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Can I get my liscence back early if I have no issues while using the interlock for my mandatory 6 mos?
I have had two DUI's and had my liscence suspended for 5 years I have done. I need. I went before the appeal board and got my liscence back with the restriction of having an interlock system. My conditions for getting ,y license back require the interlock for 6 mos. I still have 1 1/2 years to go but was wondering if I get the system now and do my 6 mos mandatory with now issues can they reinstate my license early?
Your post doesn't make much sense. The DMV controls all matters related to your license.
Do they automatically check for other substances with a DUI citation. I understand the defense may find results questionable.
Making a right turn I scraped ...hit the median with the left front, left back tires. The side air bags were deployed. I was stopped within the block as I continued driving and they administered a field sobriety test on a very cold night. I was shaking and wasn't dressed warm enough. It was determined I failed the test. When asked for a breathaliser test I chose the blood test and was taken to the police station. I was detained for almost 10 hours and discharged with a DUI but no blood test results. BTW : this is the first (and only) DUI ticket at age 64. Thanks.
The blood is sent to a lab for testing. Results aren't available within ten hours. If the officer believed you were...
I was just told by the DMV that in 2005 they changed it to 13 years. Is this true, or is it just another incompetent employee?
How long does a dui stay on your record in CA?
10 years. Whoever told you 13 is wrong
Can a defendant's attorney get ahold of my anonymous 911 call?
My stepdaughter's mother has gotten 3 DUI's in 4 years. She has no license, is on probation and continues to drink and drive even at times with my SD in the car with her. I have called 911 a few times on her when she was driving but she never got caught/pulled over. If I call 911 on her anonymously, and she goes to court with her lawyer, can her lawyer obtain my 911 call? It's extremely important that I remain anonymous.
Yes, an attorney is entitled to all discovery pertaining to their client's case including 911 calls. While you can...
What means (795) RESCHEDULED HEARING on a Dui hearing?
I don't what code section this 795 comes from but it sounds like the court or a party simply rescheduled a hearing....
I am a US Resident and im being charged with dui & hit and run
If i get charged with a misdemeanor or felony would i be deported
A misdemeanor most likely not a felony, yes. You need to hire an expereinced DUI attorney immediately.
Can DMV reject a certificate of completion if the court ordered me to participate in a shorter program than DMV require?
Thanks for help.
Yes. DMV can impose its own requirements. My guess is that you fell into one of the rare circumstances where you have...