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Got dui in Saint lucie county while visiting Florida. Will they extradite for VOP.
Used to live there. Resident of New Jersey when this occurred. Sentenced me to probation. With duo school, etc. never had Licence suspended in New Jersey. Don't want Florida Licence. I have not completed items on probation. Do I need to? Not looking to get licensed there again. But also will they extradite for this.
I can't say what will happen. A Florida attorney would know better. if there is a warrant you can be arrest. Wil they...
Will Saint lucie county extradite for a VOP on a first offense dui. I was put on probation.
i live in New Jersey No intentions on moving back there. Was told to go to dui school, community service, and install intoxilock device. Did not due within the one year I have paid fines and probation charges. Also passed all urine tests.
See the answers to your other post. Ask a Florida attorney.
How long are driving while suspended convictions held against you?
I was recentlt stopped while driving while suspended. My lawyer says I'm facing a mandatory 10 day jail sentence because my driver abstract shows that I had two prior driving while suspended convictions but the last one was over 20 years ago. Does it ever reset and become a first offence or is it true what he's telling me?
There is nothing in the statute regarding a step down. So a third is a third, regardless of age.
Can i still get my license if i was caught driving without one as well as uninsured and unregistered?
My mother passed away in august of 2013 and everything went downhill. I was in school and never got my license because i never really had to drive. With my mothers sudden death i was forced to take over and step up. Which meant driving to get things handled. Time passed her insurance and registration expired she left me everything. And i need my license but i don't know where to start. Ill pay a fine if it keeps me out of jail.
As I understand your question you have been charged with driving without a license or insurance. You face a 1 1/2 year...
When dyfys runs a fingerprinting will a recent DUI show up
I'm adopting my grandchildren
A DUI is a traffic offense, not a criminal offense, although it is the most serious traffic offense in NJ. A DUI should...
Had a DUI in Pennsylvania in 2010. I was not convicted until April of 2012 - my 1st ever DUI was in NJ in October of 2001.
I just realized that this should have counted as a first since PA has a 10-year look back period and as I understand it they go by the conviction date. So, April 2012 is more than 10 years since my first DUI in 2001. The DUI in Pennsylvania is not on my New Jersey Motor Vehicle Abstract and I was never sanctioned in any way by the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles. So, I never lost my ability to drive or was fined, etc. My NJ Driver's Abstract has 1 DUI on it from October of 2001. I was recently stopped in Oregon and charged with DUI and they have a 15 year look back period. I have not been convicted and have several reasons why I will seek dismissal. Can they try to charge me as a 3rd time offender when this would be a first in New Jersey? I had a medical issue and have been in AA daily for 5 years, 6 months and 20 hours of continuous sobriety. I was withdrawing from benzodiazepines which I have been on for 29 years as I am permanently disabled and since I was travelling, my NJ doctor didn't refill my prescription. I was in a panic with tremors and fear of seizure (seizures are common with immediate cessation of either alcohol or benzodiazepines) and a I had a few beers.
No. In NJ it goes by the date of the offense (or everyone with 8 years would skip out for 2 years before they went to...
Will I be extradited to Oregon form a DUI charge (1st offense ever in OR - I live in New Jersey).
I am an Alcohol & Drug Counselor in New Jersey. Have an old DUI in New Jersey from 2001. I am involved in AA daily and had 5 years, 6 months, 5 -days and 19 hours without a drink. I work in Rehabs, Hospital Detox Centers, Behavioral Health Centers here in NJ - speaking to patients about recovery. I had a serious medication problem while visiting my brother in Oregon and was going through benzodiazepine withdrawal and was concerned about having a seizure. As I teach all of this on a regular basis, I know that the only 2 drugs that can give you seizures upon immediate cessation or a drastic lowering of dose. Well, I made a poor decision - but I was panicking - and I decided that having some beer with my dinner might alleviate my tremors and fear of seizure. I ended up getting stopped for DUI and was given a breathalyzer which showed .16. Don't know how that number came up because I am 6'3" tall and 205 pounds and consumed the beer over 2 hours and was not given the breathalyzer until a couple hours later. I was having severe nausea and acid reflux. I was treated at a local Urgent Care Center in Oregon for severe benzodiazepine withdrawal. Any thoughts? My job and AA are my life.
The medical issue is yours but getting behind the wheel made it the State's problem. Oregon will likely not extradite...