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License suspension
What does RSU mean when it's by your name and license number at registry?
It likely indicates a suspension of the license and or registration. You should check at the local RMV office near you....
Parked in a parking lot due to having spilled soup all over my vehicle. Had not been drinking yet a breathalizer showed a .08.
arrest was made since vehicle was running due to the temperatures being in the teens.
What is your question? Did you submit to a blood test? Do you have alibi witnesses to your whereabouts and lack of...
What can I do to get a hearing about this. Smart Start has many problems especially with their apparatus and still I am paying.
I am a resident of Massachusetts.I have had a Smart Start breathalyser as ordered by the DMV in my car for 5 years. It was due to come out May 16, 2016. I am in the middle of a divorce, have cancer and am 64 years old. On May 15th I parked and locked the car and entered the local Panera. I did not receive a prompt to blow into the apparatus prior to turning the car off. If the apparatus is even close to require a reading it will say so. It did not.. The result was in that short period of time ( 2 hours) I had 12 violations for not blowing into the device. The apparatus told me to take the car for a reading and pay for the lockout and a final calibration which was done yesterday, May 16, 2016. Then , as directed, I took the reading to the Springfield DMV and was denied the removal. I have had no alcohol in my system for 7 years - my Psychiatrist will verify this.. I called Consumer Affairs who referred me to DMV for a new hearing. I was told the law is the Law and no matter the circumstances there would be no hearing. I found your site and am looking for advice.
There is a whole lot of issues here. Get the printout of your monthly calibrations from Smart Start, for each month....
What happens if I fail upon start up, turn the ignition off, and don't try blowing again Will the device still go into lock out
I live in Massachusetts and have life-safer interlock system install in my vehicle.
If you fail the initial test, your vehicle won’t start. You must wait a designated time — called the lockout period —...
What a bout open cantainer can that be sealed
dont have a life
Need more facts but in general no open containers must be sealed in a plastic bag. Cannot answer the life question....
IID Lockouts
Have had an IID device for the past month and have had to get it recalibrated since then. I've had a few bumps in the road with the understanding and using the IID that I have, but I thought that I grasped it. Today, I started my vehicle and had no issues getting on the road, but once I was driving and was asked for a rolling retest, it blew over the "zero tolerance" limit, which put the device into a pre-lockout mode. Upon restarting, less than 5 minutes later, I blew .000 and again 10 minutes later the same. I purchased a police-grade BAC tester, on the occasion something like this occurs and I need a reliable backup source, and it read .000. Essentially, I want to know what I should do to prevent these false positives? Not wear cologne, soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, windshield washer fluid and the list goes on? This is a serious question, as I was told anything ending in OL or YL could set off the device as being alcohol. This time, it could've been windshield washer fluid but I cannot be positive. Any insight as to what to do to prevent these and further, what to do when if I have to speak to these? Also, I have completely abstained from alcohol.
Any insight ? Hire an expert on these devices. They might even talk to you for free.
Do you turn yourself in for driving drunk?
This might sound crazy, but I am SO anxious about this. My husband had a few too many Friday afternoon and drove during rush hour. (mostly highways, a main road, and one side street). When he got home I was SO angry at him, he went to bed and we didn't speak. The next morning he was SO ashamed of himself and sick to his stomach about it. I looked at his car. There are 2 scratches by the passenger wheel fenders; nowhere else. It almost looks like he hit something stationary, or our garage, or something. Someone could have hit him in a parking lot that day, but I am not sure. I am worried he hit a car or a person or something. I called the police the next day and no one had reported anything, but it was the weekend, so maybe they didn't report yet.
Nothing to gain by turning himself in. First of all, there is no information as to whether he hit something that night...