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  • Spike in auto burglaries

    Wednesday Mar 18 | via WPTV Local News 

    While the general trends across the state of Florida and in West Palm Beach show a slight decline in auto burglaries, some parts of South Florida have noticed a recent spike. In recent months, the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department, the Martin County Sheriff's Office and Boynton Beach Police Department all say they've seen a marked increase of criminals stealing valuables from cars.


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  • Man found guilty of killing security guard

    Tuesday Mar 17 | via WPTV Local News 

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- One of two brothers accused of murdering a Palm Beach Gardens security guard with a shovel in 2011 has been convicted.


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  • Witness implicates brothers in 2011 Gardens robbery,...

    Thursday Mar 12 | via Palm Beach Post 

    Testimony continued today in the trial of one of two brothers accused of beating to death a security guard who caught them during a 2011 burglary at a Palm Beach Gardens strip mall. Joseph Frisbee, 31, has been on trial since Wednesday on first-degree murder, robbery and dealing in stolen property charges in connection with the September 2011 death of Jacques Novembre.


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  • What it says in the papers

    Tuesday Mar 3 | via 

    England footballer Adam Johnson, who has been arrested on suspicion of sexual activity with a girl under 16, sources said Ireland's Paul O'Connell and Johnny Sexton celebrate during the RBS Six Nations match at the Aviva Stadium ''Deluded' O'Donnells owe 71m but want mansion' is the main headline on today's front page of the 'Irish Independent. Mark O'Regan and Sam Griffin report how a family want to be allowed continue living in their palatial mansion despite being 71m in debt.


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  • 2015 The Honda Classic Discussion Thread

    Friday Feb 27 | via The Sand Trap 

    Well, she obviously married him for his charming personality so I can't imagine she's going long as the checks keep coming in Well, she obviously married him for his charming personality so I can't imagine she's going long as the checks keep coming in I'm sorry but this couple has brought a little tongue in cheek criticism upon themselves. They're not exactly the class of the tour I'm sorry but this couple has brought a little tongue in cheek criticism upon themselves.


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Palm Beach Gardens Law

My son had a DWI in Louisiana about 3 yrs ago and received a 2nd in Florida this month. What is his penalty?
He was going to the store which was two blocks away. He was not speeding or had not broken any other laws but he said a woman complained to the cops and they arrested him within one minute of his home.
If convicted of that out of state DUI and state knows about it then he is facing 5 year Dl suspension, 10 days...
Can this be a good defense for a DUI?
Police have no duty to protect... Warren v. District of Columbia If I get pulled over for a DUI can my defense be that he only pulled me over to PROTECT me from getting into an eventual accident and hurting someone, therefor he did indeed think he has the reason to protect. Because he had no duty to protect me he did it because of some sort of prejudice, or retaliation? Things that cops shouldn't be thinking about? And targeted me only because I was driving a specific car? Then go on to elaborate how he wasn't observing me for an extended amount of time to see if I corrected my driving behavior? And that speed isn't really an indication of being intoxicated because a lot of people speed even when they aren't intoxicated?
If the police officer observed you violating any trffic law, like speeding, he had the right to pull you over. Once...
If I have a DUI in NY can I still drive in Florida and in New Jersey (I have a Florida license)?
My driving privileges were suspended for 90 days in NY state. BAC -0.67
Only Florida can suspend your privileges to drive in Florida.
I was arrested for my first DUI and also got charged 3 other tickets. What are the best things I could do on this case?
While I was driving home. Suddenly, I got distracted from the phone( I didn't pick up) and I saw the traffic light turning yellow then I stopped immediately that make a loud sound from the tires but I didn't ran over the red light. And the police in the plaza coming out and follow me and stopped me. I did the road test but when the policeman ask me to do the breath test, I didn't understand or hear what he said and on the report he said that I refused him to do it. After that day, I went to scheduled DUI school and applied a Administrative Permit at the DSHMV. And I'm planning to get Public Defencer because of the financial and I'm pending for the court now. Please help me because this is my 1st DUI and I don't know wat to do next or if I need to do something before go to the court. Thanks
There are way too many issues and consequences to hit in this format. U do need to know you have ten days to request a...
How do I get an open court case from 1982 closed?
This case is from 1982, is listed as a misdemeanor for DUI and no warrent was issued as far as I know. The case is in Haverhill MA and I live in Florida. Is there a statute of limitations, or some way to have this matter closed?
You need to contact an experienced DUI defense attorney in Mass. They would be best positioned to see if there are...
I have a warrant for my arrest in Colorado for DUI. I left the State and want to sell my home in Colorado.
Can my home be seized?
This question is best suited for a lawyer in Colorado, however, I don't see how your home could be seized as a part of...
My license is suspended for 5 yrs due to 2 dui w/in 5yrs. Need hardship for work but have outstanding traffic tickets that I was
supposed to go to court for but was in jail during this time ( 2 in FL and 1 in NY). Also failure to pay child support even though my wife and I put an end to this 15 months ago at the courthouse. I recently went to dui school and am getting my certificate of passing. My probation is ending in April--what are the chances of me getting the hardship? I was convicted June 2014 for the dui that happened Nov. 17 2013
At the moment your chances are zero percent (0%). You have a 5 year revocation and can get a hardship after 1 year...