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Can I draw unemployment and file discrimination for being fired for failed drug test
Failed drug test atleast two people before me also failed but they were given drug rehab option and kept there job I was not given that option
This isn't a DUI question. Im moving it to employment law so you may get the appropriate advice.
How long can they make my husband sit in the drunk tank on drug charges before seeing a judge?
My husband was arrested Thursday night and booked around 7:30 pm, it is now Sunday morning and he has still not seen a judge because he's been out for a couple weeks. He's been charged with paraphernalia, maintaining a common nuisance, dealing marijuana, destroying evidence, and one more that I can't remember. He had a court date set for Friday, but it was canceled because the judge was a no show, so they have another one scheduled for tomorrow morning so he can be read his charges and get a bond reduction. I'm just wondering if the judge continues to not show up, how long can they detain him like that in the drunk tank on a full cash bond without being able to obtain a lawyer or anything?
If the judge is sick or cannot be present, the court should take steps to get a substitute judge. I'm sure it was a one-...
Is a class D felony automatic for an Indiana resident who has 2 DUI convictions in Kentucky?
I was convicted of my 2nd DUI in Kentucky. They were only a little over 1 year apart. I understand Indiana will impose a suspension of my driver license but how much more penalty can Indiana impose on top of what Kentucky already has?
I am not absolutely positive I understand what you are asking. If you have two recent previous DUI convictions in...
I have a 2nd DUI in Kentucky but I am a resident of Indiana. Will I have any to pay any fines or have any charges from Indiana?
I will be serving two weekend jail term in Kentucky and the apporved classes. Will Indiana impose any thing on me after completeing my obligations?
They will almost certainly honor a license suspension imposed by Kentucky.
Can I sue if I took a misdemeanor plea for dui?
I was involved in a car accident there were no signs of alcohol. I was knocked unconscious and was sleep up until I was order to leave the hospital. 6Mos after this incident I was charged with an DUI. Come to find out no officer took my blood. They used medical blood and now it's a confusion about the discovery because I think it was never one filed. ?????
Did you plead guilty already? If so - you need consult with your attorney.
What are my options if I was hit by a drunk driver who we just found out was also uninsured?
The intoxicated driver ran a red light and t-boned our van, which is now completely totalled out. He was belligerent and screaming at us even after the police showed up. The police arrested him for drunk driving and we just found out today through our insurance that he had no coverage of any kind on his own vehicle. Just wondering what our options are at this point? We escaped the accident with only minor injuries, but we would like to be compensated for having our vehicle destroyed and having to purchase a new one.
If you have Uninsured Motorist coverage your own insurance company is obligated to “step into the shoes” of the...
Missing a drug test on probation, what are consequences?
Hi, I was convicted of class A misdemeanor for DUI back in July 2017 and the judge ordered me probation of one year. Due to office work pressure I missed one drug test last week but I have attended three drug test before that one with negative results. Now my PO is saying he will be informing the court in Marion county Indiana about the same and the court will summon me for the same. please let me know if this will be taken as violation of probation. What can be my scentencing for the same. After the missed drug test I requested my P.O. to schedule a new one one next to next day and he did that which I have passed.
Possible jail time. Hire the best attorney you can afford.