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HHow could i been convicted of dui? I was in accident nobody else involved while at work high winds and fatigue was the cause ..
Officer stated he smelt alcohol. I dont drink.he did a blood draw it came back pos. For marijuana ,meth.was this search of blood legal topeka ks
Were you convicted or just arrested? In either event you are asking the wrong question. If you were arrested then...
How to convert from Kansas to Massachusetts Drivers License?
I got a DUI in mid 2015 in Kansas. My court date was not till March 2016. I was on a restricted DL from June 2016 till April 2017. Now from April 2017 till April 2018, I still have to have a breathalyzer in the car. I am moving to Massachusetts and will need to convert over. Will Massachusetts see that I haven't had any problems and convert me over to a normal DL or will they give me a restricted DL? I called Kansas department of Revenue and the person I talked to told me that since Kansas has a "hold" on my DL, Massachusetts will not issue me a DL and that I will have to keep Kansas Plates and DL Until April 2017. That doesn't make sense especially if I get pulled over. I do know that Massachusetts is not a part of the Drivers License Pact so I am not sure if that would make a difference or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Let me start by stating that I am an attorney that is licensed to practice law in 3 states, one being Kansas. However,...
First time being charged with a DUI, and I blew under a .08 in both the field test and the one at the station.
Hello. I am facing a dui charge in Lawrence KS. Both the field test and the in station test I blew below a 0.08. I wasn't speeding, and the arresting officer said I violated a flashing red traffic light (which was also included in my citation). They didn't give me any DMV/license suspension paper work. I've already contacted a DUI attourney. Will I need to file the 14 day appeal for my license? If we take this to court what should I expect regarding my punishment? Will I be facing a driver license suspension or need to get an IID installed?
If you already have an attorney that is who you should be asking questions of. He will know the important information...
Dui charge in driveway.. Cop says he saw me driving.. Was outside of car . in my driveway no keys in ignition ?
No traffic stop.. Why wasnt i pulled over.. If he saw me driving and said i crossed center lane. Cop approached me on foot. At my doorstep.. Will it hold up in court
Yes, it is a valid arrest. You have no right to object to when or where he approached you as long as he saw you...
Can in the state of Kansas can they look at your genitals while talking a urine test for work?
Went in to a 3rd party drug test for a place of employment and the guy made me pee in front of him while staring at my gentiles and said he needed to see pee come out of it.
It appears you consented to this unusual episode. Next time, you should refused his request, demand a supervisor and...
If you posses 2 drivers license from 2 states, got a dui in 1 state, do the both become suspended?
A friend of mine has a DL in Utah and one in Kansas. She got a dui in KS for blowing 3 times over. Her license is suspended a year following a year of interlock. However she is planning a road trip soon and is saying her DL in Utah is still valid. Therefore she is diving legally. Is this correct? I don't see how one would have that loophole. Is this smart as she will be the only adult traveling with 3 children? What if she is pulled over in a different state? She has already received a driving while suspended since getting the DUI. Just trying to keep everyone safe!
It is risky to drive considering her KS license has been suspended/revoked due to a DUI. I would advise against it
Can I get my DUI dismiss if police officer has not yet turn in Police report?
I was arrested for DUI a year ago and still to the date the police officer has no turn in the police report to the court house. I went to court 30 days after DUI like my ticket said to show up but they told me that they did not received a police report yet. I wan to apply for Citizenship but an immigration lawyer told me that I cant have any case pending and for me to resolve this problem first. is there a statue of limitations on this, can I hired a lawyer and have the case dismiss or due something type of deal with the prosecutor??
Yes, your best bet is to hire a lawyer to check out the statute of the DUI arrest and she/he will know what to do...