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Could they start watching me pee in JDAP if they haven't so far?
I am in the JDAP program in Florida. I have failed my first test and I failed another one recently but other than that I've been clean. I haven't smoked the whole time. They haven't watched me pee not once, but I'm wondering if there might be a chance that they will?
They might. How else will they know that you are actually providing an honest sample? That said, stop failing...
Is there anyway possible to get my license back before the 5 years even if I'm considered a habitual driver ?
I paid off my license today and had it reinstated but the woman at DMV explained she could not physically give it too me because I am a habitual driver (which I was not made aware of at my last court hearing) and that I could not get my license back for 5 years and that i could only get a hardship for work , I Need A Sr-22 (?) and driving school but that I need a hearing for the hardship and now I'm not sure if I understood rite she said there is a very small possibility under certain circumstances that they could drop it and give me my license ? If there any possibility of gettn my license back before the 5 years ?
Yes. After one year of no driving, you are eligible for a hardship permit. As they will check to see if you've driven,...
If you have a dui in Florida, is there any wait period that will allow you to own a firearm at any point in your life?
My girlfriend ended up gettin a dui for just over the legal limit and now this is on her record for good. We where trying to find out if we can get the charge dropped to something other than a dui can someone please give me some help
Please call an attorney. A regular Misdemeanor DUI won't stop you from owning a firearm once you are finished with...
Where/what counseling is required for bpo/hardship license in florida?
I got a dui in July and refused the breathalyzer test. I immediately applied/received my bpo/hardship license as well as completed the required course. Last month the dui charges were dismissed but when i went to the dmv to reinstate my license they told me i didnt complete the counseling. My question is where or what counseling can i attend? The dmv has given me the runaround. I want to attend the counseling but want to make sure i am doing one that is acceptable to the dmv. Is AA acceptable? Can I use a counselor thru my insurance if i cant afford the ones they reccomend? I live i palm beach county and thank u all for your help
The DUI school should have referred you to treatment after their evaluation. Contact the school and set up counseling...
If you are sentenced to 6 months Interlock - is that 180 days or 1/1/2014 to 7/1/2014 as an example.
If your DL restriction says until 12/10/2014. Can it be removed on the 10th or do you have to wait until the 11th?
You should have the restriction lifted on that date. Restricted on and through 12/9, clock hits midnight, it's now 12/...
1st DUI no money to hire a lawyer 10 days expired to get hardship waiver to drive to work and home?”
DUI 5am Saturday 1st arrest ever of anything no money for lawyer 10 days to apply for hardship waiver expire tomorrow 8/5 and I need $275 to apply for DUI classes in order to apply for Hardship Driving Waiver so I can get to work no work then my daughter and I are on the street. What do I do?
You can request a hearing on the suspension. That will cost $25. You will get a temporary permit to drive for about...
Can i get a 2-year old conviction for a suspended license overturned or withheld?
I have spoken to multiple traffic lawyers in fact and each time I got more confused. After speaking with 4 different traffic/criminal lawyers I'm left more confused than before. One told me it was impossible since it's over 2 years old, another told me although it's been 2 years 4 months I may still have a shot, a third lawyer said that it has to be within 30 days from the conviction date and last but not least the last lawyer I spoke to told me 3 months. I just feel more and more confused because I am trying to a felony I just found out 2 weeks ago that I had a conviction for a suspended license back in august 2011.Those lawyers claimed I plead guilty in front of the judge which Im sure I didn't. Also I went to the public defender office and was instructed to send a letter to the judge
The only way to be certain about your priors is to hire a lawyer to review your entire record, including court records...