing twice and ended up with two outcomes. I am unable to get in touch with my lawyer for him to clear this up for me.
If you have an attorney, that attorney is the right person to answer any questions that you have about the process and...
How do I ask the court for a DUI plea bargain?
In 2014 I was pulled (minor swerving) and I denied a breathalyzer but I failed my field tests. I feel the best option is to plea guilty for a reduction to "reckless driving" , no fine and 6 or more weeks of DUI classes. Is this too much to ask? How do I ask in the right terms since I'll be representing myself?
Most prosecutors don't take DUI's lightly. If you want to plea to a lesser charge, you will need to know what the...