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The county turned my fines for dui over to collections if I file bankruptcy can I get my license back?
I got a mistamener dui 9 years ago and just found out the county turned my fine to the collection agency.that's all that is keeping me from getting license back is the fine.if I file bankruptcy will I still owe it and be able to get license back?
Hope so best to ask your lawyer and or the dmv none of of us have your case.
I got a DUI ticket in Il November 21, 2015. I have chosen to take it to court. It has been 18 months I can't get to trial?
I asked for Speedy Trial it has been 18 months. How long can they drag this out I can't even get to trial?
If you actually did demand trial, you should have been brought to trial within 160 days if you are on bond, or within...
What does the SOS consider a pattern for readings under .05?
I am high risk dependent, two positive test on baiid, 1st was .018 blew .000 minutes before and minutes after. 2nd was about a month later and blew a .016 because of mouthwash, drove to work without a retest. Should I expect a letter from SOS, and will it be brought up at reinstatement if I'm not canceled. No other violations or problems. Have had baiid for about 6 months.
You probably will not receive a letter with blows that low and clean blows after. if you do get a letter and they...
Can a person who is under the age of 21 refuse a Breathalyzer at a party that is busted for underage drinking?
My son recently went to a New years eve party and got totally wasted. He ended up getting into a parked car (front passenger seat) that was running so he could stay warm and passed out. When law enforcement officers arrived at this party, multiple arrests were made including my son whom is 18 years old. The arresting officer woke my son up, asked for his ID (which he provided) and then administered a Breathalyzer (blew a .2). I know that Illinois has a zero tolerance for this and they should. My question is, could my son refuse the Breathalyzer? I am not trying to fight this arrest at all. I am not trying to get him out of the ticket either. We have a family friend that is in law enforcement and is now telling my son that if he is not driving, he should not have consented to the Breathalyzer. I am glad my son got picked up and arrested. Kids now a days think they are above the law and that there are not any repercussions for their actions. Basically, I want to show my son that he did the right thing by doing the Breathalyzer but not by underage drinking. He is now facing a $500.00 fine and a suspension of his drivers license. What would have happened if he refused the Breathalyzer?
With respect, your family friend is not your friend from a legal standpoint. Your son could have refused the...
What do I do with a new car when I just got convicted of a dui
I am losing my license for 5 years what should I do with a jeep I owe 19,000 on. The jeep is worth 14k as it sits. Will I be able to keep car without insurance
There is a provision for it being titled and stored but that is pretty stupid in your case. I'd think you would be...
I received an illegal transportation of alcohol ticket as a passenger in a vehicle. What are the penalties for this offense?
Will this go against my driving record? Is it an offense that I should seek court supervision on?
Yes. Yes. Also, you may get a fine and if you contest and lose, possible court costs.
Can court fines b dismissed? Charge was aggravated dui
Second duo(aggravated duo. Tons of medical bills. Part time job
Certainly if you can show proof to a judge that there is no possibility you can pay these fines and court cost a judge...