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College Student. Passed the FST tests.....was processed and released in 45 minutes. Event occurred in Palo Alto. Good student and a student athlete. What are the chances of reducing this DUI?
Common? No. Possible? Absolutely, depending on a variety of factors. Consult some lawyers and see if they think your...
I under extreme pressure of two jobs agreed to a plea bargain after I negotiated Work Release Program days down. What I did not take into affect was the IId requested for a year. I work in a large corporation where my exact position requires me to drive my car, clients to what is called ride a longs for outdoor advertising. This is pertinent for my employment. I made the court appeal date within the allotted 30 days and read at the SCU Law Library that a plea bargain can be modified within the exact wording of the plea bargain. I do not need to change the sentencing but rather the exact punishment. If I owed the court $5 pay them in $4 dollar ones and 4 quarters. Same $5 but a different delivery of the punishment. Is this doable?
I'm confused as to what you are seeking. Are you wanting to modify the terms of probation? Withdraw your plea? Please...
I had a dui in 2010 and didn't finish all my classes therefor leading toa. Warrant for my arrest in florida. If I am traveling internationally out of SFO will I be arrested when I come back in and brought back to florida? Or will they not stop me for this? Do they only look for warrants in the state you are traveling?
While it is entirely up to the discretion of the particular state, generally States do not extradite on a misdemeanor,...
What am i to expect? could this violate my suspension or does it work more like a toll in the sense where theres just a fine? I'm scared, any insight would be helpful.
There is a chance that you will be charged with driving on a suspended license, Vehicle Code section 14601. It is a...
I was convicted of a DUI two and a half years ago and recently received a bill in the mail from CHP attempting to collect $1650 from me for costs associated with their time and my incarceration. Two cars were involved in a traffic collision, no parties were injured or taken to the hospital. The road did require clean up from collision. The paper from CHP does not even state the correct City where the incident took place (states Redwood City, it was Palo Alto). What is the best response and how do I avoid paying it? I don't have the funds; I filed Chapter 7 a year ago.
Demand more specifics including tike spent and fees. The bankrupcy may not relieve you of this bill
On 4/17/2013, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that "the natural dissipation of alcohol in the bloodstream does not constitute an exigency in every case sufficient to justify conducting a blood test without a warrant." I was arrested in 2012, but my case is still in pretrial phase, no Motion to Suppress Evidence has been filed yet. My question is whether Missouri v. McNeely applies to DUI searches in California prior the 4/17/2013 ruling? see Davis v. United States, 131 S. Ct. 2419 (2011)
Obviously there is no case law on that specific issue but I bet it does.
Too much stress from incident caused anxiety attacks, migraines and changed my whole being. Work related injury that has left me with damaged disk n nerve damage. This is too much for me to handle I dont know how to handle any of this. In receiving workers comp but friends and family suggest I get a lawyer so I can get treated fairly before I get a permanent restriction from the doctor. What are the steps after getting a lawyer? What will I be going through? Do I have a good chance of getting a fair deal?
It appears from your question that this is actually a Worker's Compensation issue, so, I suggest reposting there. I do...