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I have a Wisconsin license, convicted (not supervision eligible) of DUI in Illinois, I also work in Illinois. Can I get an RDP?
I have a Wisconsin license, convicted of DUI in Illinois, I also work in Illinois. Can I get an RDP to travel to and from work? I am also required to do work release as well. I would travel from Twin Lakes, WI to Palatine, IL. Thanks for any and all your help.
To apply for an RDP, you must go through the informal/formal hearing process During your consultation, you must...
Getting license back after DUI
I just received a conditional discharge for 2 years of my dui case. Which entails 240 hours of community service, finishing my dui consoling and a few others. As of now I am being told that getting my license back relies solely on the DMV. What exactly do I have to do to get it back ASAP. I am also told that I can get my license back before the 2 years is terminated. Please advise with any insight. Thank you
You should speak with your current attorney about this. In a nutshell your license will be revoked for a year at which...
If someone in Illinois driving with 4th DUI and a revoked drivers licence can they get licence back in Illinois or other state?
He was driving under the influence and a revoked drivers licence, this is his 4th DUI. Is there a way he can get his licence back in Illinois or a different state?
There was a bill pending that would allow a person in Illinois to have the ability to receive their license but the...
Exsponge child endanger and dui
pled guilty to endangerment case dismissed.ex wife not press charges.dui effect adoption process
DUI cases can't be expunged. You may however appear in front of the Governor's Parole Board and ask for a pardon, then...
Question. I was pulled over for a second DUI offense. Officer refused to let me blow after I repeatedly asked. ClickforDetails
Is there anyway to get the tape from when this happened. He had me walk over to a machine and when I asked him to explain whats required for this test. What is this machine. It then said that 3 minutes were up and that was it. After we sat back down I asked repeatedly, now that I understand the test I would like to prove my innocence. He refused multiple times and made comments about all the "paperwork" that he was doing. Where can I go from here. He also said that I failed one of the FST's because I touched the bridge of my nose instead of the tip. It was never stated where on the nose. Walk a line that he found in the parking lot that was covered in snow and ice. This was all after i stood on a foot for 30 seconds and reciting my ABC's - in a non rhythmic manner (his words not mine)
Some police departments video record traffic stops, booking and breath tests; but not all do. Your attorney can...
I recently was revoked based on Kane County filing a conviction from over 6 years ago.
This is a total surprise and very frustrating as I am clean and sober for 6 years now and JUST bought a car. The DUI did happen so this is BAD timing. I'm getting my paperwork from the eval and counseling group I went to in 2007. I know I need a new eval for the hearing. What I need is the questions that will be asked at the hearing and how to answer them. My goal is a license or permit. My problem is I'm earning minimum wage and simply do not have the funds for a lawyer.
I cannot summarize all the questions you will be asked, there are too many, plus some questions depend upon how you...
Can I get my citizenship without any denial if I got a DUI supervision in the past?
it's been almost 5 years since i got my green card.And now it's time to start naturalization. 2 years ago I arrested for DUI and got supervision. Finished the supervision term with no incidents. even with a lawyer is it possible to get citizenship any sooner without denial?
You must make sure not to be under any probation, for you cannot be granted citizenship if you are still under...