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Why am I being charged with a dui 3 months after an accident. Alcohol level was .06
Accident was on 6/30/16. The charge came in the mail on 10/14/16 and says alcohol level was .06 and the legal limit in pa is .08.
They are very slow and you have a defensible case. Talk to a criminal lawyer
What happens if someone doesn't pay their ARD for a DUI?
My Cousin got a DUI in June of 2015, and was placed in an ARD program in January. She hasn't made any monthly payments in 5 months. What is supposed to happen to her?
If she hasnt paid by the end of her ARD period she will be kicked off. Which means she can plead or take a trial and...
I don't know if I actually got a DUI or not
So I had about seven drinks total (within a six hour period about.) I got pulled over in my friend's drive way, and they came up asked if I'd been drinking asked for my info. They took my friend immediately into they're car. He only had three drinks, but had violated his probation I am assuming. Cops had me do sobriety tests which I assume I failed. They cuffed me took me straight to the hospital for blood work. I wasn't breathalized, they never asked me to. After the blood work was done and they got all my info, the cop told me, "Well you're not under arrest, you're free to go," took me back to my car and let me go home.. I have no idea what I'm to expect next on this. Are the blood results immediate or a few weeks? Didn't get a ticket or anything either. Sent home with nothing.
A bizarre fact pattern. After this, they let you drive home? You should consult a Pennsylvania defense attorney ASAP....
How will restitution be paid to me i am the victim of a dui accident
i filled out a victim awareness packet for the court in which they asked for the value of my insured property loss which my vehicle was a little over $20,000.00 and out of pocket property loss which was $5,000.00 they also asked for out of pocket medical expenses but there was none due to my very good auto med insurance this was all for restitution the packet said how will i be renumerated for my loss the defendant was charged with 2 dui's for the same accident one normal dui and one dui with highest bac. and not stopping at a stop sign the accident was really bad the def caused a head on collision with me and as a result i ended up running into a house as well will i be paid for both the insured loss and the out of pocket property loss
In US currency. Was there insurance on the vehicle? Do you have UM/UIM? The answer does not create an attorney/...
Do i need to put the car in my name ,get insurance,get a ignition interlock installed,before filling out a DL-20.?
a DL-20 is a petition for a probationary license in pennsylvania, i served my 7 year term an nov.24,2016 i was told i could drive with a PL. (by penndot).
You do not have to have a car in your name. You just need to designate a vehicle that you will be driving. The car does...
Dui with child endangerment charge but was not driving... HELP
I went to my mother's house so she could visit with my 8 month old after not being on good terms with her for months. Her and her boyfriend offered me a few mixed drinks. That is where I made a mistake. My mother has been an alcoholic since i was little and has recently become mentally ill. After she had a few drinks I was asked to leave, but obviously needed my boyfriend to come to drive me and my son home. Her boyfriend ended up choking me and fracturing my ankle. My boyfriend had showed up and had our son. At this point, the cops were called and her AND her boyfriend told the cops that I drove to their house drunk and LEFT my son in the car in the heat... The officer took me to the hopsital to get an x ray of my ankle and then kindly took me home. I figured nothing would happen because of her inaccurate report. This happened in July and today I saw my name in the paper for child endangerment and drunk driving. I have not received any papers or anything so i was in shock. My concern is that i'm in nursing school and CANNOT be a nurse with these charges.. is it possible they will be dropped? How can they go off of her word without any proof of her accusations? please help.
The first thing you need to do is contact the district court who has jurisdiction of the charges and obtain a copy of...
How is Pennsylvania DUI look back calculated?
I have a prior DUI conviction from Feb. 2006 sentencing in Sept 2006. I got stopped for DUI in July 2016. Is the look back calculated from date of offences, date of convictions, or a mix of both? This would be a huge difference between the two for penalties and I would like to know where things stand.
The statute just was amended. It reads: the prior offense must have occurred: (i) within 10 years prior to the date of...