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When applying for a driving hardship after 3 DUI's, what is the best way to do it? Should I find a job before or after?
I've been in the hospital for a long time and haven't been able to work, but I need a car to work. What is the best plan of action?
I am unaware of the specifics of the convictions and the sentences imposed; however, as a rule, a 3rd conviction...
Has any attorney in Pinellas County subpoenaed the video which is located at the 49 street jail's breathalyzer room?
the breathalyzer room is the building right next to the west side of the jail. I need an attorney.
I've never done it, but I can refer you to a Pinellas DUI lawyer if you give me a call. Best of luck.
What can I expect for punishment if my lic was revoked for 10 yrs for dui and I recently was arrested for driving on revoked?
I have viewed some other responses to this but most want you to call right away...right now I am seeking advice as to what exactly might I be facing........the arrest was made in north county , Pinellas, fl - please note that some of the previous questions may have been made by family members that might not have known the potential of serious in this case.......I am the offender asking and would appreciate advice - I have an arraignment set within the next week - I guess I have no choice in how to plea.
There are no guidelines for sentencing on misdemeanors in Florida, so each judge will mete out what he or she thinks if...
Can I get a real estate license in Florida with 2 previous DUI's?
These happened in Michigan in 2007 and 2009. These were considered misdemeanors. In Michigan a 3rd is considered a felony.
Usually with these types of things they look at the "totality of the circumstances." They ask themselves if you should...
Where is it stated in 316.1938 interlock must run concurrent in time? I had it for 6 months & now told it doesn't count.
I moved to Minnesota in 12/10 and had interlock put on as per FL requirement for 2 years. Moved back to FL in 5/11. DMV now says that time does not count towards the 2 year requirement. Help!
The ignition interlock device requirements can be found under section 316.1937, Florida Statutes. I am curious to know...
How should i pleD @ arraignment hearing for first charge of driving w expired DL more than 4 mos?
I was pulled over by Pasco Co Sheriff on 5/7/2012. I was not aware my lic was exp. i had at prior time gone to DMV to update address but i did not have cert cppy of adoption records for name change trail and have had rxtreme difficulty getting cert copy as court divisiOn nO longer exists. No help fr officiatIng court at all. I explained thos to officer but he told me that it was Felony traffic charge even tho only 2 misdemeanor. I asked several times if i was being arrested and taken to jail in which he replied "we'll get to that." i was handcuffed & taken to Pasco Detention Ctr wher fingerprinted & photoed,,, arrested. I was never advises of my rights at any point. I was held for 6 hts and released ROR. I reciebed notice of arraignment for May 31 at crim court in Pasco Co FL. Help
At this point you should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to go over the specifics of your case...
DUI in FL, moving to NJ..will I still need interlock device + high insurance rates??
I live in Florida, I got a DUI in August of 2010. I paid all the fines and am off probation, my license is still suspended. I am ordered to have a interlock device for 6 months when I get my license reinstated. There is a strong chance I will be moving to NJ in September. When I do will I still have to get the interlock device? WIll my insurance rates still be outrageous? (I have been quoted $5,000 per 6 months in Florida) In NJ will they still make me have FR-44 because of my DUI in Florida?
It is possible.