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First time DUI offense, no damage to any vehicle or property. Never been in any major trouble prior. Best case and worse case?
I have not been in any major trouble prior to this. Was very cooperative with the officers, they parked my truck and saved me the impound fee. What is the worse case and best case scenario for me...I'm very scared and disappointed with myself.
The outcome of your case depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to the reason for the stop, your...
DUI (Propable Cause)
It was me and 2 of my buddies. All three of us on motorcycles. We were stopped at a red light when we heard "pull over into the parking lot" over a loud speaker. Assuming it was a police officer we pulled over. It was CHP. He said he clocked us (as in all of us) at about 70 in a 35 zone. I blew .15 on the breathalyzer. I'm aware that that's high. I'm not denying my intoxication. My question is, is it possible for one radar gun to clock 3 moving motorcycles speed at the same time? Also, can he prove which motorcycle he clocked at 70 if we were riding pretty close together? Finally, can one clocked speed prove that all 3 of us were speeding? I'm trying to figure out if I have a case or if I should just save my time and money and plead guilty. I'm not looking for hope. Just honesty. Thankyou
1) is it possible for one radar gun to clock 3 moving motorcycles speed at the same time? No, it is not possible...
In Indio does the DA file charges for all DUI cases? Is it possible to fall through the cracks?
My fiancé was arrested 12/25/14 for DUI car crash. 1fatality. Family not suing. Police report just came back last week April 20th. BAC .11 with acceptable levels of Xanax and marijuana. Police report, not how he remembers accident. Report says he was speeding and couldn't brake fast enough for red light? But not how he remembers it. He thought he was hit. No witnesses. We have no money for attorney. Bail bondsman says call every week to see if DA have filed charges but da still does not have file. Don't really want to call and remind them every week but also don't want police to kick down our door and arrest him. How bad is this? This is first DUI and he has a clean record.
How bad is it? Manslaughter.....This is as bad as it gets. They have up to 3 years to file charges as a matter of law...
Should i get an attorney for my case for a DUI conviction?
So i was pulled over for drunk driving because someone called saying that i have had to much to drink and i was not ok to drive. When he did i left my car and went to my cousins house down the street from the bar. I returend to my car a bit later to drive home and i was pulled over less than a mile from the bar. I pulled over i wasent swearving or anything and the officer asked for my information. He aske me to get out of the car and if i have been drinking i said i liked to remain silience and i would perfer to have a blood test instead of the breathelayzer. He said ok took me to jail when we got to the jail they put me in a jail sail and released me 8hrs later without any blood test
Definitel hire a lawyer for this one. There are issues with the case.
I have to go dui classes is there anyone that can help pay any programs i live in riverside, county
got dui and they were order me going i need find progrms to help me pay im on low income
I suggest talking to the programs and explaining your situation to the court. Do not delay in doing so, as it will only...
Is my DUI Valid? Police lied about amount of tests, asked me several questions and never read me my Miranda Rights.
I stopped drinking before midnight, went home to sleep for I had work at 6am,around 5am I get a call that my friend got in a nasty car accident just 4 blocks from me.I drove to the sight and the police directed me to keep driving.I couldn't leave my car alone so I went to pick up my roomate and she drove back.I approached officer and friend by foot, officer wanted to know my details. Asked several questions, my where about, how much I had to drink, if I felt drunk.I answered everything honestly, he said he would give me 3 tests to check sobriety, but actually did 4.The last was the breathalyzer.He never told me my alcohol level, not even when I asked, post being arrested.I was also given a blood test in the car when at the precinct.No miranda rights read ever, is this Valid ?
You're asking a complex question about a complex area of law. It simply can't be answered without more information and...
Was arrested for Dui California Saturday morning
Was stopped for tire crossing white line on shoulder of road , had consumed some alcohol prior to attempting to drive home , do not know the BAC level yet
Depending on where you were arrested/booked, there may be videos, etc. available. If there are videos available, they...